Woman Vs Womaniser

Woman Vs Womaniser

by J. C. Johnson


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Woman Vs Womaniser by J. C. Johnson


Do you keep meeting the same kind of jerks? Want to know the traffic light system for deciding whether he’s worth your time?

Do you wish you could see right through him and his games? Want to know precisely when he’s lying or manipulating you?

Do you ever feel like the person you want almost never seems to want you, and the one you don’t want is a pest?

Want to know why it is actually your behaviour that determines that outcome? Here is the book women have been waiting for - rarely will you come across another like it. JC Johnson’s gripping writing style intelligently transports you into his world. It takes you on a passenger seat ride through his life, as he reveals women’s blind spots, whilst suggesting unconventional approaches for all women to take. You will no doubt find yourself horrified, yet intensely fascinated by his antics at the same time, as he cleverly keeps you second-guessing what will happen next at crucial points. This book is an essential read. Its insightful perspective from a womanisers viewpoint makes this book a real page- turner. Prepare to be blown away.

‘Written in a unique style juxtaposing narrative with advice, JC Johnson navigates the reader through a roller coaster of events and emotions. Woman VS Womanizer expertly documents the mental metamorphosis of boy into man! - Maria Maxwell. BBC


Read, laugh, weep - and learn

For more information - video/testimonials/JC Johnson interview please go to WWW.WOMANVSWOMANISER.COM

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781452062631
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/01/2011
Pages: 488
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 1.09(d)

About the Author

Johnson is dedicated to the the personal development and well-being of young people. His work as a Life Coach and Behavioural Consultant is focused on helping youths fulfil their full potential, overcoming obstacles and breaking cycles through practical guidance. In recent years he has realised his gift as a writer. Coupled with his coaching skills he uses this gift to share his life experience as a teaching medium. His no nonsense, matter of fact manner is graphic and disturbing, inviting both an emotional and intellectual response of self reflection. At several times throughout the book you may identify yourself with one or more of the characters or map them. JC Johnson's writing style has a unique way of transporting you into his world by intelligently and involuntarily forcing you to see things through his eyes. In turn causing you to reflect upon the ways in which his extreme escapades can strangely relate to each of our own lives. The book effortlessly exercises a rare quality of being able to keep you second-guessing what will happen at crucial points and as a result makes for a cleverly gripping read. JC Johnson clearly has deep insight into relationships between men and women and on the whole he basis this knowledge around his ability to tap into his subconscious and pay closer attention to his intuition. The beauty of the insights found/shared in this book however, go beyond simply understanding how to use your intuition, but instead gives tips that help you recognise when to withdraw rather than attempt to breathe life into a dead relationship. This book will make it hard for any woman to continue in a relationship that is not solid without evoking some form of introspection. The book is a refreshing and valuable addition to the literature of human relations.

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