Women in Indian Society

Women in Indian Society

by Dr Anju Beniwal


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As a woman in India, I find that the society is changing a lot in terms of acceptance of the many roles of women as professionals, as bread-earners in families and as independent thinking individuals. The traditional Indian woman has evolved to prove herself equal in many professions as well as proved better suited than men in others. The situation for the changing role of women is improving fast. On the other hand, female foeticide, dowry deaths, and domestic abuse provide a macabre background of primitive barbarism. In the typical Indian Society, you find that there are still expectations and assumptions about women that are not so much relevant to their current status, but a clear hangover from our suppressive past. This may be more obvious with traditional women or women in rural societies, but it is extremely prevalent in urban ones as well.

This book contains the articles related to women issues. It addresses critical aspects of life of women in India like violence, female foeticide, challenges against working women, psychological barriers in empowerment of women, live-in-relationship, health issues etc. Articles related to the status of Tribal and Muslim women, Role of judiciary and role of women in independence movement are one of important matters which we should discuss. It finds that progress in ensuring the equal status of women and men has been made in many areas, including school enrolment, health, and economic participation. At the same time, it makes clear that much more needs to prevent the many forms of violence to which women are subjected.

It is my hope that the insights and information contained in the present publication will help governments, researchers, scholars, non-governmental organizations and concerned citizens around the world in their efforts to ensure that every single woman achieves her full potential.

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