With a Hitch

With a Hitch

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RC Boldt brings us a smart, sexy new standalone about a matchmaker/dating coach who's faced with the challenge of finding Mrs. Right for the city's beloved NFL wide receiver....

She's playing it safe. He's playing for keeps. 


Growing up in the foster system, I learned the hard way that lasting love doesn't always come easy. Dating in the modern era can be daunting; the bar scene and dating apps leave you wondering if there's any hope in sight.

That's where I come in. Helping you break the “swipe-right” cycle, I'm dedicated to matching you with the love of your life.

Finding Mrs. Right for Dax Kendrick should be a piece of cake. Except nothing about this man is simple.


The NFL has given me more than I ever imagined - a roof over my head, food on the table, and a chance to provide for the family who sacrificed everything while I chased my dreams.

Maintaining a squeaky-clean image for my sponsors, when my paycheck and the fruits of my endorsements are all women want, is a hefty challenge.

I'd nearly given up when I hired Darcy Cole. Yet the more I'm around her, the less I care about finding my perfect match.

Because it might be right in front of me.

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ISBN-13: 9781799716471
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication date: 07/09/2019
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 6.75(h) x 0.50(d)

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With a Hitch 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Loved how they started out as friends first, before they jumped in. Dax just surprised me every step of the way. His devotion to his family, friends, and community. And the man can bake!
Anonymous 3 months ago
UpAllNightBB 9 months ago
5 Stars Review by Elizabeth Late Night Reviewer Up All Night w/ Books Blog RC Boldt has been on my radar for quite some time now and With A Hitch was the perfect place to start! I have never been so blown away by characters from the beginning like I was reading this story. Darcy has had a life that really makes you be thankful for what you have. I love that Darcy has a mind of her own and does not hold back. Even though she has a difficult time getting over her past, Dax is really good for her. Dax is such a sweetheart! When he wants something he sure does go after it. There is not one thing I disliked about With A Hitch. The entire book was well written and the characters were amazing. With A Hitch is a slow burn and I found it very intriguing. RC Boldt has done a fantastic job with this book and I, for one, will be re-reading again.
BBBGirlsBlog 10 months ago
Can we all have a man like Dax in our life???? Dax Kendrick is swoony, strong and a mans-man...when he wants something, he is all in! He had a goal of what he wants....enter Darcy Cole. Darcy, oh how my heart ached for her. We were given an introduction to Darcy in Ditched (I’ve been anxious to find out more about Darcy). When I read my first book from Ms. Boldt I had this feeling that I had just found an author that I wanted more from; so, like any good reader, I binged everything she had written and now, I snatch up every new release. With a Hitch is a beautiful story not just about the romance between a man and woman, but it’s about the story of a man who knows there is more in life than just “the game” and a woman who has been damaged by her past and decide to not let that past define her future. Thank you Ms. Boldt for another book that I will be adding to my shelf but also for giving me my no. 1 BBF!!!! Reviewed by: Dana D.
Linda33 10 months ago
Wow!!! Dax is the perfect man wrapped up in a sexy package! Sweet and considerate! Hot and sexy!! He’s definitely someone you’d want to take home to your mom. And because he’s a man’s man your dad would love him too!! Lol. I adored his relationship with his family. Darcy was the perfect match for him. She was so strong yet sweet. And I loved how she wasn’t the usual type of woman Dax went for. This slow burn friends to lovers story was so good! It also has me racing to go read Ditch for Ivy and Becker’s story!
Nicolerko 10 months ago
4.5 Stars I loved Dax so much. He's definitely going on my top list of book boyfriends. I will say for this cat lover Dax does have one flaw, but I forgive him. I agree with Darcy if women saw Dax holding a kitten ovaries would explode. This book caused a book hangover because I just didn't want to stop reading. I also loved catching up with Beckett and Ivy seeing them enjoying their HEA. I loved the scenes with Dax and his family. Those were some of the special moments in the book and solidified my opinion of Dax. Dax has many swoon worthy moments that guys should take note of. He appreciates and notices the small things. I highly recommend this book!
gillek2 10 months ago
I don’t think Dax could be any more perfect. He is sexy, sensitive, loves his family, good teammate and friend and is looking for a woman to complete his life who wants him for him not for his lifestyle or money. Enter Darcy who is a matchmaker that has been tasked with finding him the perfect match. Darcy hasn’t had an easy life, but it only made her stronger and that much more determined to ensure her business is a success. She allows very few people close but those she does she loves with her whole heart. She comes across as confident and outgoing, but appearances can be deceiving. As they spend time together trying to find his perfect match a friendship develops between them which deepens into something more, but will they be able to keep their relationship professional or is his perfect match standing right in front of him? This is a slow burning friends to lovers story that doesn’t disappoint. Hot chemistry, humorous banter and great secondary characters all add up to a winning combination.
Vicki101370 10 months ago
R.C. Boldt has fast become one of my must read authors, and With a Hitch is a perfect example of what I adore about her writing. Aside from a brief, if steamy, encounter at the wedding of Darcy's sister and Dax's best friend (you can read Ivy and Beckets story in Ditched), the two have rarely seen each other. But now that Dax is seeing his friend happily settled with a baby on the way, he's looking for his happily ever after. And it just so happens that Darcy runs a very successful match making business. While Dax is weary about the odds of finding someone that want's him for who he is, and not for his fame or money, he's all in on friendship with Darcy. Growing up in foster care, Darcy is used to taking care of herself and Ivy. She never had anyone but her sister to depend on, and Dax's commitment to his friends is completely foreign to Darcy, and takes her a while to trust. With a Hitch absolutely slayed me. It's a beautify friends to lovers story. I fell a little in love with Dax - this hero is just the right mix of sweet, caring and HOT. When the these two finally admit their feelings to themselves, there is no stopping the fire between them that sets the pages of this book into flames.
Izzybear 10 months ago
Darcy and Dax are a wonderful couple. I loved the connection between the two. I also loved how the romance between them slowly ignites and builds. Their story is beautiful and heartfelt, making it easy to fall in love with the two. Along with being touching it was also very funny in parts. Their banter had me laughing out loud. Such a great story. I would definitely recommend giving it a read.
Lashea677 10 months ago
Ditched got my attention. With a Hitch captured my heart. I fell hard for Ivy and Becket and knew that I had to have more. Darcy and Dax are a continuation of my love affair with the amazingly talented RC Boldt. With a Hitch has everything from friendships to family and sex appeal. Darcy, Ivy, Dax and Becket are a new kind of family. Their proof that family is not always made by the blood shared, but by the bond love builds. History, life and emotion are at the heart of this family. I love that. When it comes to love, life has not always been kind to this group, so it's nice to know someone has your back. Becket and Ivy found their happy ending. Will Darcy and Dax be next in line?