Witching Stones: For Divination, Magic and Spells

Witching Stones: For Divination, Magic and Spells

Other Format(Kit with Book, Stones and Pouch)



Like a tiny altar in your pocket!

Featuring the symbols of traditional witchcraft, modern Wicca, and other pagan beliefs, the Witching Stones are a unique and fun tool for novice witches as well as an effective divination method for more advanced practitioners. As you learn the meanings of each of the thirty-five Witching Stones, you will grow to understand the basic beliefs and knowledge of the Craft.

Infinitely handy, the Witching Stones eliminate the need to carry your cauldron and other tools on a 10-mile hike. Like a tiny altar in your pocket, you can discreetly cast spells and perform rituals anywhere, even at your desk or at the airport!

The accompanying guidebook provides several divination methods, an explanation of the meaning and use of each symbol, and spells for all occasions.

·Perfect for teens and young adults interested in Wicca
·Consists of 35 of the essential symbols of witchcraft carved onto modern tiles
·Less complex and intimidating than other divinatory oracles such as Tarot or runes
·Instruction book contains seven spells for love, prosperity, protection, and more

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780738701943
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.
Publication date: 09/01/2003
Edition description: Kit with Book, Stones and Pouch
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.46(h) x 2.15(d)

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A simple reading that only uses three stones
Three-stone draw
Concentrate on the question you wish your quick reading to address. When you have formed your question clearly in your mind, carefully and thoroughly mix the stones around. This may be done by spreading them facedown in front of you, or by shaking them thoroughly in the drawstring pouch.
After they are mixed, pick up the first stone your finger touches and lay it faceup in position one, as shown in the diagram below. Do not stop to examine the stone at this time,
but immediately pick your next stone, and lay it faceup in position two, then pick your third stone and place it in position three. You are now ready to begin your reading.
1 2 3
position one:
This is something that is over and done with in your life. It is something that has already happened and cannot be altered by any future actions, but it will have direct bearing on your question. Use the past meaning of this symbol.
position two: This is something that is already here. It's part of your current life experience, and although this thing's connection may be hidden or disguised, it will have a profound influence over your situation as it relates to your question. Look for this connection to understand this stone. Use the present meaning of this symbol.
position three: This is the most likely outcome to your question. The reader must take into account all of the information revealed by the two previous stones when reading this position, or its relation to your question may be easily misinterpreted. Use the future meaning of this symbol.

Table of Contents

Preface, xi
A Note on Divination & Spells, xv
Charging Your Stones, xix
Preparing Layout Space, xxi
Magic Circle, xxii
Dispersing Layout Space, xxiii
Divination Methods, 1
Three-Stone Draw
• 3
The Bane Method
• 5
New Moon Layout
• 7
Magic Circle Layout
• 9
The Stones, 11
• 13
• 15
• 19
• 21
• 23
• 25
• 29
• 33
• 35
• 39
• 41
Full Moon
• 43
• 45
• 47
• 49
Magic Circle
• 51
• 55
• 57
• 59
New Moon
• 61
• 63
• 65
• 67
• 69
• 73
• 75
• 79
• 81
• 83
Waning Moon
• 87
• 89
Waxing Moon
• 91
• 93
• 95
• 97
Simple Spells, 99
Banishing Negative Influences
• 101
For Clarity of Thought
• 105
For Strength of Spirit
• 109
Achieving Balance & Equilibrium
• 113
The Hunt
• 117
Basic Love Spell
• 121
Attracting New Love
• 125
Strengthening the Bonds
• 127
Rekindling a Fading Spark
• 129
Drawing a Protective Circle
• 131
Advanced Spells, 135
Protecting the Home
• 137
Attracting Prosperity
• 141
Discouraging Attention
• 145
Reopening Doors of Love
• 149
Creating a Lucky Stone
• 153

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