With the Best of Intentions: Becoming Somebody in Kenyan Teacher Education

With the Best of Intentions: Becoming Somebody in Kenyan Teacher Education

by Kari Kragh Blume Dahl


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ISBN-13: 9788778673916
Publisher: Samfundslitteratur
Publication date: 02/15/2017
Pages: 286
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Fields of teacher education: Deconstructed 9

Constructions of a field in friction 9

Teacher education in Kenya 14

Development of an analytical focus 18

Person, profession, politics, and pedagogy 25

Person 29

Profession 34

Politics 36

Pedagogy 41

Issues of comparison: Exploring teacher education 44

Structure of the book 57

Chapter 2 'No time for us': Struggling for success to become professional, urban middle class 59

The fortress: A stronghold of history and tradition 59

Hectic school lives - snapshots 63

Apparatus 64

Management 75

Tutors 82

Pedagogy: Mock exams, distinctions, and professional formation 86

Students: Struggling for success 89

Secret lives and pockets of freedom 91

Bureaucratic rationality 95

Chapter 3 'I have someone': Community learning in social space 99

College life on the dry savannah 99

Structure 103

Moralism and the termination of management 108

Senses of belonging: Social life and school life 118

Students: Class elders, teacher parents, and ethnic prefects 120

Tutors: Teamwork and communality in the staff room 127

Pedagogy: The personal lecturer 132

Social rationality 135

Chapter 4 'I am someone': Self-display in capitalism and reversing the social order 137

The rise of an enterprise 137

Values 143

Bosses, untouchables, high classes, and the principled ones 147

Pride, status, and 'the superiority complex' 158

In no-man's-land? Power in reverse 165

Tutors: Young, urban professionals - on the move to somewhere else 171

Sex, love, and domination 174

Pedagogy: 'Here to give us a clue' 178

Laissez-faire rationality: Lost in empty space? 182

Chapter 5 Becoming somebody 185

Learning, participation, and becoming in context 186

Spaces for possibility and searching processes 191

Thoroughly regulated at Lexington 192

In social space at Wummit 194

Gendered freedom at Global 196

Evidence of becoming: Personal self-constructions 198

Depressed selves 200

Surrounded selves 204

Exhibited selves 207

Paths to professionalism: Learning to relate to the teaching profession 209

Lexington: Teaching as a stepping stone 212

Wummit: Teaching as a calling 219

Global: Teaching as a last resort, passing time, and a second chance 223

Becoming somebody in institutional contexts 233

Chapter 6 Fields reconstructed: Teacher education at a crossroad 239

New times, other lives: Policies in practice 240

Cultural universes, categorisation, and issues of becoming 247

Trajectories of person, profession, and pedagogy 253

Reconstruction 259

Acknowledgments 263

References 265

Index 279

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