With God, Nothing Is Impossible

With God, Nothing Is Impossible

by Elaine A. Phillips


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ISBN-13: 9781940269030
Publisher: Deep River Books
Publication date: 02/20/2014
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Elaine A. Phillips, PhD, is professor of biblical studies at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts, and adjunct professor for Jerusalem University College in Israel. She authored \"Esther,\" in The Expositor's Bible Commentary (Zondervan, 2010).

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 9

Introduction: Could This Be True? 11

Chapter 1 Mary, Mother of God 15

Chapter 2 Mary's Trust in God's Truth 20

Chapter 3 Mothering God in His Early Years 27

Chapter 4 Dashed Expectations 36

Chapter 5 Sarah and Hagar 42

Chapter 6 Rebekah, Leah, and Rachel 56

Chapter 7 God s Plan Included Foreign Women 67

Chapter 8 Deborah: A Leader in Israel 78

Chapter 9 Samson s Mother: Thinking Clearly 84

Chapter 10 Ruth and Naomi: Unfailing Covenant Love 92

Chapter 11 Hannah: Giving Back to God 104

Chapter 12 Abigail: Married to a Foolish and Wicked Man 111

Chapter 13 Esther: For Such a Time as This 119

Chapter 14 Called By God to Speak His Word 131

Epilogue: Continuing the Journey 139

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“This well written book by Dr. Elaine Phillips captures the power and faithfulness of God in both the well known and lesser-known narratives of women in Scripture whose lives manifest unambiguously that with God, all things are possible!” —Dorothy F. Chappell PhD, dean of natural and social sciences, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL; co-editor of Not Just Science

“The voices of strong women resound with relevance and clarity in Dr. Elaine Phillips’ With God, Nothing is Impossible: In Step with Women of the Bible. Written with an engaging style and the ease of one intimately familiar with stories and poetry of the Bible. Readers will enjoy a delightful glimpse into the lives of women often overlooked in Scripture. Carefully woven into each account are pearls of insight born of a lifetime of engagement with the land of the Bible and knowledge of the Hebrew text. Ancient stories come to life, with carefully placed details of geography, ancient culture, and historical context. Especially poignant are the places that linger over the outsider, revealing a loving God tuned to the cry of the marginalized. Ordinary women give voice to sorrow, whisper prayers, and emerge as determined leaders in times of crisis. Their stories speak into our contemporary world, revealing wisdom and giving encouragement to all who have struggled to find their voice.” —Rhoda Carpenter, assistant professor of Hebrew Bible, Sioux Falls Seminary, SD

“Dr. Phillips has a rich knowledge of Scripture and a broad experience of the land of the Bible. She draws together critical pieces of Scripture set in a distant context, to tell the narratives of influential women of the Bible, in order to make connections and pose questions that are relevant to the experiences of women in our modern context. This book is a great resource for individual contemplation as well as for group study.” —Lindy Purdy, pastor, Wayzata Community Church, Wayzata MN

“Elaine Phillips provides engaging, insightful connections between women of the Old Testament and complex circumstances of women in the twenty-first century. The reflective questions at the end of each chapter provide additional strength to this well written book.” —Sybil Coleman, professor of social work, Gordon College, Boston MA; pastor’s wife for over four decades, serving in MN and MA

“To read this book is to travel to faraway places and learn from women who end up looking a whole lot like us. Their impossible situations remind us that the God who loved and watched over them loves and cares for us. We are not good at sitting still in our culture, but this wonder-FULL book encourages us to sit at the feet of these women, discovering who they were—and who we might become.” —Jan Carlberg, former first lady of Gordon College, Wenham, MA; author of Hungry Heart: Daily Devotions from the Old Testament and The Welcome Song: And Other Stories from a Place Called Home

“Narrated with the simple grace of a cherished bedtime story, With God, Nothing is Impossible deftly reawakens the faculties of faith. As Elaine Phillips imaginatively illuminates cunning wives, anguished mothers, fiery judges, and courageous prostitutes, we find ourselves within the diverse women of Scripture, and them within us. With God, Nothing is Impossible locates our ordinary lives and struggles within the arc of the holy, lending dignity and insight to our efforts—even our failures—to walk in step with the God of Israel.” —Meghan Larissa Good, pastor, Albany Mennonite Church, Albany, OR

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