Winning London (Mary-Kate and Ashley Starring in Series)

Winning London (Mary-Kate and Ashley Starring in Series)

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London Bridges

Chloe and Riley Lawrence are going to London! They've been picked to compete with other kids from around the world in a United Nations contest: How Would You Mke the World a Better Place to Live? Chloe and Riley have a great idea and they know they can win.

What Chloe and Riley don't know is that someone wants to make sure they lose. Will they figure out who it is before it's too late?

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ISBN-13: 9780061066665
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 05/28/2001
Series: Mary-Kate and Ashley Starring in Series , #2
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 5.26(w) x 7.67(h) x 0.34(d)
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

About the Author

Mary-Kate and Ashley have been celebrities since the day when, at the age of nine months, they joined the cast of the hit sitcom "Full House" in their shared role as Michelle. Each of Mary-Kate and Ashley's 14 years since has witnessed the outstanding expansion of their popularity...their fans have literally grown up alongside the twins! First in television and feature films, Mary-Kate and Ashley now appear in videos, music, interactive software, fashion dolls and accessories, and more. Their latest ventures include launching their official website and debuting a line of licensed fashion clothing, as well as their very own magazine in spring 2001.

Mary-Kate & Ashley books launched in 1990, and today the various book series continue to grow to reflect the ever-evolving lifestyles of kids, 'tweens, and teens. HarperEntertainment and Parachute Publishing release twenty-five books a year and have sold more than 30 million copies. Mary-Kate and Ashley's two book series Two of a Kind and The New Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley are frequent USA Today bestsellers. And Mary-Kate & Ashleynovelties, such as Wall Calendars, a Mood Diary, a Be My Valentinecard-making kit, and the movie tie-in series, Starring-In continue to be hugely popular.

The growth of the Mary-Kate & Ashley brand has afforded Parachute and Harper the opportunity to work with companies such as Acclaim Entertainment, Mattel Inc., Warner Home Video, Kid Rhino, Lightyear Entertainment, Sail with the Stars on cross-promotional and cross-merchandise projects, including a very special, book-dedicated area on — Now Read This!

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"Slow down!" Riley Lawrence called as her horse pounded over the field. Her sister, Chloe, galloped ahead at top speed.

Chloe raced down a hill, way ahead of Riley. Riley winced as Chloe's horse tore straight through a huge puddle. Globs of mud sprayed up from the horse's hooves. "Ugh! What a mess," Riley muttered.

"Try to catch me!" Chloe called back over her shoulder. She urged her horse on. "Faster, boy, faster!"

Riley rolled her eyes. They were supposed to be exercising the horses for the stable owner. But everything with Chloe had to be a contest. Why can't she just have fun? Riley wondered. She tugged On her horse's reins. He swerved around the puddle and slowed to a trot.

Chloe was waiting for Riley at the stable gate, breathless and grinning.

'Why do you always turn everything into a race?" Riley asked as she trotted up.

"I play to win," Chloe declared. She leaned over and patted her horse on the neck.

"Well, I play to play," Riley said.

"That's your problem," Chloe shot back.

Riley shook her head. It was useless to argue. We may look similar, she thought, gazing at Chloe's blond hair and big blue eyes. But we're so different inside!

The girls got off their horses and led them into the stables. They handed the reins to the stable owner, who gave them each some money for a job well done.

The sisters sat down on a bench to take off their riding boots. "So, are you coming- to theModel UN competition tonight?" Chloe asked, tugging on her boot.

"No chance," Riley said. She -could, think of about a zillion other things she'd rather do.

"Brian's going to bethere," Chloe said.

Brian? Riley's cheeks suddenly heated up. "No chance I'd miss it ... is what I meant," she added quickly.

Brian Conners. The name was like a little bell that had been ringing in Riley's ear since the day she laid eyes on him. Six years ago he moved into the house next door to them. He was ten, she was eight. She'd had a huge crush on him ever since.

Brian's parents became close friends with Riley's parents. The Conners family was always around for special occasions-birthdays, anniversaries. They even took vacations together. Riley and Brian were good friends — until two years ago.

Then Brian went to high school, became star running back for Lakeview High's football teamand forgot all about Riley.

Now Brian was a junior, and Riley was a freshman at Lakeview High. Finally, she was back in his world.

But do I have a chance with him? she wondered.

There was only one way to find out.

"I'll be there tonight," Riley said, picturing Brian's wavy brown hair and incredibly blue eyes. "Definitely."

Chloe twirled her hair nervously as she reread her notes. The mood was tense backstage. This was the final round of the Regional Model United Nations Competition. And Chloe wanted to win.

Each participating school in the Model UN was given a country to study. Chloe's team had been assigned China. Tonight she would be asked some tough. questions about world issues, and she had to know how China would answer them. She paced back and forth, going over facts and figures in her head.

Someone tapped her on the shoulder. Chloe whirled around and found herself staring into a camera lens. Dylan Travis, her tall and skinny Hawaiian-shirted teammate, adjusted the focus on his digital video camera. The DV cam was like his wallet — he never left home without it. Dylan was always filming everyone doing everything.

Chloe frowned at him. "Dylan, I'm trying to concentrate," she said.

"Work with me," Dylan told Chloe. "This will just take a minute." He zoomed in on her. "The pressure is on for Chloe Lawrence. It's up to this young warrior to lead her team to victory. Oh, the human drama of competition! The intense focus!" He burped, then added, "The chili dog I had for lunch ......

"Ew, that was really gross." Chloe made a funny face and put her hand over his camera lens. "Go away, please."

Chloe watched as Dylan spun his focus to Rachel Byrd, another one of their teammates. Rachel glanced up from her index cards. She pushed her auburn hair off her face. "Maybe we could do this some other time, Dylan," she said sweetly.

Rachel does everything sweetly, Chloe thought. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body.

Mr. Holmes, their debate coach, hurried toward them. He was a short, wiry man and was wearing a Lakeview High football jacket. "Okay, team, bring it in," he said, pulling them into a huddle. Mr. Holmes usually coached Lakeview's football team. Model UN was his off-season assignment.

Brian,Rachel, Dylan, and Chloe gathered around Mr. Holmes. Randall Treece, a skinny kid with braces and black horn-rimmed glasses, joined them.

"It's late in the fourth quarter," Mr. Holmes began. "We're at the fifteen yard line. Last play of the game. We need a touchdown. Not a first down. Not a field goal. Get my drift?"

Chloe grinned. Mr. Holmes's pep talks were a little strange, but she liked them.

"Next up, Lakeview High," an announcer called.

Chloe's heart thumped as she led her teammates onstage. The competition was about to begin!

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Winning London 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
jeunlee on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Riley and Chloe went to London for International Model UN Competition, but they have problem with the other team. They were doing China, but another team was doing China to so one of the team had to choose another country to work on. This book is perfect to girls who is in teen age.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Take Over London,England as mary-kate and Ashley olsen Go Downunder in their all-new-adventure!!So look for their all new Movie And Book, Both Titled *Winning London* Also Look for their Latest release *Our Lips Are Sealed* Make Sure To Get This Book...i am sure that all of you will enjoy it....Bye!