Witchcraft, Sorcery and Superstition: The Classic Study of Medieval Hexes and Spell-Casting

Witchcraft, Sorcery and Superstition: The Classic Study of Medieval Hexes and Spell-Casting

by Jules Michelet


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Witchcraft, Sorcery and Superstition: The Classic Study of Medieval Hexes and Spell-Casting by Jules Michelet

Witchcraft, Sorcery and Superstition, a classic study of medieval hexes and spell-casting, is one of the truly great sociological works of modern times. Michelet draws vivid word pictures of the witch-hunts, the Black Masses, the reign of Satan, and the weird rites of the damned. Here is an age of unbridled pleasure and sensuality, of luxury beyond imagining, and squalor behind endurance.

It was a time when a girl might be accused of witchcraft merely and she was young and pretty and did not survive the test of immersion in water or boiling oil…a day of beatings, floggings, tortures, and summary decapitations.

Starting from the 4th century, Michelet meticulously explains the history, background, origin of each sacrament and ritual, leaving one thoroughly occupied with this fantastical world of superstition, paranoia, and perhaps the paranormal. History intermingled with a gripping narrative, this enchanting piece will have you immersed in the world of magic.

Witchcraft, Sorcery and Superstition is indeed one of the great works on the Age of Darkness.

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ISBN-13: 9781629142227
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Publication date: 08/05/2014
Pages: 352
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About the Author

Jules Michelet was a French historian and an internationally known scholar of theology and the occult. He died in 1874.

Table of Contents

Introduction viii

Part 1

1 Death of the Gods 3

Christianity believed the world to be on the point of death

The world of demons

The Bride of Corinth

2 What Drove the Middle Ages to Despair 11

The People makes itself Legends

But originality is prohibited

The People defends its lands

But is made a serf of

3 The Little Demon of the Hearth and Home 21

Promiscuity of the primitive villa

An independent hearth and home

The serf's wife

True to the old gods

Robin Goodfellow

4 Temptations 32

The Serf invokes the Spirit of Hidden Treasures

Feudal raids and cruel feudal customs

The goodwife's Brownie turns into a demon after all

5 Diabolical Possession 41

Gold gains the mastery in 1300

The peasant wife in alliance with the Demon of gold

Foul terrors of the Middle Ages

The Lady of the Village

Hatred and rivalry of the Lady of the Castle

6 The Pact with Satan 55

The serf's wife gives herself to the Devil

The Sorceress and the Blasted Hearth

7 King of the Dead 61

She calls back the spirits of loved ones dead

Conception of Satan softened and mollified

8 Prince of Nature 69

Rigours of the Mediaeval Winter relax

The Sorceress submits to Oriental influences

Conceives Nature

9 Satan the Healer 77

Diseases of the Middle Ages

The Sorceress utilizes poisons for their cure

The Solanacea (Herbs of Consolation)

Women for the first time cared for medically

10 Charms and Love Potions 89

Blue Beard and Griselda

The Castle a suppliant to the Sorceress

Her cunning ways

11 Communion op Revolt-Witches' Sabbaths-The Black Mass 98

The old semi-Pagan Sabasia

The Black Mass, and its four Acts: Act I. The Introit, the Kiss of Devotion, the Banquet; Act II. The Offertory, Woman at once Altar and Sacrifice

12 Black Mass Continued-Love and Death-Satan Disappears 109

Act III. Incestuous love-making; Act IV. Death of Satan; the Sorceress flies to rejoin her lover in Hell

Part 2

13 The Sorceress in Her Decadence-Satan Multiplied and Vulgarised 119

Sorceresses and Sorcerers employed by the Great

The Chatelaine a Werewolf

Last of the love-potions

14 Persecutions 129

The Malleus Maleficarum

Satan master of the World

15 A Hundred Years' Toleration in France 143

Spain begins when France leaves off-A reaction; the Lawyers show themselves as good at burning as the Priests

16 The Basque Witches, 1609 150

They direct their own Judges in the way they should go

17 Satan Turns Ecclesiastic, 1610 159

Diversions and Distractions of the Modern "Sabbath"

18 Gauffridi, 1610 168

Priests prosecuted for Sorcery by the Monks

Conventual jealousies

19 The Nuns of Loudun-Urbain Grandier, 1633, 1634 189

An eloquent and popular Priest; suspected of Sorcery

Morbid and extraordinary manifestations among the Nuns of Loudun

20 The Nuns of Louviers and Satanic Possession-Madeleine Bavent, 1640-1647 207

Illuminism; the Devil plays Quietist

Duel between the Fiend and the Physician

21 Satan Triumphant in the Seventeenth Century 221

22 Father Girard and Charlotte Cadière 229

23 Charlotte Cadière at the Convent of Ollioules 260

24 Trial of Charlotte Cadière, 1730, 1731 283

Epilogue 307

Satan and Jesus,-is a Reconciliation possible?

The Sorceress has perished, but the Fairy survives, and will survive

Imminence of a Religious Renovation

Notes and Elucidations 312

1 The Inquisition 312

2 Method of Procedure 315

3 Satan as Physician, Love Philtres, etc. 318

4 The Last Act of the Witches' Sabbath 320

5 Literature of Sorcery and Witchcraft 323

6 Decadence, etc 325

7 The spot where the present book was completed 327

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