Wishing for a Parallel World

Wishing for a Parallel World

by Ms Arriah Kiprujistho


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Wishing for a Parallel World by Ms Arriah Kiprujistho

A story of a world and a world beyond... a parallel world.
On one side these famous and well known Hollywood celebrities are living in the constant limelight of fame, rumors, life behind the silverscreen etc., leaving them struggling between reel and real life. On the other side these six best friends are living an extraordinary life, peacefully and happily away from this limelight in a Parallel World.
But destiny has decided something else for them. One accident brings these six friends in the middle of the rush of this earth and they confront these celebrities. From this point, a new journey of friendship, love and true relationships begins.
What is the reality of the parallel world?
What destiny has decided for them?
Will friends remain forever?
Will love find its way back to love?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781483914237
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/23/2013
Pages: 392
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.87(d)

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Wishing for a Parallel World 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Pallavi Rain More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. It took me on an amazing journey, like an escape from the real world to a parallel world. When I read the preface, I knew I was going to like this book but when I read the whole story I was completely in love with it. Characters: If I talk about my favorite character, it is going to be hard to choose. Everyone has their own unique identity because this story does not just revolve around one person. It revolves around the life here on this earth and in the parallel world and how the realities of both worlds affect everyone. It deserves 5 star rating. I am looking out for more from this author. Amazing work!!! I would recommend it to all the readers for sure.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am a big fan of Paranormal Romance and this book made me fall in love with it even more. I loved each twist and turn in the story.  One can actually understand the value of true friendship and love by reading this book. Definitely worth a read. I would recommend this book to all young adult readers.
Jennifer Whitestone More than 1 year ago
Great Read!!! It looked so real when I read the novel. Author has very smartly highlighted many things that happens in this world and I could easily relate it with the life on this planet. Though the concept of parallel world is not known to everyone but the way it is described in the novel is so perfect as if it is in real and it will make you believe that 'Yes, it is possible too'. Story is well written, characters are easy to relate with and beautiful mix of romance, mystery, love and friendship has brought into picture a life that we live everyday. It is one of those books that has occupied place of "my favorite reads" on my bookshelf. My recommendation of this book would not only be for paranormal readers but also to all the young adult and adult readers.
TracyLJudy More than 1 year ago
    This book was recommended to me by a friend. It is actually the first ebook that I have read. I was pleasantly surprised at it's fast  pace and smooth transition from setting to setting.          The descriptions of the worlds give you the feel that you are there. No details are left out. You can easily visualize what the author was  seeing when she wrote the words. At times, the places described seem completely real. I especially enjoyed the descriptions of the  houses in the book. It makes you wonder if the author is writing from experience or if the have a vivid imagination.       Character interactions and dialogue are deeply involved. Every gambit of the range of emotions is covered by the author. Anger, love,  friendship, loneliness, longing, flirtatiousness, etc. so many emotions so well expressed in one book is amazing. The characters are  people you can relate to and some act just like people we all know!   I recommend this book to anyone who wants a great read and an escape from our routine world.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This novel takes you into the realm of that dream world that everyone wants to live in. I loved it. Author has left no stone unturned to make this novel leave an impact on its readers.  Not everyone is aware of the term parallel world but author has managed to describe it so well as if it is real and it does exist. Characters in the story are unique and have a story of their own which keeps this novel captivating from the first to the last page. Meera being the key to this story is the author's voice and anyone would easily fall in love with her. As the story description say "the story of a world and a world beyond", I would say it is the story of everyone's life and the life we all want. I Beautiful blend of love, friendship, romance, thrill, mystery and struggle.Deserves Five Stars!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Although it seems to be the debut novel for the author, it's a good effort. However, there are so many mistakes and issues with grammar that it's very hard to read it. The characters are annoying and are constantly squabbling, quarreling over anything and everything as if they were teenagers although they suppose to be in their early 20s. They act very immature although they should be elevated souls? The story could be better, it's an interesting premise and could actually work if the characters were better developed and major editing needs to be done too because most of the dialogue and writing is very poor and no use of proper grammar nor articles in front of the nouns. If these could be fixed, maybe, only maybe could you give it another try to this story.