Wolf Tales 11

Wolf Tales 11

by Kate Douglas



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Wolf Tales 11 by Kate Douglas

The Hunger

They are Chanku, a race of shapeshifters whose bodies hunger for sexual passion and pleasure. Protective of their own, the Chanku have always relied upon their primal instincts to keep their packs safe. . .until now. Tala and Lisa have been kidnapped and no one knows where they are. Mik, AJ and Tinker fear not only for the safety of their mates but for that of their unborn children as well. . .

The Power

Unwilling to concede to the kidnappers' demands, the men summon Anton for help. Devising a daring rescue plan of his own, Anton calls upon all the Chanku to lose themselves in an erotic encounter like never before. As they link together and succumb to complete carnal desire, their sexual energy fills him with a superhuman ability to outmatch even their strongest enemy. . .

Praise for Kate Douglas and her Wolf Tales Novels

"A searing erotic tale that will send your senses reeling." —Cheyenne McCray

"Deliciously erotic, lushly romantic. . .explores the hot edge of passion!" —Angela Knight

"Heroines we love for their strength. . .heroes we love for their sensitivity." —Romantic Times

"Definitely NOT for the timid reader. . .Oh, to be Chanku!" —Anne McCaffrey

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780758242679
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 01/01/2011
Series: Wolf Tales (Aphrodisia) Series , #11
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.90(d)

First Chapter

Wolf Tales 11



Copyright © 2011 Kate Douglas
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-7582-4267-9

Chapter One

Tiny motes of dust sparkled in shimmering beams of morning sunlight, stirred by the silent departure of the man who'd joined with them throughout a most enjoyable night of sexual excess—as if sex with his lady love and one of his dearest friends could ever be considered excessive.

Smiling at such a ridiculous idea, Adam Wolf stretched out on his left side and rested his right arm over the smooth curve of Liana's hip. He gazed at the brilliant sunbeams and thought of Igmutaka and the night just past as he softly stroked Liana's warm skin. The spirit guide generally left before the morning sun touched the windows of their small apartment, returning to his cougar form and the freedom of the Montana mountains.

Igmutaka knew he was always welcome in their bed, desired as much by Adam as he was by Liana. With memories of the night fresh in his mind, Adam leaned over and placed a soft kiss on Liana's shoulder. She tasted of salt and glistened with the soft dew of perspiration; her fair skin showed the subtle marks of sucking mouths and grasping fingers, even a few reddish nips from sharp, wolven teeth.

Marks Liana would wear with pride. She was, after all, a powerful and much loved Chanku bitch. She sighed in her sleep and turned to him. Her lips pressed against his chest in a sleepy kiss, reminding Adam of the convoluted twists and turns that had led him to this time, this place, this perfect moment.

If anyone had told him just a couple of months ago that he would love this woman who now held his heart, Adam would have cursed them as a liar. If someone had suggested that the cougar prowling the huge Montana estate Anton Cheval and his Chanku pack called home would manifest himself as an absolutely beautiful, albeit somewhat androgynous male, and insinuate himself into Adam's life—and his bed—he would have laughed outright.

But Liana, once a goddess and the woman responsible for his mate's death, had claimed Adam as thoroughly as Eve had once held his love. And Igmutaka, that son of a bitch, had not only unveiled his human side, he'd revealed an affinity for sex matched only by Adam's own.

Laughter bubbled up out of his chest. He rolled to his back, body shaking and eyes tearing with the effort to keep himself quiet.

Liana rolled over, opened her eyes, and stared balefully at him. "What, my love, is so damned funny?"

Still fighting the laughter that wouldn't die, Adam shook his head. "Us. This." He leaned close and kissed her. "Igmutaka and that damned Louisville Slugger of his."

Obviously biting back a grin, she raised a very expressive eyebrow and dryly offered, "He is quite impressive."

"A little more than impressive when it's shoved up my ass."

Liana shrugged daintily. Then she raised her arms over her head and stretched her lithe body along his full length. "As I recall," she whispered, "you were the one who introduced him to the pleasures of the flesh."

He grunted, nuzzling her neck. "The son of a bitch took to those pleasures pretty damned fast, if you ask me."

"Something for which I will be forever grateful."

Chuckling softly, Adam inhaled her seductive scent. He couldn't possibly be getting hard again. Not after the night they'd just spent—one that had involved very little sleep. Kissing his way along the smooth line of Liana's throat, he took another deep breath. "Actually," he grumbled, "you were the one who suggested he join us in a little minage ' trois. If you'll recall, Ig didn't have a clue what was coming next."

Laughing softly, Liana rubbed against Adam. "I do recall. One of my better suggestions, don't you think? I wouldn't worry about Igmutaka. He handled himself beautifully."

"Handled himself? I don't think so. More like he was handling you and me!" Adam snorted, and then both of them were laughing and touching and kissing. Somehow Liana managed to slide her body over Adam's full length with an almost sinuous grace, until she covered him like a living, breathing blanket.

The hard tips of her taut nipples tickled his chest. The tuft of tightly curled blond hair between her thighs brushed the ridge of his now swollen cock and tangled with his own damp thatch of hair. Laughter died and thoughts of Igmutaka fled as Adam's erection rose between Liana's slightly parted thighs and she slowly arched her spine, sliding her damp heat along his full length.

Groaning, he wrapped his arms around her back and rolled her beneath him, slipped the thick length of his erect penis between her buttery folds, and thrust hard into her hot, sleek channel. Her muscular vaginal walls rippled along his cock as she adjusted to his length and girth. Both of them shuddered deliciously when the sensitive tip of his penis brushed across the hard mouth of her womb.

Adam closed his eyes, fighting for control. He knew he must look like a man in pain as the cords in his neck tightened and his lips stretched into a flat grimace from his efforts. He arched his back and flexed his arms to keep from flattening Liana's slight frame with his weight.

She sighed and shifted her hips, tilting just right to accommodate his size. Adam took a deep breath, then another until he felt he could hold on, but damn it felt good, the heat and the life of her, the free and loving welcome he felt whenever he entered her body.

The body of a goddess. She'd been the one he prayed to, the one the packs had looked to for help and guidance. The one who had proven herself to have feet of clay—she had failed her beloved Chanku too many times to count.

Failed in many ways, yet been reborn in others.

She'd been cast out of her immortal office and into Adam's arms. Now Eve, once his mate, excelled in Liana's old role. Eve ruled now, with a firm hand and a vigilant yet loving eye. She answered prayers and worried and watched over the Chanku from that other dimension where gods toyed with the lives of men.

While here, on this plane, a man made love to a goddess.

Slowing his deep thrusts, finding a deliberate, measured rhythm he could sustain, Adam gazed at the woman whose neglect had almost ended him, yet whose uncompromising love had healed his heart. She opened her wide gray eyes and smiled up at him.

A smile that flashed straight to his heart like a bolt of lightning, taking his breath, branding him. It was time. Doubts and baseless concerns disappeared. She was his, the woman meant to stand by his side, to bear his children, to share his thoughts. He took a deep breath, aware of the pounding in his chest, the rush of blood in his veins. He wanted that most intimate of bonds, forever. Connected as only Chanku could be.

"Bond with me tonight, Liana. Be my mate, for now and forever."

Her vaginal muscles rippled over his shaft in a subtle reaction to his soft request. Her fingers brushed the rough stubble covering his jaw. "Are you certain, Adam? Have you truly forgiven me? Will you ever be able to forget my failures?"

He shook his head. "I can't forget what happened. I don't want to, because it's led to this time, this moment. It's led me to you, Liana. I loved Eve with all my heart, but I never realized my love wasn't enough for her. She has what she needs, now." He kissed Liana's mouth, sliding his lips over the softness of hers. "And me? I have what I need, Liana. What I want. The question is, can I be enough for you? A woman who was once a goddess, who has been loved by men much better than I'll ever be, for more centuries than I can imagine?"

She laughed against his mouth and teased his lips with her tongue while her body held him deep inside, clenching and pulsing around his erection. "Adam, you are such a rogue! You know there's no lover better than you. More important, there's no man who could possibly put up with me. I love you. I can imagine no other for my mate. I would be ..."

Her body jerked and then went rigid in his arms. Her eyes flashed wide and bright.

"Liana? What's wrong?" Adam shoved himself away from her. His cock slipped free of her warmth as he gathered her up in his arms, held her against his chest. He tried to link but her mind was closed to him. Blocked. "Liana? What's happening?"

She blinked. Shook her head, frowning. Then she stared at him, frightened and wild-eyed. "No, Adam. No." She clutched at his shoulders and her fingers dug into his flesh. "This is terrible." The words rushed out on a whispered breath of fear.

"Absolutely terrible."

Baylor Quinn checked to make certain the big SUV wasn't overlapping a parking space on either end of the one he'd just managed to squeeze into. Then he turned in his seat and grinned at the two women in the back. "Okay, ladies. We're here—downtown Freeport, Maine, and all the shopping your hearts desire."

His beloved Manda laughed and rolled her eyes. "It's only taken us a year to convince you guys to bring us up here, so don't act like it's all your idea."

Shannon Murphy jabbed her lightly in the ribs. "Careful. Jake's still not certain he wants to be here at all. It's taken me ages to drag that man out of the woods. Don't blow it now. My credit cards are burning a hole in my handbag."

Jacob Trent merely snorted.

"See?" Shannon shook her head as she reached for the door handle. "What did I say? He is such a Neanderthal."

"Now that's an interesting concept." Jake climbed out and opened Manda's door. "A shapeshifting Neanderthal. Wonder if he'd shift into a dire wolf? Those suckers were big."

"You're plenty big enough for me, sweetheart." Shannon winked at him. Then she shut her door and met the others on the curb. Her eyes were twinkling when she kissed Jake. "Why don't you and Bay grab a cup of coffee and pursue the concept of shapeshifting dire wolves. Manda and I have shopping to do and a whole town full of stores waiting just for us ... and your money."

Laughing, Manda and Shannon linked arms and headed toward the long row of shops along the main street. Baylor stood beside Jake, watching the smooth sway of Manda's slim hips as she walked away from him. Then he sighed and turned to Jake—his lover and truest male friend. "We'll be lucky if we hear from them for hours. Coffee or a cold beer?"

Jake laughed. "We'd better wait until later this afternoon for that beer. I think it's going to be a long day. Coffee for me."

Bay followed him into a small coffee shop not far from where they'd parked. Manda and Shannon had been arguing for a weekend away from home and a chance to shop in the little town of Freeport for months now, but it was still difficult for Bay to relax in unfamiliar territory.

"It's okay, you know." Jake set two coffees down on the small table Bay'd found near the front window and took the seat across from him. "We haven't had any threats for a long time. The girls are both sharp and they're well trained. They can take care of themselves."

Bay shrugged. He picked up the cup and stared at the dark brew. "I wish I could relax, Jake. I can't. I've been inside Manda's memories and I know the nightmare she lived."

Held captive by a man who was driven to learn her secrets, Manda had spent twenty-five years as his prisoner, subjected to horrendous experiments and vicious sexual attacks. She'd lost her childhood, and only now seemed to be recovering the sense of herself, her confidence as a free woman.

The image of her, crippled by her body's inability to complete a shift one way or the other, trapped for years in a deformed shell that was half human and half wolf, would haunt Baylor until his dying day. With thoughts of Manda's life before she'd discovered her true heritage much too clear in his mind, he gazed into Jake's amber eyes. "Think how your life would be if you hadn't gotten to Shannon in time when those bastards tried to snatch her. We've been damned lucky so far. Some day that luck's gonna run out."

Jake planted both hands on the tabletop and stood up. "We can't live our lives in fear, bro. Think the way you do when you're the wolf, about letting go and living for the moment." He took a swallow of coffee. "It works for me. See? Right now, at this moment, I gotta take a leak."

Bay chuckled, shaking his head as Jake sauntered across the small shop. Curious eyes of interested women at nearby tables followed him as he headed to the back where the restrooms were located. Bay couldn't blame them for looking. Jake had an aura of sexuality about him that couldn't be denied, as well as a devil-may-care attitude that buried a much deeper persona. The combination of sensual aura, rugged good looks, personality, and intelligence was definitely seductive.

Still, Bay had to admit that Jake was right. Sometimes Bay spent so much time reliving the past and worrying about the future he forgot to relish the present.

Maybe he needed to work on that.

A shift in air currents caught his attention. A large man wearing a dark suit and tie slid into Jake's empty chair. Bay's head snapped up as recognition slammed into him. He hadn't seen his old partner since he'd left government service. "Rolf? What the hell are you doing here?"

"I was gonna ask you the same thing." The man glanced toward the door, then in the direction Jake had gone. "It's been a while, Bay. We've missed you."

Baylor shook his head. "It was time to get out. The last job left a bad taste in my mouth."

"It also left a lot of good men missing and presumed dead. What happened?"

"Can't talk about it. Still classified." So classified that even his superiors in the service had no idea what had happened the day he'd been sent to kill Jacob Trent and kidnap the woman who was now Jake's mate. "What brings you to Freeport, Rolf? You're still with the service, right?"

Rolf nodded. "Officially? Recruiting."

Bay sipped his coffee. "Unofficially?"

"Still looking for the missing agents. We've followed their trail as far as Bangor, but they seemed to just disappear off the face of the Earth at that point."

Bay set his cup down and sent a questioning thought in Jake's direction. He wondered what was taking his buddy so long, wondered why he'd run into Rolf here and now. It was much too unsettling to be mere coincidence.

As far as Bay knew, Rolf had no idea he'd been assigned to work that final job with the missing agents. No idea Bay had been part of the team that had, as Rolf said and for all intents and purposes, disappeared off the face of the Earth.

Bay's addition to the team that was sent to kidnap Shannon Murphy had been a last-minute change ordered directly by Milton Bosworth, the late Secretary of Homeland Security—a change in personnel that never made it to the books.

Even Bosworth hadn't known that the bodies of those agents would rest forever at the bottom of a flooded, abandoned quarry deep in the wilds of northwestern Maine. Even if he had, Bosworth was dead now, a fact that filled Bay with a quiet sense of satisfaction since the discovery that Bosworth had been the one responsible for Manda's cruel treatment, for the horrible acts committed against an innocent child.

But, what if the service knew more than he realized? Bay frowned and stared at Rolf through the steam from his cup of coffee. "I want the truth. Are you following me?"

"No. Should we be?" Rolf shook his head as if answering his own question. Then he glanced about the room again and lowered his voice. "Bay, when I saw you, I knew I had to say something. We've got history, man. You kept me alive on more than one occasion. Listen up ... you're working for that hotshot California agency now, Pack Dynamics, right?"

When Bay nodded, he continued. "I overheard a conversation yesterday I probably should have missed, but when I saw you and that other guy walk in here ... well, let's just say it was too fucking weird. Coincidence like that doesn't just happen, and I knew I had to say something. Look, there's talk that our people tried to get Pack Dynamics to pick up a job. PD refused. The guys at the top weren't happy and they're looking for leverage."

Again, he glanced around as if he feared someone might be watching. His unease made Bay uncomfortable, but before he could comment or question Rolf, the man focused on him once again.


Excerpted from Wolf Tales 11 by KATE DOUGLAS Copyright © 2011 by Kate Douglas. Excerpted by permission of APHRODISIA BOOKS. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Wolf Tales 11 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 33 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
The kidnappers planned the assault perfectly with a precision rarely seen outside of the military or the Chanku. They abduct two Chanku females, Lisa and eight-months pregnant Tala. The entire Chanku clan is outraged and feels helpless. The kidnappers notify the pack leadership as to their ransom demands. They want the Chanku special ops firm Pack Dynamics to assassinate the president of the United States. Failure to do so means getting the women back in pieces. Not one to allow extortion or an abduction to be ignored, Anton plans to save the two females without endangering the president. To do so will change him, which he conceals from his Chanku; while the support he needs from his clan is for each pack member to orgasm at the identical super moment. Fans of the long running Chanku exciting erotic thrillers will appreciate the latest saga as the spins keep coming; cubs will need the scorecard provided by Kate Douglas to keep track, but should consider earlier entries in this excellent series. Fast-paced as always throughout yet character driven (another trademark), Anton believes he knows the second hand consequences of a super pack-wide orgasm but conceals from his beloved people the cost. Instead he chooses to save the women and the unborn as that is paramount preferably without the Chanku losing their species' values. Harriet Klausner
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Our favorite characters are back and oh so sexy. Being there for all of their friends and pack mates when danger strikes just makes our Chanku even more sexy! You can't ask for more ...danger, intrigue and great hot sex! SUPER SERIES
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