Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: What Your Insurance Company Doesn't Want You to Know

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: What Your Insurance Company Doesn't Want You to Know

by America's PremierAttorneys, Ben Glass, Mark Blane



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ISBN-13: 9780982908358
Publisher: Celebrity Press
Publication date: 01/12/2011
Pages: 204
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.70(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

This book combines the legal experiences of 15 attorneys to share some of the insurance companies biggest secrets when it comes to your injury case, and what the insurance companies would rather have you not know.

America's premier attorneys who contributed are Ben Glass, Esq., Patrick Phancao, Esq., Anthony D. Castelli, Esq., Timothy R. Miley, Esq., Gary M. Hazelton, Esq., Mark C. Blane, Esq., Jason R. Schultz, Esq., Karl Truman, Esq., Thomas M. Kiley, Jr. Esq., Michael R. Strong, Esq., Brenton D. Adams, Esq., Richard P. Hastings, Esq., John Bisnar, Esq., Daryl T. Dixon, Esq., and Charles L. Bledsoe, Esq.

Table of Contents

Foreword Ben Glass 11

Chapter 1 A Wolf is Sly: Seven "Weasel Clauses" You Never Want to See in Your Disability Insurance Policy Ben Glass 15

Chapter 2 The Insurance Company Offered Me Money but I Don't know what My Case is Worth Richard P. Hastings 25

Chapter 3 Being Underinsured can Take You Under Charles L. Bledsoe 37

Chapter 4 What is the Most Important Auto Insurance Coverage that you Must have and how much you should Buy? …(UM/UIM) Daryl T. Dixon 45

Chapter 5 Wolves in White Coats: How to Protect Yourself from the Insurance Company Doctor Gary M. Hazelton 55

Chapter 6 Gaining the Golden Fleece Instead of Getting Fleeced Thomas M. Kiley 65

Chapter 7 Why not Negotiate with a Wolf? Jason R. Schultz 75

Chapter 8 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid when Negotiating with an Insurance Company John Bisnar 89

Chapter 9 When the Numbers don't Add Up Karl Truman 103

Chapter 10 Subrogation: Payback for the Insurance Companies or-what the Insurance Companies Giveth, the Insurance Companies Taketh Away… Michael R. Strong 113

Chapter 11 How to Maximize Case Value when Insurance Companies use Computer Software to Review your Injury Claim Mark C. Blane 137

Chapter 12 What to do with Lump Sum Payments from the Insurance Company? Patrick Phancao 149

Chapter 13 When your Friend Becomes your Enemy Anthony D. Castelli 159

Chapter 14 Seven 'Sneaky' ways Insurance Companies Sabotage your Injury Claim Timothy R. Miley 171

Chapter 15 Insurance Bad Faith Brenton D. Adams 195

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