Woman Be Whole

Woman Be Whole

by Pastor Jacqueline Flowers




Jacqueline T. Flowers is Pastor of Time of Celebration Ministries Church, Inc. in Houston, Texas.

She shares the Word of God with boldness and conviction. In Woman Be Whole, Jacqueline gives God the glory for healing her emotionally and positioning her as a complete woman. After ministering to wounded women, the Spirit of God directed her to share her message in a book so that women throughout the world could experience the healing power of God and the highest form of life, regardless of the tragedies of the past.

How is it possible for any man or woman, brutally battered, broken, and bewildered, to experience wholeness? Jacqueline reveals how God can take the most shattered lives and bring them from fear to faith, from defeat to victory, and from brokenness to wholeness.

Perhaps you have thought that success in life could never be possible after being molested, raped, battered, and divorced. Can a person truly recover and be a total human being again? The decision to be whole is up to the individual. No person has to settle for the trauma of abuse. No situation is beyond the ability of God to heal. The "Word of God" makes the significant difference.

You don't have to allow the effects of the past to govern how you live today. You can be elevated from bondage to freedom as you experience the transforming power of God. This book is written for the woman who dares to be whole and the man who dares to see women whole. The plight of the woman will always affect the success of man. You (whether male or female) will never be the same after reading Woman Be Whole.

Jacqueline daily enjoys victory, as she fulfills her roles as Pastor, wife, and mother. She is also the author of In His Presence, Fashioned for His Glory, Women in Ministry, Where the Spirit of the Lord Is, and Where Are the Men?.

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ISBN-13: 9780963419606
Publisher: Aeon Publishing Inc.
Publication date: 08/16/2011
Pages: 110
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