by Sonya Clark

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Book two of Magic Born

In 2066, the Magic Born are segregated in urban reservations. The laws do not protect them, or their allies.

Councilwoman Elizabeth Marsden is a powerful player in New Corinth politics, but a closely guarded secret could destroy her life—she's a hidden Magic Born. Her family has gone to great lengths to erase all her magic-related records, until a trancehacking outlaw discovers the last remaining one…

Vadim Bazarov smuggles Magic Borns through the underground railroad and threatens to reveal Elizabeth's secret unless she helps him access blank ID cards. Elizabeth wants to hate him for having a stranglehold on her life, but can't help being attracted to someone so sure of who and what he is.

Vadim initially sees her as a political ice queen, but is intrigued by her suppressed magical abilities. He trains Elizabeth to use her magic, and before long finds himself falling for her. But their newfound love may be shortlived; an anti-magic ordinance forces one of them to make a choice that will change both their lives for good.

86,000 words

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ISBN-13: 9781426898594
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 06/30/2014
Series: Magic Born , #2
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 660,281
File size: 354 KB

About the Author

Sonya Clark grew up a military brat and now lives in Tennessee with her husband and daughter. She writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance with a heavy helping of magic and lots of music for inspiration.

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Witchlight 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
This was a great book two.  I got to see a lot of my favorite people from the first book, and the overall story arc really progressed in a great new way.  As the government begins to try and limit the rights of the Magic Born even further, Elizabeth Marsden does everything she can to stand up for them and prevent the change from happening.  But, her reasons aren't what everyone thinks they are.  As a Magic Born living as a Normal, her lifestyle is in constant jeopardy of being uprooted and seeing her sent to Freak Town. Vadim is a big secondary character in book one, and I really liked a chance to get to know him better.  I just wish I had liked him a bit more.  He has a really good side to him, but we saw most of it in the first book, and in the second we see other sides, but I didn't always like where it went.  He's a bit of a tortured soul - and those are really hit and miss for me.  I did enjoy a glimpse of his trickster younger self when he magics the Christmas ornaments though. Elizabeth seemed a bit like a sacrificial lamb at times.  She was an amazing character with some really fantastic motivation behind everything she does.  Watching her cope with her untrained magic was so sad, but it all made sense.  I really loved her, and I didn't quite see what she fell in love with in Vadim.  She is really the center of the story though, so I got to see a lot of her.  I can't wait to see what happens next in the world as the Magic Born become more restless and the Normals become more willing to forgive their past transgressions.  It looks to be very exciting.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is such a cool story
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Witchlight, Sonya Clark Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews I loved Sonya’s first novel in this series, so was pleased to get this one for review. I’d felt from what we read of Vadim in book one that he was a really interesting character, and very different underneath from the surface image he projected. It was great to find him as a major character in this book. The way the Magic Born are treated by the rest of the population is awful, herded into reservations, not given the same basic human rights as others and denied the chance to really live and love a free life. If “normal”  parents had a child that tested positive for magic it would be taken to Freaktown, the reservation, regardless of their wishes. Clearly for those  who could afford it, as always through bribes and false test results, children could be tested negative. That’s what happened to Elizabeth, and she’s been pressured and told to keep her magic hidden at all times. That comes at a cost though, and she’s mentally on the edge through the stress of controlling something that she’s never been properly taught. Vadim contacts her as he needs her position as Councillor, in order to access blank ID cards for those Magic Born he helps to escape to more sympathetic countries. Not all take the strong and rigid stance the US does. Its a fear factor always, and I could see exactly this happening if there were people with magical abilities now. People are frightened of what they don’t understand, and anyone a bit different from the norm is subject to some form of discrimination. Any member of a minority group will tell you that. I became disabled in my mid thirties, an amputee, and yes, people do treat me differently. Not all but enough that its noticeable, so I can see why Elizabeth wants to hide what she is, she’ll lose everything if it gets out but it does make her a target. Vadim – I love him, he’s such an interesting character, hard nosed, businessman addict on the outside and yet...he does so much to help others, running the funds and supplies for those who need to escape, helping and protecting those living in Freaktown..a real man of mystery. When he meets Elizabeth though something electric touches them both, and they find a real close connection. Dangerous for both of them, and with the upcoming complete segregation of Normals and Magic Born it’s something that could lead to heartbreak. Its a great read again, and I'm now understanding the whole Magic Born world and abilities much better. A series is often like that for me, once into a couple of books the very different world created starts to become familiar. Its one of the reasons I love to re read series and this one from Sonya is going into my favourites file for exactly that. I’m reading my way through another very dystopian world series currently, Allie's War, and I’ve found exactly the same thing in that the longer it continues the more familiar the world, the people and their abilities are becoming to me.   Stars: five, a cracker of a read, great characters, gripping plot and fantastic world setting offering so much promise for future novels. ARC supplied via Netgalley