With Love, Mom: Stories About the Remarkable Bond Between Mothers and Daughters

With Love, Mom: Stories About the Remarkable Bond Between Mothers and Daughters


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A Mother's Love Is Far from Ordinary

A mother knows just what her daughter needs...the gentle guidance of her hand and the welcoming refuge of her heart. This collection of touching stories from your favorite Christian bloggers and authors will help you see motherhood—in all its forms—with fresh eyes and a grateful spirit.

Hear from Rachel Macy Stafford, Holley Gerth, Jennifer Dukes Lee, Wynter Pitts, Rachel Anne Ridge, and more than 30 other beloved voices as they share their personal challenges and parenting memories.

Whether you're a mom looking for refreshment or a daughter wanting to show your appreciation, this lovely compilation of tender and heartfelt stories is a testament to the life-changing, inspiring, and outright extraordinary journey of motherhood.

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ISBN-13: 9780736972918
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Publication date: 03/06/2018
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 588,925
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Dawn Camp is a camera-toting, homeschooling mother of eight children and the editor of The Heart of Marriage, The Gift of Friendship, and The Beauty of Grace. She writes for (in)courage and blogs about family, faith, and Photoshop at MyHomeSweetHomeOnline.net. Dawn and her family live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Table of Contents

Foreword 11

Introduction 15

Part 1 Words of Affirmation

1 She Says I'm Her Best Friend Dawn Camp 21

2 Did You See Me? Teri Lynne Underwood 25

3 Let Her Be Rachel Macy Stafford 27

4 The Perfect Mother Robin Dance 31

5 Dear Daughter of Mine Anna Rendell 33

6 Mother's Melody Lynn D. Morrissey 35

Part 2 Perfectly Imperfect

7 A Relationship Worth Fighting For Elizabeth Maxon 39

8 A Love Letter for a Second-Born Child Jennifer Dukes Lee 43

9 A Song for You Christie Purifoy 47

10 Mommy, Did You Choose Your Job? Danielle Smith 49

11 Sweet Sixteen Denise J. Hughes 51

Part 3 Learning from Our Mother and Our Mother and Our Daughters

12 The Day She Taught Me About Forgiveness Kayla Aimee 57

13 Stay Weird: A Letter to My Daughter Mary Carver 59

14 The Little Child Who Leads Me Leah Highfill 63

15 My Daughter Connected My Heart to the World Tricia Goyer 67

16 One of the Most Offensive Things God Asks Shelly Miller 71

17 What Am I Telling Her? A Mother's Message to Her Daughters Alexandra Kuykendall 75

18 I Am My Mother's Daughter Alia Joy 79

Part 4 A Mother's Hope

19 Sign on the Dotted Line KariAnne Wood 85

20 Grace Notes Dawn Camp 89

21 A New Granddaughter, and a Few Thoughts Rachel Anne Ridge 93

22 The Miracle of a Daughter: A Birth of Hope Leah Highfill 97

23 A Motherhood Story of Hope Holly Gerth 101

24 What's in a Name? Dawn Camp 105

Part 5 The Strength of the Single Mother

25 Mama Faced the Sink Wendy Speake 111

26 Unintentional Lessons Robin Dance 115

27 Like a Single Mother Kaitlin Curtice 119

28 Porch Swing Confession Diane Bailey 123

29 A Letter to My Daughter Wendy Dunham 125

Part 6 Quality Time

30 The Power of One Krista Gilbert 131

31 I See You Elizabeth Maxon 133

32 My Daughter Adrian Wood 137

33 No Regrets Elisa Pulliam 139

34 The Letters Between Us Jennifer Dukes Lee 143

35 Taking Wing Lynn D. Morrissey 147

Part 7 Teachable Moments

36 Dressing Room Discovery Elizabeth Foss 155

37 Daughter, Dear Dawn Camp 159

38 Dressed with Salvation Amanda White 163

39 Give Your Child Every Thing They Want (and the World Will Lose the Gift of Gratitude) September McCarthy 167

40 Belly Button Love Trish Blackwell 169

Part 8 Mother Love

41 The Deep End of Love Kari Kampakis 175

42 In Sickness and in Health Jennifer Dukes Lee 179

43 To My Water Baby on Your Birthday Alia Joy 183

44 Holding My Daughter's Hand Wynter Pitts 187

45 Small Expressions Kim Hyland 189

46 Motherhood and Cleanup on Aisle Four Katie Kenny Phillips 193

Part 9 Leaving A Legacy

47 Not the Dream I Thought It Would Be Deidra Riggs 199

48 The Sisters at the Beach Kendra Burton 203

49 An Island Legacy Kelli Stuart 205

50 The Blessing of Blackberry Bushes Kayla Aimee 209

51 Holland Calling Rachel McMillan 211

52 Like Mother, Like Daughter Dawn Camp 215

Contributor Biographies 219

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