Without Permission - A Spiritual Journey to Healing

Without Permission - A Spiritual Journey to Healing

by Sharon R. Wells


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Sexual abuse is an undeniable and unfortunate reality of life. There are both predators and preys to this unnecessary and preventable crime upon our society. Too often, the occurrence is treated like a taboo secret or a skeleton that is tucked away in a closet somewhere while the victims feel like no one hears their cries, no one understands their pain, and no one can help or care. Without Permission puts roadblocks in front of that misconception by letting victims know that they are not alone; their voices need to be heard; and there are avenues for help in the midst of their pain.

Sharon R. Wells through dramatic recollection of her own personal experience;
exploration of the voices of others; and motivational and inspirational supplication,sheds illuminating light on a topic that is too often swept under a proverbial rug of denial and despair.

Without Permission is a gift of hope. It's a source of deliverance for those in need of encouragement that they can move beyond being a victim to becoming victorious. This journey is a testimony illustrating that tears don't have to last always and strength and healing comes from breaking the silence of abuse. Sharon R. Wells takes the taboo issue of Sexual Abuse from a position of guilt and shame, transforming it to a position of empowerment stemming from the perception and acknowledgment of self acceptance and community awareness.

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ISBN-13: 9780615231426
Publisher: Angel Wings Publications, LLC
Publication date: 02/15/2011
Pages: 188
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Sharon R. Wells is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a writer, radio show host, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Using her own personal testimony of survival for illustration, she is a passionate advocate who speaks towards awareness and prevention of sexual and domestic abuse. With a message focused and centered on encouraging hope, unwavering faith and perseverance, Sharon guides others to realize, evaluate and triumphantly overcome the obstacles in their own lives through self-awareness and individual growth. This author of several articles and essays has written heartfelt, spiritual and inspirational messages highlighting her own individual healing journey while encouraging and uplifting others to do the same in their life. Having been a molestation victim herself, Sharon has been driven to raise awareness about the sexual abuse epidemic that exists in our society. Astoundingly, she has risen above her adversities, and her heroic courage will empower you to take the path to a new beginning in reclaiming your right to a healthy and happy life.

She is a beacon of light and her story will take you to that secret place in her life where she shares her own personal experiences of battling a history of alcoholism, drug addiction, unhealthy relationships, severe depression and self-hatred.

Sharon also is the founder and CEO of Angel Wings Publications, LLC, a corporation which provides resource information for sexual abuse victims and those that have been affected by it.

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Without Permission - A Spiritual Journey to Healing 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
JL_Whitehead More than 1 year ago
Within the last two years, more and more instances of sexual abuse perpetrated on children have risen to the surface. As allegations continue to circulate in the media as to who has done what to whom, I can’t help but wonder two things: 1. What is going on with some of the people that are deemed to be protectors of the very people that they violate? 2. How are the victims doing? It seems that once the camera lights have gone down and the sensationalism dissipates to nothing, the victims are left alone to struggle in reclaiming who they are…and short of hearing whatever the media reports, no one really knows what the victims of abuse really go through. We don’t know how long it takes a victim to recover from something as traumatic as having their innocence stolen away like a burglar taking a valued possession in the night. We don’t know what they struggle with on a day to day basis. We don’t hear about the descent into drug addiction, promiscuity or alcoholism. All of these things are left to flutter like paper in the wind long after the media frenzy has died down. Still, what does happen to a child when they have suffered at the hands of an adult abuser? Unfortunately, we don’t talk about that…and maybe it’s about time that we should. Without Permission by author Sharon Wells tells the story of the sexual abuse that she suffered as a child, her downward spiral into failed relationships as well as her voyage into addiction. She details her journey from victim to survivor in a no-holds barred chronicle of her experience as only she can tell it. At times, her experience may be deemed too clinical instead of the down and dirty that some readers may be accustomed to reading when picking up a publication such as this. In some instances that may be the case, but Ms. Wells doesn’t have to go into the extreme details of what she suffered in order for her readers to grasp her point. Vivid descriptions are not necessary although what she states within the pages of her work is detailed enough. What makes this book a good read is the message interwoven throughout its pages. She does not focus on the travesty that she endured at the hands of adult men. Instead, the focus is placed on the healing aspect of her life…what she did and continues to do to not only help herself, but to assist others along the way. She’s clear that the journey to reclaiming her dignity was long and painful, but what she provides within her work is hope; hope that what was taken cannot be reclaimed, but something better can be put in its place. Some of the high points of this work are her reconciliation to herself and her family. Nowhere is this more evident than in chapter twelve where she goes into detail as to what steps she had to take to begin healing. Chapter thirteen tells the story of a different victim which is detailed enough to the point of making the reader cringe, but chapter fourteen speaks of the abuse as told through the eyes of a perpetrator. Without Permission could not have been an easy write because it wasn’t an easy read, but the best thing about this work is that it gives a victim hope that they don’t have to live in the shadows of their abuse. Indeed, with God’s help, a victim can let go of the role of victim and step into the warm light of healing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Let's see...I don't know where to begin. I downloaded this book to my Nook but didn't read it for about a week. After deciding to give it a try, I ended up finding it hard to put the book down. I read the book in 1.5 days. I commend the author for sharing her story of sexual abuse, drug addiction and unhealthy relationships. The reader can truly sense the pain and hardship Ms. Wells went through. Additionally, I love how she is a TRUE testimony for others; she persevered and made it through some extremely deep dark periods of her life. I admire the author for getting professional help but more importantly seeking a "Higher Power". The book gives personal stories, professional expertise, and even goes as far as giving us a personal interview with an abuser. A must read for those struggling with any sort of addiction and an enlightening read for others.
whataqt More than 1 year ago
If you or someone that you know have been through this situation after reading this you will be encouraged to speak out, seek help, and push onward!!! Great detail of ones live.