Wise Wives Don't Run:But Sometimes They Wanna!: But Sometimes They Wanna!

Wise Wives Don't Run:But Sometimes They Wanna!: But Sometimes They Wanna!


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ISBN-13: 9781493156429
Publisher: Author Solutions
Publication date: 05/02/2014
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Is He Just a Man? 11

Disappointments Will Come 14

Is the Devil Whipping You? 16

Don't Blame the Other Woman 18

Does Your Husband See Jesus in You? 21

Forgive Him and You Do Better! 23

Who Deceived Who? 27

Sex-Almost on Empty 29

After You Leave Your Husband, Who's Next? 32

Don't Pull Up Your Seeds 35

Words Hurt 36

Keep It in Your Own Tent! 37

Selfishness Gives Birth to Problems 39

Betrayal Stings 41

Don't Worry 43

When It Appears He Doesn't Love You Anymore 45

Who's the Boss? 47

Too Much Change Can Shift the Love 48

Keeping It Together 50

What's Prayers Got to Do with It! 52

Don't Talk Negatively About Your Husband 53

Try Working Together 54

Don't Just Settle for a Man 55

We Can Learn From Naomi and Ruth 57

You Might Miss Your Husband When He's Gone 59

Marriage Is a Ministry 61

He Left Me and the Word 65

He Didn't Want to Work! 68

I Stayed Home-She Went with Him! 70

I Stole a Fool! 72

He Was Cute with a Lot of Bad Qualities 74

He Was Too Young 76

He's Too Jealous 78

He Counseled Me Into Bed 79

I Had a Bold Womanizer 81

Hit, Raped, and Stalked 82

I Never Had Proof 84

He Paid the Price 85

A Lot of Credit and No Money 86

Too Much Company 87

He Used Me Up 88

He Was a Sincere Liar 90

He Was the Father of Many 92

His Business Was in the Newspaper 93

He Tried to Kill Me 95

Fooled by the Working Late Lie 97

I'm Always Last 99

He Was a Rogue and a Liar! 101

We Could Have Been Happier 103

I Had Proof of Another Woman 105

I'm Sony Now 107

I Have a Selfish and Sickly Man 109

He Ignores Me 110

He Was in the Military 112

Time Can Change a Situation 113

Never Contributing but Ready for the Blessings 114

He Hates Me! 116

I Almost Hate Him! 117

Pregnant and Needed a Job 119

He Didn't Want a Honeymoon with Me 120

No More Babies! 122

He Became the Man I Always Wanted 124

I Wasn't Trying to Be the Man 126

He Had the Beer but Left the Baby 127

Caught in the Act 129

He Didn't Want a Holy Wife 130

Stupid Arguments 132

He Shot Me! 133

I Thought We Were Good Friends 135

He Got a New Wife 137

Disappointed Too Soon 138

I Was too Dark for His Parents 139

1 Married Two Alcoholics 141

His Mom Ruled 143

He Was a Big Kid 145

I Was Too Young for Marriage 147

He's Breaking Me! 149

He Gambled It All Away 150

We Don't Communicate 151

He Ran the Streets 153

He Got His White Girlfriend Pregnant 155

I'm White and He's Black 157

She E-mailed Me About My Husband! 159

He Confided in His Girlfriend 161

The End-All of a Sudden 163

I Was the One Who Messed Up 165

I Thought I Wanted This Man 167

My Reflections 170

Don't 182

Marrimare 183

Just Be in Christ 184

From My Heart to Yours 185

Faith Put to the Test 186

Nuggets from Sermons Eve Heard Through the Years 188

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