Wishful Romance Volume 2 (Books 4-6)
Wishful Romance Volume 2 (Books 4-6)

Wishful Romance Volume 2 (Books 4-6)

by Kait Nolan


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Wishful is a southern romance series written for anyone looking for love in a small town. If you loved Hart of Dixie and miss the residents of Bluebell, you just might fall in love with Wishful. It's a town where everybody knows your name and hope springs eternal! This volume contains Books 4-6!


A madcap, modern, marriage-of-convenience tale sure to leave fans begging for more

Maybe there hasn't been actual blood, other than a few paper cuts, but Myles has put plenty of sweat into his independent, local newspaper, and he's even willing to admit to a few manly tears. Certainly, the paper has been his mistress since he moved to the small town of Wishful, Mississippi, and he doesn't feel it's hyperbolic in the least to say it owns a piece of his soul. He's building his dream, independent of the life laid out for him by his family, and that means everything. There's nothing he wouldn't do to ensure its success.

Piper fell hard for Myles when they co-stared in the production of White Christmas that saved Wishful's historic Madrigal Theater. Not in love, she's careful to remind herself, but into very serious like, and certainly outrageous, chemistry-fueled attraction. But Piper knows that the bright lights of the stage can wreak havoc with perspective. She's been burnt by them before, when an on-stage passion fizzled into disappointment and heartache. That's why she put on the brakes with Myles, and she admits to herself that the fact that he played by her rules and waited only adds to his appeal.

When Myles tells her that a major investor is pulling out of the paper, leaving him with a huge loan to repay or lose his control over what he's built, Piper is devastated for him. But when he jokingly admits that the best option he's come up with is to marry a showgirl to gain access to a trust fund, well, that just sounds like a plan to Piper. After all, why not take this great guy on marriage test drive? He's worth having just for this moment, however long it lasts. But as their fake marriage turns alarmingly real, they'll have to decide if they're in it for the moment or forever.


An heiress in hiding...
For graphic designer Cecily Dixon, building a successful life on her own terms, independent of her family's name and wealth, has been an all-important goal. That's why she followed her boss to tiny Wishful, Mississippi. While she's fallen in love with the town and the work being done to bring it back to life, her internship is over and it's time to take the next power-house step in her career...somewhere else.

A bookstore in trouble...
Reed Campbell is Wishful born and bred. He loves his small town life, and it suits him just fine. When he needs help breathing life into his struggling bookstore, the brilliant and sexy Cecily is the last person he expects to volunteer. Since one chemistry-fueled summer weekend, she's been giving him the cold shoulder, and he can't figure out how he blew it.

A romance with an expiration date...
Working together will start the thaw, but they both know the clock is ticking and Cecily will be moving on. Or will she? Wishful is just the right size for Reed, but can he convince Cecily that his small town can support her big dreams?


The road to redemption

Struggling single mom Corinne Dawson doesn't have time for fun. She's too busy making a new life for her son and trying to avoid being dragged down by the ghost of who she used to be. But when an accident knocks her boss out of a local "Dancing With The Stars" style fundraiser, she finds herself face-to-face with the worst mistake from her past.

One slow step forward

Attorney Tucker McGee has always seen past the prickly exterior of this former mean girl. He knows there's more to the story than simple spite. When they get partnered for Dancing With Wishful, he finally gets the chance to act on the spark he's felt since she moved home. But getting past her regrets just might be the biggest challenge he's ever faced.

Two quicksteps back

As the competition heats up, so do the feelings between them. Will Tucker be able to convince Corinne that she's more than the sum of her mistakes? Or will she be forced to leave town to find a new beginning without him?

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BN ID: 2940159169914
Publisher: Kait Nolan
Publication date: 03/22/2018
Series: Wishful Series , #2
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About the Author

Kait Nolan a Mississippi native, who often swears like a sailor, calls everyone sugar, honey, or darlin', and can wield a bless your heart like a saber or a Snuggie, depending on requirements.

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Wishful Romance Volume 2 (Books 4-6) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was great. Felt like you were part of the town
Avelyn1 More than 1 year ago
An enjoyable sweet and simple romance that I have read twice since I bought it. I love the small town and watching it grow.
Kristen Bergh-Lewendon More than 1 year ago
Just For This Moment I get some serious Pitch Perfect vibes out of this with the amazing list of musical references, the girl-power solidarity, and the underdog who gets his girl. I’ve come at this book from both ends of the series; I’ve read the books before this and I’ve read most of the books after this, so it was about time I filled in this missing chapter in my Wishful education. I can’t say I can understand where Piper and Myles are coming from, fighting to be seen as their uniquely black sheep selves. I’m more like Leah in the ‘fighting back comments to remain liked’ outlook. However, I loved watching this pair learn how to love one another. They made me laugh, the made me cry, they made me want to shake some sense into them, and they made me love. Wish I Might Like everything else in Wishful, it's sweet, funny, and a little crazy-making. The chemistry between Reed and Cecily is undeniable, you can feel it radiating from the page. Reed is such a sweetheart. It's a shame that his genuine niceness gets him into so much trouble. Cecily has so much trouble trusting her herself and her judgment about partners, I'm almost surprised that these two make it together. But I'm so glad they do. They're perfect for each other. Turn My World Around I have loved Tucker since the first time he strutted onto the page in Wishful. And after she was instrumental in healing the rift between Tyler and Brody, I knew there had to be more to Corinne than we had so far seen. There are parts of this book that don’t make for easy reading, in the same way that the nightly news isn’t always the easiest viewing. The people who are supposed to love us the most are also the ones with the greatest ability to hurt us. Sometimes they take advantage of that situation and we’re left to pick up the pieces in the aftermath. This is where we find Tucker and Corinne, healing from wounds inflicted by people who were supposed to love them. I thought this was a beautiful story of love, life, redemption, and recovery. I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.
JennieF More than 1 year ago
ARC for honest review with no compensation Wishful Romance is Volume 2 (books 4-6) in the Wishful series by Kail Nolan. It's great getting back to Wishful and catching up with characters from others books too! Love this series and I am sure you will too!!
tssoza More than 1 year ago
Love, love, love. I have really been enjoying the Wishful series. It's so fun to get to know characters that were introduced in previous books as smaller side characters, and that are now experiencing their own love story. Each of the three books in this collection tells a very different tale with the same small town back drop. I think there is a nice variety from book to book in the characters and the way they find love. This is a great series and a great box set!
cgarr More than 1 year ago
The characters that live in Wishful are some of my favorites. This collection of books brings us full stories of some of the characters we have met in other stories. It also brings you up to date on the lead characters of earlier stories. I feel like I know them when I read these stories. I won't go into detail on each of the stories, but I have to say out of all of them I love Tucker and Corinne the most (so far). These are fast reads, so I feel a little sad when they are done. But I do look forward to visiting Wishful again in the future! I received an advanced copy in return for an honest review.
Renee25 More than 1 year ago
Book 4 - Piper and Myles have now reached the end of her "no dating" period. Love how he contacts her immediately. They barely get started dating again and they end up in a marriage of convenience. When their feeling become real real fast will this turn into a real marriage? or is it already one? A misunderstanding occurs and well I wanted Piper to LISTEN!!! We do get a happy ending and a bonus at the end. Great series!!! Book 5 - Wish I Might - Love this book!!! The author is one of my favorites. Cecily and Reed had a date a few months ago but something went wrong. They both still like each other but Cecily will be leaving as soon as she gets a permanent job. Will they take a "second" chance on love? We get to some old characters as well as some new ones. The is not only a love story but about love from our family and how sometimes people don't see us like we see ourselves or even how we think they see us. Would love to visit Wishful, wish it was real. Book 6 - Turn My World Around - I absolutely loved this book. I can't stand bullies and often find it hard to forgive them even if it's been years ago but. Kati Nolan did a great job of making me see how Corinne was so sorry for her past actions and felt she didn't deserve to have a happy life because of them. Tucker was such a great guy. I mean the best book boyfriend ever. Most the time book boyfriends seems to be so unrealistic and too good to be true but Ticket was so sweet and actually believable. Loved how he didn't push Corinne but also didn't let her run away at least not for long. Such growth in these two as well as Tucker's friends. Highly recommend. I'm looking forward to reading Know Me Well. Yes I read books out of order
katiebasie More than 1 year ago
Absolutely wonderful series!!! I just wish that I lived in Wishful *tossing coin in fountain*...Wonderful stories, wonderful series...with each book I fall more and more in love. Definitely a FIVE star read as are all Kait Nolan books!!!
specialangel87 More than 1 year ago
Kait Nolan writes wonderful, sweet romances and the three stories in this collection are all 5-Star reads. Each story follows a delightful couple that I cared about along with a varied cast of unique, quirky characters that make small-town life interesting. I would love to live in a town like Wishful. It is filled with good people who are there for each other in good times and bad. I recommend reading the entire Wishful Romance Series.