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Wisdom of Wildly Creative Women: Real Stories from Inspirational, Artistic, and Empowered Women

Wisdom of Wildly Creative Women: Real Stories from Inspirational, Artistic, and Empowered Women

Wisdom of Wildly Creative Women: Real Stories from Inspirational, Artistic, and Empowered Women

Wisdom of Wildly Creative Women: Real Stories from Inspirational, Artistic, and Empowered Women


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Real Stories from Wildly Creative Women

“If you need an extra boost of bravery, read this book! If you want to simply feel more positive about the world, read this book!” —Sherry Richert Belul, founder of Simply Celebrate and author of Say It Now

Angela LoMenzo combines stunning photography and powerful real stories documented from interviews with a diverse group of accomplished women that encourages us to dig deep into our own creative lives!

Women from all walks of life. Artists, musicians, authors, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, and others from a multitude of creative careers share their experiences with depression, bullying, infertility, cancer, assault, loss of loved ones, drug addiction, and many other issues women often do not have a safe space to talk about. These stories show you just how real life is.

Powerful affirmations and true-life stories to empower you. This book is packed with words of wisdom from women who have both overcome adversity and achieved an authentic life honoring their individuality and freedom of personal expression. Their real stories illustrate that it is possible to live the life you have always desired now.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Words of wisdom and beautiful photography of wildly creative women
  • Raw and authentic interviews featuring stories by women redefining the role of a woman
  • And much more!

If you're looking for unique gifts for women who have everything or if you like books such as WomenIn the Company of Women, Collective Wisdom, or A Room of Her Own, you need to read Wisdom of Wildly Creative Women!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781684811526
Publisher: Mango Media
Publication date: 03/07/2023
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 634,012
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Angela LoMenzo grew up in an interfaith and multicultural environment, surrounded by a family of artists, musicians, and an Academy Award-winning grandfather. In one house, she had her father, the son of a Hungarian Greek Catholic Priest and a classical violinist who co-founded the Los Angeles Pops Orchestra. In the other house, she lived with her bohemian artist mother and Jewish Moroccan stepfather, a bassist whose band toured with The Doors.

This diverse exposure as a child helped to develop her core values of unity, equality, and the belief that we are all interconnected as one. She is fiercely passionate about women’s issues and human rights, as well as advocating for animals and the environment. Writing, art, and photography have been her outlet for self-expression for as long as she can remember. 

Angela has been a makeup artist for over thirty years, working in television, music videos, print, and photography. In 1993 she married her soul mate, veteran bassist James LoMenzo. Spending her entire life in a community of uniquely talented artists has kept her firmly rooted in a creative lifestyle. She lives in her native Los Angeles with James and rescue pup Lita. The two have a daughter, Zoe Rose, who is a graphic artist and illustrator. When Angela is not writing, she is the creative director and makeup artist at Monster House Productions, the video/music production company she started with James in 2012. She recently became certified as a Chopra Meditation Instructor to help people learn the healing benefits of meditation both physically and mentally.

About the Forewordist

Kathy Rose is an American jewelry designer who was born in Iran. She is the co-founder of the retail boutiques Kaviar and Kind and Roseark, as well as the designer of her eponymous jewelry line, Kathy Rose Jewelry. Rose’s designs have been worn on celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Meryl Streep, Rihanna, Cameron Diaz, and more. Kathy was the winner of Bravo’s Launch My Line, and was also selected to exhibit her pieces during the California Design Biennial at the Pasadena Museum of California Art.

About the Photographer

James LoMenzo was born in Brooklyn, New York, and as a young boy he was captivated and consumed by music of all styles, as well as the art of photography. The two art forms have gone hand in hand throughout his life and career. James has recorded and toured with some of the most noteworthy rock icons of our time, including John Fogerty, David Lee Roth, Ozzy Osbourne, Slash, Zakk Wylde, Ace Frehley, and currently a member of the Grammy Award winning metal band Megadeth. His accomplishments as a photographer/videographer and graphic designer, include advertising campaigns and published books for over twenty years. James and his wife Angela have been married for twenty-nine years and have one daughter together, Zoe Rose. When Angela revealed her idea for Wisdom of Wildly Creative Women, they passionately jumped into it as the perfect collaborative project for the two of them.

Read an Excerpt


Now it was time for Chloe to find her way back to herself after escaping death. The brutal assault caused her a tremendous amount of pain physically and emotionally. Despite this, she feels it sent her in the direction she needed to go. “The attack made me realize that I care about living, I care about my life, I care about it all. There was so much inside of me that I wanted to bring out, but a bit of fear always held me back. Now I felt, ‘What’s the point of holding back, what do I risk? Nothing!’ If people don’t like it, so be it. You can’t please everybody.” Despite these renewed feelings of empowerment, she was still traumatized. She was able to find comfort expressing herself through singing. “I was at the point where I couldn’t walk the streets because I would freeze from loud sounds. I didn’t show it on the outside, but I couldn’t breathe. Singing was so healing for me. The breath and the sound helped me so much.”


Now that she had reconnected with her innermost artist and was free of all preconceived notions of who she should or shouldn’t be, Elicia was ready to manifest her dream: “Paper has always been a big obsession of mine. There used to be this amazing store in New York called Kate’s Paperie, which was my favorite place on earth. It was like Barney’s, but for paper. So, designing illustrated paper products that could sit on those shelves has been in the back of my brain for many years. During that year of painting, I started to see a card line emerging through my artwork, so I began writing cards—I couldn’t stop! I wrote about 300 cards the first time I sat down to start writing them! It seems like a crazy amount, and it was! It just came so easy to me to come up with ideas, and it felt right. Fast forward to December of 2018, when I launched Girl w/Knife with ninety-six greeting cards, four journals, three notepads, and four gift wrap designs; I said to myself, ‘This is already a success because I’ve gotten here—I’ve created this body of work and this company—every aspect of it. From the name to the products, logo, website, catalog, social media, and everything in between. I wholeheartedly love all of it, every single piece because it is me, full stop. My career is completely on my terms now, and I could not be happier or fuller of ideas for the future.’


It was Debby’s turn to break into the music scene with that same drive and fearlessness. “I started a band called Stiletto that ended up winning a KNAC award. This was a big deal for me since KNAC was a hard rock station and, for some reason, my being black and female made it surprising to people that I could even play rock ‘n’ roll! After all these years, I still have people come up and ask, ‘How did you learn rock ‘n’ roll?’ There are so many people who don’t really know where rock ‘n’ roll came from. It came from the blues and black folks, y’all! Excuse me, Big Momma Thornton—this is where you got everything from! She’s the woman who wrote ‘Hound Dog.’ Very few people know that song started out as an anthem of black female power.”


At this point, Drea’s life and spirit were broken, but following her heart would once again prove to be the impetus for change: “I’ll tell you how I actually got sober. I’ll never forget the day the call came into my dad’s store. A young boy died in a motorcycle accident, and a heart was on the way to the hospital for Munkey. I was really fucked up on drugs, and I didn’t even go home to get anything. I left my dad’s store, took a taxi to LaGuardia airport, and got on an airplane to Florida. I just took off and showed up in Florida in the waiting room of the hospital. They had already taken Munkey’s heart out. The transplant wasn’t being accepted by her body and she was on life support. My mother heard what happened, and she knew I wasn’t right in my head. She took the next flight to Florida to take care of me while I thought I’d be taking care of Munkey. When she got there, I lashed out at her, and she said, ‘You do what you need to do, Drea, but I’m right here for you.’ I was blown away—that was the beginning of second chances for everyone. After a few weeks, the heart finally started to work for Munkey. I stayed for about a month sleeping on the floor of her hospital room. While I was there, the nurses helped me to get sober. When she recovered, I moved her into my room at the apartment and slept on the couch. She lived with me ever since. After this experience, my mother wrote the most beautiful play called The Heart Transplant–it’s unbelievable. She wrote it for me for my 25th birthday.”

Founder & President, Wasteland Stores

Cheryl has had to weather many storms during the learning curve of running her own business. “When people ask me about the secret of Wasteland’s success, I always tell them, ‘You learn more from adversity than from success.’ When I am having success, it feels good, but when I made mistakes, especially early on, that’s when I acquired the knowledge that benefitted me most in operating the business. For example, years ago, we went on a vacation to Seattle and fell in love with the city. We started looking at storefronts to open a Wasteland there. Of course, we found one, and it was a huge expensive space. We had also just opened an online store that had a lot of expenses. We almost went bankrupt. I was losing everything. I called my accountant, and he said, ‘You have to file for bankruptcy—it’s the only way out for you.’ I got off the phone and thought, ‘Like fuck we are!’ I refinanced my house and figured a way out. That’s why I am so careful now and tell people certain risks are worth taking and others are not.”

Actress/Model/ Entrepreneur

“It seems ridiculous to me that it’s an issue to see a person at my age in a bathing suit or whatever else they want to wear. Are you saying we can’t do that anymore? No one is telling musicians like Keith Richards they’re too old and can’t go play on tour, or that they are not relevant because of their age. Why should it stop women? It seems men can keep doing whatever they want until their last breath. Everybody deserves the right to shine. I can’t imagine being anything but supportive to someone for who they want to be and doing what they want to do. The thought of deliberately trying to make a person feel bad or hurt is so foreign to me. I read this excellent book, This Chair Rocks—a Manifesto Against Ageism by Ashton Applewhite. It has a ton of statistics in it. One of them is that despite retailers and mass media rarely featuring women over fifty, we are the demographic with the most disposable income. It also said that in the next ten years, advertisers are going to realize this and start focusing their marketing on this age group.”

Kathy’s determined to do away with the stereotype of women and aging. She has recently been doing national commercials again, modeling, stand-up comedy, and was featured in the latest music video for the band Green Day as a sexy seductress. “I think we must change the way we see other women our age and the way we all see each other. When we throw that positive energy out there, the world will give it right back to us. As long as we collectively stand up and say, ‘Hey, we are still in the game.’ Think about it, if you are fifty, you could potentially live another fifty years. Are you going to spend the next fifty years feeling less than? I don’t think so.” She lives by her two mottos, “Wear your age like a crown,” and “Old is gold.” She sums up her current mindset in her uniquely Kathy way: “I could either be eating off the senior menu at Denny’s or posing in a bikini for Sports Illustrated. I choose to pose in a bikini for Sports Illustrated.”

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