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Women and GIS, Volume 2: Stars of Spatial Science

Women and GIS, Volume 2: Stars of Spatial Science

by Jane Goodall (Foreword by)
Women and GIS, Volume 2: Stars of Spatial Science

Women and GIS, Volume 2: Stars of Spatial Science

by Jane Goodall (Foreword by)


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Foreword by Jane Goodall

Thirty inspiring stories of diverse women using geospatial technology to advance science and help resolve important issues facing the world. 

Like the first volume, Women and GIS, Volume 2: Stars of Spatial Science tells how 30 women in many different STEM fields applied themselves, overcame obstacles, and used maps, analysis, imagery, and geographic information systems (GIS) to contribute to their professions and the world. Sharing the experiences of their childhoods, the misstarts and challenges they faced, and the lessons they learned, each story is a celebration of a woman’s unique life path and of the perseverance, dedication, and hard work it takes to achieve success. This book includes multicultural women at various points in their careers such as:

  • Barbara Ryan — Dedicated to open spatial data for everyone
  • Cecille Blake — Growing GIS capacity in Jamaica and for North and South American countries
  • Rhiannan Price — Advocating to make a difference for vulnerable populations
  • Verónica Vélez — Fighting for social and racial justice in education
  • Tanya Harrison — Bringing Mars to the masses

From planetary scientists to civil engineers, entrepreneurs to urban planners, the strong, passionate women in Women and GIS, Volume 2: Stars of Spatial Science serve as guiding stars to motivate readers who are developing their own life stories and to inspire their potential to meaningful achievements. 

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781589485945
Publisher: Esri Press
Publication date: 04/21/2020
Series: Women and GIS , #2
Pages: 274
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x (d)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

About the Author

Since 1997, Esri Press has grown to be an award-winning leader in publishing books about the science, application, and technology of GIS. With books offered in print, e-book, and web formats, it continues to develop its dedication to facilitating access to and dissemination of geographic literature through publications.

Table of Contents

Foreword xi

Preface xvii

Temenoujka Bandrova 2

Building on her love of drawing and math

Ashali Bhandari 12

Planning for a more resilient India

Cecille Blake 20

Growing GIS from the ground up in Jamaica

Janey Camp 30

Improving communities inside and out

Nicole D. Franklin 38

Furthering equity and social justice

Sophia Magdalena Garcia Pena 48

Ensuring that every person counts

Valrie Grant 60

A vision for spreading the joys of geotechnology

Elizabeth Groff 68

Using GIS to expand criminal justice policy

Tanya Harrison 78

Bringing Mars to the masses

Grania Kelly 86

Using art and science to create landscape stories

Amrita Lal 96

Powering drones over the South Pacific

Kelsey Leonard 102

Using tribal wisdom to care for water resources

Megan McCabe 112

Leading the search for a lost airliner

Anne Hale Miglarese 120

Bringing technology to the developing world

Catherine Lilian Nakalembe 126

Empowering the people close to the land

Anita Palmer 136

Advocating for students and the world

Olivia Powell 144

Championing GIS in the police service

Rhiannan Price 154

Fostering sustainable development

Barbara J. Ryan 162

Promoting open data for everyone

Diana Sinton 170

Connecting spatial thinkers to GIS

Hoàng Chi Smith 178

Helping refugees tell their stories

Amy Steiger 188

Piloting a career in the office and in the field

Eleanor Stokes 194

Going where the big questions lead her

Hannah Trew 200

Speaking out loud and clear in a unifying voice

Ingrid H.J. Vanden Berghe 208

Belgium's "geo-broker" of GIS data

Verónica Vélez 218

Fighting for social and racial justice in education

German Whitley 228

Choosing her own GIS adventures

Cyhana Lena Williams 236

Bringing geo-business intelligence to Africa

Susan Wolfinbarger 242

Shaping our understanding of global conflict

Rae Wynn-Grant 248

Saving the bears and the wildlife

Acknowledgments 254

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