With Intent To Harm

With Intent To Harm

by Ivanne O'Neal


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ISBN-13: 9781452081236
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 01/25/2011
Pages: 150
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.35(d)

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With intent to HARM

"Hard lesson from one mother's medical nightmare"
By Ivanne O'Neal


Copyright © 2011 Ivanne O'Neal
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-8123-6

Chapter One

He Was My Whole World

The day was July 31, 2005, I'm at home sitting at my computer desk, thoughts are racing in my mind 100 mph per minute it seemed like and I'm saying to myself what more can I do about my son's case. The statute of limitations had run out for me to go back into court with another lawsuit and all I can say to myself is that it is over, I have to live with this evil that has been placed upon me knowing that it is all a lie, and then all of a sudden this thought came to me to look up death certificates and at that very same moment I knew that it was the Holy Spirit that said that to me so I began to search every State of Maryland website to see what was available about death certificates. What I learned was even more shocking than discovering that Dr. Radentz actually knew before he amended my son's autopsy report and death certificate that what he was doing was intentionally wrong. Intentionally wrong.

But now I thought, I have a claim against those awful incompetent attorney's for legal malpractice, because it is their job to know what laws are written pertaining to every aspect of my case, yet that revelation still came too late for me to win in court, because I did file another legal action in court against attorney Charles Lamasa and lost in court again. So I asked God, why have you given me this information if I cannot use it, if I cannot win my son's case. What the Lord revealed to me was this, after three years the State of Maryland Medical Examiners Office could not have amended my son's death certificate without a court order, but they did, and violated a state statute. Now I'm thinking that no Judge is going to dismiss my lawsuit now, I have proof that Dr. Radentz violated a state statute and I would finally win my son's case in court. Jabree's autopsy report and death certificate that was amended would be reversed and this would finally be over, but not so, the court did nothing to change it and make it right and hold Dr. Radentz and the Medical Examiner's Office responsible for their actions. At this point I am saying to myself again, this is over, but why did God reveal this information to me, it just did not make any since to me at that time, but God had a different plan. He always does.

After gathering all the information I could find regarding death certificates I sent it in writing to all the Maryland State agencies that had a connection with what should happen when a state document needs to be amended in any way, and I have never seen so many people deny and lie before it was like a circus of wrong doing, people pointing the finger at others and no one wanting to take responsibility for their own failure in the amending of my son's autopsy report without a court order. The bright light of failure I was shining on the people involved was not what the courts or the Attorney General's Office or any other State Agency wanted. They wanted to remain correct. But for me the great thing about filing the lawsuits against these doctors and state agencies was that I got their attention, and that I was not going to lie down and take any of the crap that had been placed upon me by one of their own.

In March of 2000 was when I filed the first lawsuit in court against everyone involved in my son's case and continued until June or July of 2006. Can you imagine the frustration and anger I felt every time I filed a lawsuit only to be dismissed again and again because I should have known what Dr. Radentz did was wrong, I could not believe the complete arrogance of these people, but they knew time was on their side so they felt they could act in a way that spoke these words very loudly, I could not touch them, I could not make public what had happened to me, but still I pressed on and will continue to, I cannot give up, even now and I'm still working to make things right in my son's case, and with Gods' help I will prevail against every Maryland State Agency and individuals that had to do with my son's passing and the destruction of the medical malpractice lawsuit I filed against Dr. James Peipon the pediatric doctor who misdiagnosed my son and caused his untimely death.

My nightmare began on April 6, 1993, on this day I had taken my son into the office to see his pediatrician that I had chosen for him since his birth, Dr. James Peipon located in Salisbury Maryland. Jabree had pains in his stomach and chest from a cold that would not clear up. Whenever he got a cold he would develop asthma like symptoms that would cause him to wheeze. I had a nebulizer and asthma medicine for him at home and other medications that were given to him by the okay of Dr. Peipon, and dimatapp was one of the over the counter medicines that I used to help relieve the cold symptoms that he would get and it also helped with his wheezing. But on April 6 I did not give my son any medicine at all before he was taken to see Dr. Peipon later that evening, because days prior of trying to relieve him of his cold symptoms with medicines including dimatapp was not working so I just stopped giving him all medicines until he could be seen by Dr. Peipon and he would give me a diagnosis of what was wrong with him.

JaBree was diagnosed with intestinal flu and was sent home. I put him to bed early that evening because he was just not feeling good. Jabree had awaken me with a scream and I jumped up out of bed and went to him to see what was wrong and he was sweating like crazy so I picked him up out of his bed and went out of the bedroom with him to another part of the house and laid on the sofa with him and he fell back to sleep in my arms and I put him back to bed. This was about 2:30am or so in the morning. Around 5 or 5:30 I had just gotten up to check on Bree and he was cold, I thought it was because I had the window cracked a bit, I liked to keep air flowing in the room, but he was still so I turned on the bedroom light and his little eyes were not completely closed I tried to wake him and he would not move, I ran and got my father and he tried to wake Jabree also and he could not get Bree to wake up, he was not moving or breathing at all. My father started CPR and my mother called 911, I was screaming like a mad woman. Then somehow my son was in my arms I don't remember if he was given to me or if I picked him up off the sofa I don't know but I do know that I was holding and rocking him, just rocking with him and he was so still. I do not have words to describe to anyone how my heart broke into pieces, when I woke up to checked on my little boy and he was not responding to me at all.

Every time I think about that morning of April 7, 1993 I still shake to this day, I remember being so angry at one point I could have probably faced a lion and ripped its head off. All I can say is that morning and many mornings and afternoon and nights to come were very empty, heartbroken and sad, because of the loss of my little boy.

At the time of Jabree's passing I was residing with my mother and father, my father who is now deceased was very close to my son and I have no words to describe what it was like for my family and me at that time. Not knowing what had happen or why it had happen to Jabree created anger and hatred in me that I cannot begin to describe because I had never felt hate like that before and as a Christian, the feeling of hatred I had was not an option with God. No matter what, God is first in all things good and bad. God is sovereign, and he was carrying me every step of the way through this. After the ambulance was called, it seemed like they arrived at our house by space ship they got there just that fast, the paramedics came in and just took my son out of my arms and took him away to the hospital and we followed very quickly by car. As soon as we arrived we went to the waiting room area for someone to come and tell me how Jabree was doing and we were finally told that he was deceased, they tried to resuscitate him but he was already deceased when he arrived, I thought I was going to lose my mind and I thought I did for a while, that pain hurt me so bad I lost my breath for a moment, then a priest came to talk with us, and I am not trying to be funny, but I did not want to see a priest, I wanted my son back, it is hard to hold back the tears now as I write this, I just wanted my son back.

I was given the opportunity to walk in the room where they had laid him and he looked like he was just lying there sleeping, I did not want to leave him but I had to leave him, and in the midst of all that I realized just for a moment that JaBree is in heaven with God now, Jesus and all the angels. That thought but for a moment left me with a little comfort to know that my little boy will never be sick again, will never need his nebulizer or asthma medicine, or ever feel pain again, but being that I am a bit selfish I wanted him still here with me.

When my mother and I left the hospital I now had to plan a funeral, and I did not by any means want to do that, but somehow my family and I together got it done and it was the hardest thing for me to ever have to do. JaBree was a pre-kindergartener at Buckingham Elementary School. He loved school but I think it was because he was riding his grandfather's school bus to and from school. He was very funny and pleasant to be around. He loved watching tv, and running around in the house even though he was not suppose to, and when his cousin Dorian was around they always seem to manage to get into trouble but it was never Bree's fault when they got into trouble it was always Dorian's fault. Bree never learned to ride his bike I tried so hard to teach him, but he just like pushing his bike around the yard, it was very funny to watch him do that, because he thought he was such a big boy, because he had a bicycle. I recall his 4th birthday, it was just my sister and I and my nephew Dorian, Jabree was sort of proper he would hold everything he ate like a delicate sandwich even his birthday cake, he held it on both ends so that it would not fall apart, he did not like messes. He was a very loving little boy.

When we arrived at home after leaving the hospital my mother started calling family and friends to tell them that JaBree passed away early in the morning and we have no clue as to why. An autopsy was scheduled by the hospital and was alright by me, I needed to know what happened to my son. In the mean time I had a funeral to get in order and again I did not want to have any parts in getting a funeral together for my four year old son, it was unnatural, children are not suppose to go before parents, I was supposed to go first. Somehow I pulled myself together and made only one phone call and that was to a very dear and special friend of mine, she is a Pastor and I asked her to commence my son's funeral, and she said yes she would. I called her because at that time the Pastor of St. Paul United Methodist Church, the church I attended with my mother since I was a little girl, I did not like him, he was sort of weird to me, and his preaching did not make any sense, so I did not want him preaching my son's funeral. As the day's progressed up to the funeral date, a lot of people were in and out of my mother's house, people I did not know, so I stayed hidden in my bedroom allowing close family members and friends in at that time. Jabree's funeral held was on Saturday the 11th and Pastor Melissa Dukes preached a wonderful sermon, and I remember sitting in a chair at the cemetery just staring at my son's casket, thinking why, why me Lord, I'm a great mother, what did I do wrong, in the end I found out I did nothing wrong at all. But, the doctors had other plans, they were going to try and make me think I did something wrong by their intentional acts of malice, but it did not work.

As the day's continued to move on, I became more and more angry that my son had died. My nights and days were very hard, I could not sleep without a sedative and eating became a task for me, I could not even drive my car for a while, I was just not capable of keeping my mind sound and clear to focus. On April 24, 1993, I finally received a call from the investigators at the State Police in Berlin, Maryland that Jabree had died of pneumonia. I said pneumonia! How did JaBree get pneumonia, and why was it missed by Dr. Piepon. I was devastated and wanted to kill Dr. Peipon for his negligence, but that is what the courts are for. So I proceeded with a medical malpractice lawsuit against Dr. Peipon through JoAnne Suder of the Suder and Suder Law Firm in Baltimore Maryland. It all began in the spring of 1994. JoAnne Suder at that time was supposed to have been the best medical malpractice attorney in Maryland, so of course I thought my son's case was in the best of hands, boy was I wrong. Incompetent is an understatement when it comes to describing what this so called attorney did to my son's case.

As the months went by many issues arose with my son's case, one of which was brompheniramine. Brompheniramine is an additive in dimetapp that I gave to my son to help dry up mucus when he had a cold. This brompheniramine became a problem and was challenged by assistant Medical Examiner Dr. Stephen Radentz that said my son died of an overdose of this brompheniramine and not pneumonia. Of course I said that is not correct, he did not, and that they are wrong, because JaBree was not given any medicine at all on April 6th so how could that be, Dr. Radentz was wrong, I knew he was but at the time could not prove it. Now at this time instead of Joann Suder researching this issue for me I did it for myself, and found nothing at that time because I was being told that nothing could be done about it, this is what Dr. Radentz said and this is what it is. Stupid me I listened to these fools and that was the biggest mistake I made. Because I knew it was a lie.

I did not know what to do. I was being challenged with a big lie these people were now trying to say that I was careless in the care of my son. I mean, I was pissed off to the point of wanting to punch these doctors slam in the mouth, and my attorneys were doing nothing to come up with any scientific facts or something to prove that Dr. Radentz was wrong. And to bang the nail further into my heart on January 29, 1997 more than 3 years after the passing of my son Dr. Radentz amended JaBree's autopsy report and death certificate stating that he indeed died of brompheniramine intoxication based on a report in a journal that the level in his heart blood during his autopsy was intoxicating and caused his untimely death. I wanted to fight, and I said to myself it is killing time. I knew it was a lie, a bold face lie, but I could not prove it at all at that time. So my attorney's decided to go to court with this amended autopsy report and I told them not to do it, because we were going to lose, yes we lost.

Now I'm saying this to myself and I talked to myself a lot doing this time, my four year old son is dead, his autopsy report is a lie, and I have two attorneys that don't know their behind from a hole in the ground. Now what, I asked myself, now what am I supposed to do. My other incompetent attorney Charles Lamasa decided to file an appeal and of course one year later the ruling of the jury is up held and at that point I had just about all I am going to take from all these so called professional people. They are liars, and I am going to prove it know matter what I have to do. I was determined, and I proved them all to be nothing but exactly what I said they were a bunch of liars. What Dr. Radentz, Dr. Peipon and the others at the Medical Examiner's Office did to me was unthinkable and intentional. In chapter 2 my fight for my son begins, and clear myself from the lies of these doctors.

Chapter Two

The Race To Uncover The Truth

I started in January 2000 on a quest to have Jabree's autopsy report and death certificate corrected and the Medical Examiners put to shame. What these professionals failed to realize is that I am a mother who loved her child and not some single black, uneducated, just a another statistic out here in society mom and was just going to sit back and take the crap they were dishing out to me. I loved my son with a passion and I still do.

I started with researching the level of brompheniramine found in one single heart blood specimen that was taken from Jabree during his autopsy. I consulted a local pharmacist that helped me to understand blood ratios, he helped a lot but it was not enough. That went on for about four months and at that time I was paying close attention to the statute of limitation because when to file my lawsuits was limited. But there was still so much I did not know and I was completely lost in what I was doing. I did not know if anyone would help me and if I did find someone to help me, how much will this cost me and will it be in time for me to win in court.

With all this running through my mind, I started calling Medical Examiners and Toxicologist from the East Coast to the West Coast, and researching brompheniramine on the computer and I happened to come across the very same report that Dr. Radentz used to amend my sons autopsy report and death certificate but nothing added up for him to apply the same report to JaBree's case. I literally dissected JaBree's autopsy report down to a skeleton to prove that Jabree did not die from brompheniramine intoxication and that Dr. Radentz was a vicious liar.


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Table of Contents


1. He Was My Whole World....................1
2. The Race To Uncover The Truth....................13
3. Character....................29
4. Power over Grief Gods Way....................39
5. Chose To Trust God No Matter What....................51
6. Laws of State of Maryland That Does Not Protect Its Citizens....................59
7. Forgiveness Is Very Hard....................77
8. Accepting My Sons Passing....................87
9. Thanks To Ones Who Helped Me Find the Truth....................93

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