With My Last Breath, I'd Say I Love You: When Your Faith and Hope Slip, Grace Wins Every Time

With My Last Breath, I'd Say I Love You: When Your Faith and Hope Slip, Grace Wins Every Time

by Shelley Taylor
With My Last Breath, I'd Say I Love You: When Your Faith and Hope Slip, Grace Wins Every Time

With My Last Breath, I'd Say I Love You: When Your Faith and Hope Slip, Grace Wins Every Time

by Shelley Taylor


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This book of encouragement, is written as a love letter back to the Lord, praising Him for all He's brought the author through. She’s the daughter of a prescription drug addict and alcoholic. Having survived a traumatic brain injury from carbon monoxide poisoning, the author leads a God-glorifying life. God's love for us is intentional as are our trials and hurts. They're not mistakes to Him. He may not move your mountain and He may even allow a larger one, but He’ll walk the path with you if you let Him. So, just begin with one step or one breath. No matter what He puts in your path, no matter what season you're in, joy or weeping, He doesn't forsake His children, so find Him in each season. Let Him support you, let His grace break your fall. You may have been slowly turned or vigorously thrown by the storms of life but you’re still usable bent or broken, beautiful or tangled. If you've lost your trust in Him, you feel broken and helpless; you're drowning, over your head in despair, in need of just one more breath, this books for you. It'll bring hope to those recovering, those still fighting, and those just breathing. 'With my last breath, I'd say I Love You.'

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781946889195
Publisher: Clovercroft Publishing
Publication date: 03/01/2018
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

I've lived both beautiful and broken breaths, and writing's my ministry. I write about:

- being a daughter of a prescription drug addict/alcoholic

- healing, hope

- grace, love

- encouragement

- forgiveness

- Dyslexia,

- brain injuries

- and Jesus

I'm thankful to be the wife of the most encouraging husband and together God linked our lives through merging tears, broken hope, a long embrace and many answered prayers. I received a fairy-tale ending and God gets the glory.

One of God's greatest blessings is a beautiful daughter that I had the honor of birthing. God met us both in years when I bent and she and I witnessed His mercy mend my brokenness.

When I extended my hand and heart to the man God sent; along came five beautiful blessings in the form of beating hearts, along with their eight precious 'littles' who call me 'Honey.'

I spend my days writing and loving Taylor's, all fifteen!

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 9

From My Heart to yours: A Letter to the Reader 11

Indroduction: Our Story of Poisoning and Grace 19

Chapter 1 Embarrassment versus Necessity 29

Chapter 2 Debutante to Addict 34

Chapter 3 Learning who to Be 48

Chapter 4 Living on the Outside Looking In 59

Chapter 5 What I Really Wanted 65

Chapter 6 Disappointment: (Failure and Forgiveness 71

Chapter 7 The Five Silent Years 78

Chapter 8 Linked Words and Linked Hearts 83

Chapter 9 M&M'S for Rehab 92

Chapter 10 Giving Her to Jesus 98

Chapter 11 What Fills the Cracks in our Broken Hearts 106

Chapter 12 Embracing 109

Chapter 13 Unconditional Love 115

Chapter 14 Striking the Match (Mother's Epic Fail) 118

Chapter 15 Sisters Becoming One 128

Chapter 16 Giving Up 131

Chapter 17 Spoken Words and Words Not Spoken 135

Chapter 18 Rejection 139

Chapter 19 The Mender and the Mending 146

Chapter 20 The Little House on Brown Street 151

Chapter 21 The Benefits of Suffering 154

Chapter 22 Praying 161

Chapter 23 What Takes Your Breath Away 167

Chapter 24 Worship 169

Chapter 25 Sacred Places We Gather 174

Chapter 26 Love Unwavering 181

Chapter 27 When God Winks 184

Chapter 28 Hope and Strength 188

Chapter 29 The Beauty of Mercy and Grace 194

Chapter 30 Be Still and Know He is God 198

Chapter 31 Memories and the Lack Thereof 202

Chapter 32 Death and Life Thereafter 206

Chapter 33 Cradle to Cross 217

Chapter 34 Fire Pits, our Faith, and His Faithfulness 222

Chapter 35 Trusting 229

Chapter 36 Migraines and Miracles 233

Chapter 37 Asking Him into Your Heart 239

Love Letters 243

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