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Women, Gender and Enlightenment

Women, Gender and Enlightenment

by B. Taylor, S. Knott

ISBN-10: 0230517811

ISBN-13: 9780230517813

Pub. Date: 05/27/2005

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan UK

Did women have an Enlightenment? This path-breaking volume of interdisciplinary essays by forty leading scholars provides a detailed picture of the controversial, innovative role played by women and gender issues in the age of light.


Did women have an Enlightenment? This path-breaking volume of interdisciplinary essays by forty leading scholars provides a detailed picture of the controversial, innovative role played by women and gender issues in the age of light.

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Palgrave Macmillan UK
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Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgements List of Contributors General Introduction PART I: WOMEN, MEN, ENLIGHTENMENT SEXUAL DISTINCTIONS AND PRESCRIPTIONS Introduction; K.O'Brien Between the Savage and the Civil: Dr John Gregory's Natural History of Femininity; M.C.Moran Feminists versus Gallants: Sexual Manners and Morals in Enlightenment Britain; B.Taylor "Ambiguous Beings": Marginality, Melancholy, and the Femme Savante; A.Vila GENDER, RACE AND THE PROGRESS OF CIVILIZATION Introduction; J.Rendall Race, Women, and Progress in the Late Scottish Enlightenment; S.Sebastiani No Woman is an Island: the Female Figure in French Enlightenment Anthropology; J.Mander Civilisation, Patriotism, and Enlightened Histories of Woman; S.Tomaselli SEX AND SENSIBILITY Introduction; D.Wahrman Advice and Enlightenment: Mary Wollstonecraft and Sex Education; V.Jones Tears and the Man; P.Carter Reading Rousseau's Sexuality; R.Howells GENDER AND THE REASONING MIND Introduction; M.B.Peruga L'Ortografe des Dames: Gender and Language in the Old Regime; D.Goodman "To think, to compare, to combine, to methodise": Girls' Education in Enlightenment Britain; M.Cohen Discourses of Female Education in the Writings of Eighteenth-Century French Women; J.Bloch WOMEN INTELLECTUALS IN THE ENLIGHTENED REPUBLIC OF LETTERS Introduction; C.Hesse Women on the Verge of Science: Aristocratic Women and Knowledge in Early Eighteenth-Century Italy; P.Findlen 'The noblest commerce of mankind': Conversation and Community in the Bluestocking Circle; E.Eger Aristocratic Feminism, the Learned Governess, and the Republic of Letters; C.C.Orr "Women that would plague me with rational conversation": Aspiring Women and Scottish Whigs, c. 1790-1830; J.Rendall PART II: FEMINISM, ENLIGHTENMENT AND REVOLUTION CHAMPIONING WOMEN: EARLY ENLIGHTENMENT FEMINISMS Introduction; C.C.Orr Mary Astell and Enlightenment; R.Perry The Deconstruction of Gender: Seventeenth-century Feminism and Modern Equality; S.Stuurman "Neither Male nor Female": Rational Equality in the Early Spanish Enlightenment; M.B.Peruga FEMINISM AND ENLIGHTENED RELIGIOUS DISCOURSES Introduction; B.Taylor The Soul has No Sex: Feminism and Catholicism in Early Modern Europe; S.Stuurman Religion, Feminism and the Problem of Agency: Reflections on Eighteenth-Century Quakerism; P.Mack Bluestocking Fictions: Devotional Writings, Didactic Literature and the Imperative of Female Improvement; N.Clarke "With Mrs Barbauld it is different": Dissenting Heritage and the Devotional Taste; D.White Mary Hays (1759-1843): An Enlightened Quest; G.L.Walker WOMEN, LIBERTY AND THE NATION Introduction; H.Guest Catharine Macaulay's Histories of England: A Female Perspective on the History of Liberty; K.O'Brien Liberty, Equality and God: the Religious Roots of Catherine Macaulay's Feminism; S.Hutton Romantic Patriotism as Feminist Critique of Empire: Helen Maria Williams, Sydney Owenson and Germaine de Staël; C.Franklin WOMEN AND REVOLUTIONARY CITIZENSHIP: ENLIGHTENMENT LEGACIES? Introduction; L.Hunt Women in 18th Century British Politics; A.Clark Extending the "Right of Election": Men's Arguments for Women's Political Representation in Late Enlightenment Britain; A.Chernock Filles Publiques or Public Women: the Actress as Citizen; F.Gordon The Politics of Intimacy: Marriage and Citizenship in the French Revolution; S.Desan Benjamin Rush's Ferment: Enlightenment Medicine and Female Citizenship in Revolutionary America; S.Knott Women's Rights in the Era before Seneca Falls; R.Zagarri CONCLUSIONS Women and Enlightenment: A Historiographical Conclusion; J.Robertson Feminism and Enlightenment Legacies; K.Soper Enlightenment Biographies Index

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