Winning Strategies for B2B Ecommerce

Winning Strategies for B2B Ecommerce



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ISBN-13: 9782922417203
Publisher: Quentin, Isabelle, Editeur
Publication date: 03/28/2003
Pages: 205
Product dimensions: 6.16(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.56(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1Today15
Chapter 1The New Economy and Small Business17
The evolution of e-commerce18
Small business and e-commerce19
Small is beautiful24
Chapter 2Transforming the Value Chain29
Information is a capital asset30
A new scale of values31
Acquiring modern tools33
The new value chain35
Chapter 3Sales Outlets on the Web45
Direct sales from Web sites46
EDI over the Internet48
Auction sites52
Chapter 4E-marketplaces as Far as the Eye Can See59
Profitable communities60
Large buyers step into the field62
Room to breathe outside the U.S.63
Winning conditions64
Guaranteed benefits for buyers66
Chapter 5Internet-Enabled Outsourcing71
Concept for smaller businesses74
Attractive to large enterprises76
Multiple partnerships77
Model diversity79
Chapter 6EDI on the Internet83
Automating links between partners84
Description of EDI84
The Internet changes everything87
XML and EDI89
The advantages of Internet-based EDI90
Part 2Tomorrow95
Chapter 7Reshuffling E-services97
Internationalization and virtualization98
Virtual business communities99
Gurus, Niku and other free agents101
A win-win formula102
Many ways to earn our keep104
Is there an executive in the house?106
Chapter 8E-commerce's Key Intermediaries and Partners109
Online banks to the rescue of small business110
Third-party certification services113
Government is open for e-business115
New logistics for the New Economy119
Chapter 9Interactive Marketing: Using the Net to Grow123
The theory of the 4 Ps124
Finding and retaining customers125
Make it personal127
Playing the information card with style128
Immediate answers to online questions129
Getting hitched130
Chapter 10Import and Export on the Internet: Taking the Step in Good Company135
A basis in resources136
Finding the right support139
Logistical and regulatory support141
The importance of being proactive142
Part 3Getting ready145
Chapter 11The Legal Implications of B2B147
Rules of the game148
E-commerce legislation in Quebec149
Federal E-commerce legislation150
Quebec legal normalization bill150
Transactions lacking handwritten signatures151
There are no borders on the Internet151
Data security153
Rights and prerogatives154
Problem countries155
Certification for high risk156
The legal audit157
Chapter 12Security: The Critical Factor161
Piracy and viruses162
B2B versus B2C security163
The three faces of security164
Encrypted digital communications167
The four basic security concepts168
Authentication and certification169
Chapter 13Implementation175
Exaggerated risk of the status quo176
Step 1Field reconnaissance177
Step 2Strategic thinking178
Step 3Master plan179
Step 4Planning the deployment180
Step 5Development181
Step 6Going online182
Conclusion: Collaborating to the Nth Degree185
No future for ordinary intermediaries186
Moving the value chain online188
Software ready for collaboration189
Contagious autonomy191

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