Wolf Code: A Sheltering Wilderness

Wolf Code: A Sheltering Wilderness

by Chandler Brett


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Wolf Code: A Sheltering Wilderness by Chandler Brett


When a deadly threat invades the home territory of a wolf pack and their alphas go missing, a new male and female must rise to lead the pack through the crisis.

In the human world, another alliance begins between a reclusive video-game designer and a Cherokee animal-rights activist. Since being mauled by a dog as a boy, Don has retreated into video games and dreamed of working for a company that specialized in werewolf-hunter games. However, when he meets Tsula, she challenges him to see wolves in a new light and pushes him out into a series of wilderness adventures.

In the distant wood, the new alpha pair discovers they face a serious challenge. Will they be able to outmaneuver their rivals, unite the other wolves, and escape with their lives? Must they find a new home or stay and fight?

Tsula's activism drives Don into a double life, though, when she targets the video-game company where he works for its misrepresentation of wolves. Don feels pulled between two worlds, the world of game design just opening to him and the wilderness Tsula has introduced to him. Which will he finally choose as his own?

And why does the fate of the wolf pack rest in his decision?

For fans of animal fantasy, outdoor adventure, werewolves, science-fiction suspense, and romantic drama. “Call of the Wild meets Mercy Thompson and Ready Player One.”

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781943934010
Publisher: Dire Wolf Books
Publication date: 01/11/2016
Series: Wolf Code , #1
Pages: 290
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.65(d)

About the Author

With a mother who taught literature and creative writing and a father who prodigiously read adventure, thriller, and science fiction novels, Chandler naturally learned to love stories at a young age.

Heavily influenced by a long list of writers, Chandler decided to devote full attention to writing his own stories in 2013, after spending years studying (at Duke University and the University of Virginia) and teaching ethics and literature: where discussions of "character" intersect.

Just as chandlers make candles to give us a means to hold a flame for a time, Chandler hopes his stories will offer a similar mystical, romantic insight (a "reverence for life") to those who share in these adventures.

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Wolf Code: A Sheltering Wilderness 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was skeptical about the alternating storylines (mainly the one about a wolf pack) but as I got into the story, I found myself very intrigued by both. I thoroughly enjoyed the wolf pack storyline and was not ready for the book to end. Great love story mixed in with quality descriptive writing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Chandler Brett's debut novel left me wanting more: more of this story and more from him. Wolf Code is fast-paced and engaging. I enjoyed the imaginative journey as part of a wolf pack and the alternating engagement with Don, a computer programmer. The pack dynamics and Don's personal and vocational growth are supported by clever dialogue, clear story, and wonderful surprises. I can hardly wait to see what happens in the next installment of their story.
JeffM727 More than 1 year ago
Wolf Code: A Sheltering Wilderness by Chandler Brett is an interesting beast. Lurking somewhere in between the young adult, sci-fi and adventure genres, Chandler Brett invites readers on a global story about endangered wolves, VR technology, and finding one’s own calling. Jumping between two separate, yet interwoven, narratives, Wolf Code #1 sketches the combative--yet potentially cooperative--relationship between technology and nature. In the technology camp, we discover the story of Don, a bright video-game programmer who seeks to push the limits of virtual reality technology. As a protagonist, Don is well meaning, yet misguided, in his approach to technology, and it’s not until Tsula, a young Cherokee activist, challenges Don to consider the implications of technology that his story grows its narrative teeth. Speaking of teeth, and poorly chosen puns, in the nature camp, we find the story of Kan, a wayward wolf searching for his companion, Lana, who has vanished and, likely, moved on with another pack. Brett instantly thrusts the reader into Kan’s journey, as Kan, doubtful of his own ability to protect a pack, struggles to find his mate and prove himself as a worthy leader. Positively, A Sheltering Wilderness does a great job of blending Kan’s and Don’s narratives without confusing the reader or muddying the over-arching plot. Brett organically allows the reader to make natural connections between Kan and Don, and for that matter, Lana and Tsula, while sketching their shared journey with relative ease. Deceptively simple, Kan’s plot packs heart and builds momentum, as Brett elicits our sympathy for a lone wolf seeking his mate.Coupled with the dangers of an unknown wilderness, the reader’s excitement grows as we long to discover what Kan will experience next. Unlike Kan’s fast paced narrative, however, Don’s tale is slower in terms of plot development and pacing. With Kan, there’s a sense of urgency and momentum to his narrative, yet with Don it’s a slow burn. While both characters face challenges, I find the simpler journey, Kan’s, to be far more engaging and satisfying, overall. While by no means boring, Don’s initial chapters feel plodding and a bit misguided, especially when compared with Kan’s more focused and exciting plot. However, like Kan, Don’s saving grace appears in the form of a strong female protagonist, Tsula, who, in my estimate, is the most interesting and likable character in the book. She’s true to her convictions and unflinching in the face of resistance. Her back-story with her parents, specifically her mother, gives her an emotional core that Don, for much of the story, simply lacks. Thankfully, though, Tsula challenges Don to ‘man up,’ and Don, along with the reader, are far better because of her influence. Ultimately, I was satisfied with Wolf Code: A Sheltering Wilderness and where its journey ended--for now. While I still feel Don’s narrative needed a swift kick of excitement, I am, however, eager to see how Don’s developments in VR technology will affect Kan, Lana and other wolves in the wild. That’s the story I wanted to read in Wolf Code #1, but only glimpsed by the novel’s end. I can appreciate, however, Brett’s choice to develop his characters’ back-stories and stave off the full conflict until Book Two, which, by no coincidence, is titled Wilderness War. Therefore, if you can practice a bit of patience, I highly recommend Wolf Code: A Sheltering Wilderness as a great introduction
Terp123 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this story. It took me inside the thoughts of a wolf pack, as well as the effort to save them. It was as if I was running with the wolves as they went on the hunt. Once I started reading, the story was hard to put down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very interesting paralleled stories and plot twists. Definitely involves interests for a variety of readers, as well as good storytelling. Looking forward to reading Volume II...what happens next?!?!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago