Women and Plants: Gender Relations in Biodiversity Management and Conservation

Women and Plants: Gender Relations in Biodiversity Management and Conservation

by Patricia L.



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ISBN-13: 9781842771570
Publisher: Zed Books
Publication date: 10/10/2003
Pages: 320
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About the Author

Patricia L. Howard is Research Professor, Gender Studies in Agriculture & Rural Development, Wageningen University.

Table of Contents

1. Women and the Plant World: An Exploration - Patricia L. Howard

Part 1: Culture, Kitchen and Conservation
2. Women in the Garden and Kitchen: The Role of Cuisine in the Conservation of Traditional House Lot Crops among Yucatec Mayan Immigrants - Laurie S. Z. Greenberg
3. Wild Food Plants and Arbëresh Women in Lucania, Southern Italy - Andrea Pieroni
4. Women and ‘Wild’ Foods: Nutrition and Household Food Security Among Rai and Sherpa Forager Farmers in Eastern Nepal - Ephrosine Daniggelis

Part 2: Gender Relations, Women's Rights, and Plant Management
5. Farm Women's Rights and Roles in Wild Plant Food Gathering and Management in Northeast Thailand - Lisa Leimar Price
6. Gender and Entitlements in the Zimbabwean Woodlands: A Case Study of Resettlement - Allison Goebel

Part 3: Gendered Plant Knowledge in Science and Society
7. 'Passing on the News': Women's Work, Traditional Knowledge and Plant Resource Management in Indigenous Societies of Northwestern North America - Nancy Turner
8. The Invisible Queen in the Plant Kingdom: Gender Perspectives in Medical Ethnobotany - Brij Kothari
9. The Gender of Crops in the Papua New Guinea Highlands - Paul Sillitoe

Part 4: Plants, Women's Status and Welfare
10. Gendering the Tradition of Plant Gathering in Central Anatolia (Turkey) - Füsun Ertug
11. The Basket-Makers of the Central California Interior - Linda Dick Bissonnette
12. Exchange, Patriarchy and Status: Women's Homegardens in Bangladesh - Margot Wilson

Part 5: Gender, Biodiversity Loss and Conservation
13. Losing Ground: Gender Relations, Commerical Horticulture and Threats to Local Plant Diversity in Rural Mali - Stephen Wooten
14. Modernization and Gender Dynamics in the Loss of Agrobiodiversity in Swaziland's Food System - Millicent Malaza
15. Arawakan Women and the Erosion of Traditional Food Production in Amazonas Venezuela - Shirley Hoffmann
16. Women and Maize Breeding: The Development of New Seed Systems in a Marginal Area of Southwest China - Yiching Song and Janice Jiggins

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