With Christ In the Voting Booth

With Christ In the Voting Booth

by David J. Shedlock

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WITH CHRIST IN THE VOTING BOOTH is not a dated Voter's guide that promotes certain candidates and after the election becomes as useful as day-old toast. Instead, Shedlock has written a book that addresses issues that crop up in every election. What if the candidate isn't fully pro-life? What if he or she wants to raise my taxes? What about third parties, or sitting it out altogether?"—Governor Mike Huckabee Knowing who to vote for doesn't always come easy for the Christian. No unambiguous voice from heaven whispers: "This is my candidate, vote for him." Even though almost every candidate in America makes a Christian profession, most of us know some Christians we wouldn't trust with a loaded BB gun, let alone access to the launch button of the world's largest cache of nuclear weapons. Thankfully, God has given us His Word, "The Ultimate Voter's Guide." Using the Bible, With Christ in the Voting Booth provides us tools to resist Government Too Small and Government Too Big, While embracing Government Just Right, not based upon false promises and "Christian" utopian fantasies, but rather the most important political success story of all: The Voter (and Governor) Who Pleases God.

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ISBN-13: 9781879737983
Publisher: Calvary Press
Publication date: 09/08/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 276
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

David Shedlock graduated from Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri and received his Master’s Degree in English as a Second Language from Minnesota State University (Mankato). He is a leading contributor and assistant editor to the blog, Caffeinated Thoughts and it’s companion site, Caffeinated Theology. He has been a member of Trinity Presbyterian Reformed Church in Johnston, Iowa, since 1996. He and his wife, Judy, have five children and 16 grandchildren.

Table of Contents

Author's Preface xiii

Foreword Mike Huckabee xv

Introduction xxi

Section 1 Everlasting Principles

Chapter 1 Our President: Elected or Selected? 31

Chapter 2 Man is Fallen and He Can't Get Up 45

Section 2 Government of the Sinner, by the Sinner, for the Sinner

Chapter 3 Whenever I Kill Somebody, It's Not My Fault! 57

Chapter 4 Anarchy: The Rule of a Thousand Tyrants 63

Chapter 5 We All Wear Strait Jackets 73

Chapter 6 How Should We Then Govern? 79

Chapter 7 Government Two Sizes Too Small 83

Chapter 8 Government Two Sizes Too Big 89

Chapter 9 Government Too Important 103

Chapter 10 A Separation of Faith and State 113

Chapter 11 Is America a Christian Nation? 131

Section 3 Righteous Governance

Chapter 12 God Is King 151

Chapter 13 Christians Rule with Their Bibles Open 161

Chapter 14 Can You Identify with Me? 171

Chapter 15 No Matter How Small 183

Chapter 16 Counterfeit Marriage 207

Section 4 Getting there from Here

Chapter 17 Character Counts 215

Chapter 18 I'll Scratch Your Back, You Scratch Mine 227

Chapter 19 I Just Voted, But Who's Counting? 233

Chapter 20 Move to the Center? Nuts! 239

Chapter 21 I Don't Get These New-Fangled Voting Machines 245

Conclusion: Starting From Scratch 249

Appendix 1 Making Insurance Companies Cover Pre-Existing Conditions 257

Appendix 2 I See Dead People Paul deParrie 261

Appendix 3 An Honorable Society Mike Ericson 265

Appendix 4 One Hour Well Spent George McDearmon 271

People and Subject Index 273

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