A Winter Wedding

A Winter Wedding

by Amanda Forester

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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ISBN-13: 9781402271847
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 09/02/2014
Series: Marriage Mart , #3
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 407,840
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.80(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Amanda Forester holds a Ph.D. in psychology and worked for many years in academia before discovering that writing historical romance novels was decidedly more fun. Whether in the Highland hills or a Regency ballroom, Forester's novels offer fast-paced adventures filled with wit, intrigue, and romance. She lives with her supportive husband and naturally brilliant children in the Pacific Northwest.

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Winter Wedding 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I give only reviews not tell the story Its not fair. So when see reviews that look like a book I dont read them. It make me feel sad that some people dont know the meaning of review. So those who are wondering if this story is worth reading I promise you will be happy you did. To the writer you weave a wondetful tale so take a brow you wrote a winner my lady. Ms. D from Bronx New York I am in a Empire State of mind.
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
A WINTER WEDDING by Amanda Forrester is an intriguing Regency Historical Romance set in 1810. # 3 in the "Marriage Mart" series, but can be read as a stand alone. Filled with adventure, romance, traitors, matchmaking,spies and passion. An arrogant Duke and a gutsy companion found more than they bargain for, in "A Winter Wedding", but not more than they can handle, including a bit of fun. I enjoyed this series. While, it is faith based, it is not "preachy", but filled with energy, romance, and yes, passion. Another light-hearted, witty, delicious romp through England, with a spy or two, twists and turns, any reader is sure to delight in reading. What a delightful series,this has been. I look forward to the next grand adventure. It was great to see how Penelope Rose and James Lockton, the Duke of Marchford story comes together and ends. A must read! *Received for an honest review from the publisher* RATING: 4 HEAT RATING: SWEET REVIEWED BY: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More
zeeba More than 1 year ago
Loved It! A Winter Wedding is the story I was waiting to read since the first book in this great series. The Duke of Marchford and Miss Penelope Rose's story started from the first book and continue in the second one and finally the third one was their story. This is an enjoyable read with adventures , mystery and romance. Strong and intelligent characters with delightful love story. Thank you Amanda Forester.
SummerSnowFalls More than 1 year ago
Penelope Rose, companion to the Dowager Duchess of Marchford, enjoys her unobtrusive role – not quite a Lady, not quite a servant, and not quite accepted by either social circle. This nondescript status allows her to run a profitable side-business as Madame X, matchmaker extraordinaire, and gather important intelligence on potential French spies which she then passes on to her employer’s son, the Duke of Marchford, James Lockton. Penelope and James make a good team, but when they are caught in a compromising position by a group of vicious gossips, they suddenly find themselves engaged! Behind closed doors, Penelope vehemently denies the engagement, refusing to settle for anything less that the love she deserves. James, who scoffs at the very notion of such a silly emotion, doesn’t believe in love but does believe in pursuing Penelope and showing her what a great partnership they could make together. Somewhere between adopting Miles the Peruvian house-cat, seven maids a-milking, and an abigail named Abigail, James and Penelope might just find themselves fallen victim to that meddling and sneakiest of emotions – love. Penelope is a woman who knows her own mind and doesn’t let a person’s rank prevent her from speaking her mind when the situation calls for it. She’s often described as “sensible” and that is quite true – she’s rational and a bit of a realist when it comes to social situations such as her age (certified spinster) or her engagement to James (he’s a Duke, she’s a commoner; it will never work). But Penelope has a softer, more sentimental side too. She holds onto her mother’s gown just because it still faintly smells of her mother’s perfume. She believes in love and refuses to settle for anything less than a husband who loves her, no matter if that means spending her life alone. James is a little more frustrating. Towards the beginning of the novel, he’s quite arrogant, a tad too possessive, and professes to find love a silly, worthless emotion that does nothing but make a man weak. Thankfully, as he begins to recognize the feelings he has for Penelope, he sees her more as a woman to be wooed than an object to possess. And his “woo-ing” leads to some laugh-out-loud comedic scenes. The romance in this novel quirky, funny, and sweet. Descriptions of sexual encounters are quite mild, almost non-existent (two in the entire book – blink and you’ll miss them). The real gem in this novel is the comedy that really shines through in the writing. The author has a real knack for comedic timing, unusual characters and situations, and quick, dry humor. The plot and characters were nothing out of the ordinary (actually, I didn’t find them terribly interesting), but there were many scenes that had me laughing in my chair and I think that was what made this novel actually enjoyable. Originally posted at Plot Twist Reviews [dot] Com
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Couldn't put the book down. From begining to end I loved it.
ToryMichaels More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this story a lot. It's hard to put into words, but I enjoyed my time with these characters and look forward to seeing more from Ms. Forester.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Typical Regency, I did love the cast of characters.
AustenStudent More than 1 year ago
Miss Penelope Rose is the plain middle sister in a family of beautiful sisters who has been the lady’s companion to the dowager duchess of Marchford for over a year. We first met her in the first book in Amanda Forester's charming Marriage Mart series, A Wedding in Springtime, when she delightfully bantered with and began working with James Lockton, the Duke of Marchford. James is a spy for the Foreign Office and, throughout this series, Penelope has helped him often in his work. He trusts her implicitly, in her unusual and unique role as not-quite-a-servant but not-quite-a-lady, to gather information in a low-key and unobtrusive style. Through this work, and also because Penelope is genuinely liked by James’ grandmother, the imperious and hard to please dowager duchess, thus keeping his grandmother out of his hair, James comes to greatly admire Penelope. Here, in the final book in the series, he becomes attracted to her beauty and quiet charm as well. And it’s very sweet to see their love story grow slowly and intimately. There are many humorous moments in this story and, indeed, the entire series, especially in the growing relationship between James and Penelope. Poor Penelope, as a lowly companion, is only qualified to get a maid-in-training, a hilarious young woman who is “practicing” her skills on a very patient Penelope. And with the dowager duchess, Penelope begins a wacky matchmaking business named Madame X; this is a side business that the dowager concocted when James reined in her extravagant expenses. And for all her bluster, the dowager is very astute. She quickly notices the attraction between her grandson and Penelope…and encourages it. And she really likes Penelope, the highest compliment from an older woman who dismissed companions right and left before Penelope arrived on the scene. James needs to find a bride to ward off the overeager debutantes and their mamas but the only woman he can think of marrying is Penelope. He feels safe, calm, comfortable, and happy in her presence. He feels he can be himself, James Lockton, instead of a lofty duke. The conversations between Penelope and James are wonderful. I especially love the scene about the word hysteria and the Latin root word, uterus.  Delightful and clever. “‘A stranger idea indeed, for everyone knows insanity in women is clearly caused by men.’ …’And what of insanity in men?’ …’I can only assume they are born that way.’” (p88) Toward the end of the story however, the plot teeters a wee bit too much into exaggeration of the Twelve Days of Christmas, an enormous cat mistaken for a dog (not possible), and a whirlwind mad dash to uncover the spymaster. The love scenes are very sweet and tender and not very graphic; they are more implied than described. Forester vividly brings to life Christmas in the Regency era, with the Twelve Days of Christmas, mistletoe, and the general merriment of the holiday season. An enjoyable and entertaining end to a delightful series, this is the best book of the three. I highly recommend reading them in order to savor and appreciate the development of James and Penelope’s relationship. In fact, their scenes are the best parts of the first two books. A lovely holiday story that is best appreciated during the holidays. But I must say the cover is rather unfortunate.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
mlorio More than 1 year ago
This is a very enjoyable title. The mystery can be a bit coincidental at times, but the hero and heroine are very likeable. While it seems rather predictable, even for a romance, you are really are glad when they get together. I hope there are more titles in the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very good
2_PMVH More than 1 year ago
An arrogant Duke gets TOTALLY SERVED by his grandma's gutsy companion, who goes toe-to-toe with all the spy baddies! When Society looks at Miss Penelope Rose, they see the Dowager Duchess of Marchford's companion, but in fact she is the brains behind Madame X, London's matchmaker extraordinaire. Pen used a copy of Debrett's & filled it with all the facts concerning the peerage, their titles, money, family & estates for marriage, when hubby hunting of her 4 sisters. When the Dowager Duchess found Pen's copy of Debrett's, they hatched Madame X & used this book together to make money, since the Duke of Marchford cut off his grandma's allowance. James Lockton, the Duke of Marchford, has been dubbed "The Spy Catcher" in England, but he can't seem to get his grandma to leave London. He cut her allowance, but she is still around, posing as Madame X's helper & making his life a living HADES, but she did bring Penelope into his live. James didn't mean to bring her into his world of intrigue, but she is such a helpful partner to have. Everything changes when the crusty Dowager Duchess accepts Lord Langley's proposal, so Pen life is about to change for better & worse. James unexpectedly see Pen with her luscious, tempting & gorgeous hair down & HE WANTS HER & can't get that image of her sexiness out of his head! These 2 continuous work together to find the unknown Spymaster that is in London, but James keeps craving her & they are caught kissing, but he deliveries the worst proposal of marriage in the history of England & London believes they are engaged. Now that they are supposedly engaged (which Pen will deny), they can still be partners hunting for the spies. Pen wants what she gave her sister, LOVE, but James doesn't believe in love & happily ever after. As they discover clues & work together, James can't stop kissing her panties off & Pen keeps caving into her desires for his yummy body. With a ball ending in an explosion, some Madame X matchmaking, Pen's sinful hair tempting her Duke, the Dowager Duchess scheming ways, the huge dog-cat Miles leading to answers, a reappearance of a lost family member, another super bad wedding proposal by James, spy baddies galore, the abigail named Abigail who pushes sexy nighties on Pen, James' wandering lips & the wicked Spymaster is finally in their crosshairs to take this kooky & quirky courtship to the next level. Will they be happily ever after or will Pen be alone forever? Will James ever learn his proposal must be made from his heart? Can Pen let her hair do her talking & seduce her big idiot Duke? Who is the Spymaster? Will Pen be ummasked as Madame X? This is book #3 of the Marriage Mart series & I am sad that this series is over. Pen was introduced in book #1 & she never failed to take James down a few pegs. I love a story about an arrogant Duke who must lower is title shield & learn to speak from his heart. James was a product of a unhappy childhood by his grandma & her scheming ways. Pen was such a giver, but she needed to learn to TAKE! I read the book #1 & it was filled with hilariousness, but Ms. Forester added a spicy mixture of spies, conspiracies & intrigue flavor to this story & it worked so well. Any heroine who takes on a Duke & wins is my kind of woman. Ms. Forester built a lot of sexual tension, but not enough "JUST DO IT" moments for me until the end. Even thou this book is in a series it does stand alone all by itself & whets your appetite for more of Marriage Mart silliness! I give Ms. Forester a score of 4 fingers up & 9 toes for this romance tale that has an amazing looney filled cast of characters. I must think by daughter's friends for the word usages of LOONEY & TOTALLY SERVED! NetGalley ARC given for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I never heard of this.