Wisdom, Science, and the Scriptures

Wisdom, Science, and the Scriptures


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This collection of essays is offered in admiration of and in gratitude for the work of Ernest Charles Lucas. The title of the volume acknowledges Ernest's particular areas of interest and expertise.
The word wisdom comes first for two reasons: firstly because the Bible's Wisdom literature is a particular love about which Ernest has published a number of books, and secondly because wisdom is a characteristic of the man. Several of the contributions to this volume pick up the theme of biblical wisdom, while others touch on the practical application of a wisdom shaped by the Scriptures to vital contemporary issues.
The second word of the title, science, reflects both Ernest's first career as a research bio-chemist and his interest as a theologian in exploring the relationship between science and faith. This area of interest is reflected in a number of the contributions to this collection, including Ernest's passionate interest in and concern about climate change.
The final words of the title are and the Scriptures. Ernest has, at one time or another, taught every part of the Bible and retained a keen interest in the discipline of Biblical Studies. Once again, this is reflected in some of the contributions.
There are other aspects to Ernest Lucas and among them is a love of sport, especially cricket. And so the collection ends with a reflection on this wonderful pastime.

""This is a scholarly book which honors the immense knowledge and academic skill of Ernest Lucas, but it is also a playful and a prayerful book, acknowledging his faith and devotion to God. These writings from his friends and colleagues pay tribute to the fact that Ernest Lucas is someone who loves God with heart, soul, mind, and strength. Reading it will help others to do the same.""
--Emma Ineson, Principal, Trinity College, Bristol, UK

""This remarkable collection includes papers at the forefront of biblical scholarship, thoughtful discussions of the relationship between science and faith, and an engaging theological reflection on the game of cricket! The variety and quality of the contributions reflect the wide-ranging, profound abilities of the scholar they honor, as do the eloquent and moving prayers with which each concludes.""
--Peter Hatton, Director of Studies, Bristol Baptist College, Bristol, UK

Stephen Finamore is principal of Bristol Baptist College.
John Weaver is a former principal of the South Wales Baptist College and former Dean of the Faculty of Theology, Cardiff University.

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