Women in the Hebrew Bible : A Reader

Women in the Hebrew Bible : A Reader

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Women in the Hebrew Bible : A Reader

Women in the Hebrew Bible presents the first one-volume overview covering the interpretation of women's place in man's world within the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament. Written by the major scholars in the field of biblical studies and literary theory, these essays examine attitudes toward women and their status in ancient Near Eastern societies, focusing on the Israelite society portrayed by the Hebrew Bible.

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ISBN-13: 9780415915618
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 11/28/1998
Pages: 566
Product dimensions: 6.75(w) x 9.75(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents



Women's World, Man's Place: Sexual Politics in the Hebrew Bible

Alice Bach

The Social World of Women in Ancient Israel

:Phyllis Bird--The Place of Women in the Israelite Cultus


Ackerman--"And the Women Knead Dough": The Worship of the Queen of Heaven in Sixth-Century Judah

Carol Myers--Women and the Domestic Economy of Early Israel

Esther Fuchs--Structural and Patriarchal Functions in the Biblical Betrothal Type-Scene: Some

Preliminary Notes

Howard Eilberg-Schwartz--:The Problem of the Body for the People of the Book

Reading Women into Biblical Narratives

Esther Fuchs--Status and Role of Female Heroines in the Biblical Narrative

Carol A. Newsom--Woman and the

Discourse of Patriarchal Wisdom: A Study of Proverbs 1-9

Phyllis Bird--The Harlot and Heroine: Narrative Art and Social Presupposition in Three Old Testament Texts

Nelly Furman--His Story Versus Her Story: Male Genealogy and Female Strategy in the Jacob Cycle

Esther Fuchs--The Literary Characterization of Mothers and Sexual Politics in the Hebrew Bible

:J. Cheryl Exum--Who's Afraid of "The Endangered Ancestress?"

Goddess and Women of Magic

Carole R. Fontaine--:A Heifer from Thy Stable: On Goddesses and

the Status of Women in the Ancient Near East

Susan Ackerman--The Queen Mother and the Cult in Ancient Israel

Claudia V. Champ--The Wise Women on 2 Samuel: A Role Model for Women in Early Israel?

Rereading Women in the Bible

Edward L.

Greenstein--Reading Strategies and the Story of Ruth

Danna Nolan Fewell and David M. Gunn--"A Son is Born to Naomi!": Literary Allusions and Interpretation in the Book of Ruth

Reuven Kimelman--The Seduction of Even and the Exegetical Politics of


Phyllis Trible--Genesis 22: The Sacrifice of Sarah

Sexual Politics in the Hebrew Bible

Tikva Frymer-Kensky--Law and Philosophy: The Case of Sex in the Bible

Susan Niditch--Eroticism and Death in the Tale of Jael

Mieke Bal

--Dealing/With/Women: Daughters in the Book of Judges

Regina M. Schwartz--Adultery in the House of David: The Metanarrative of Biblical Scholarship and the Narratives of the Bible

Alice Bach--Signs of the Flesh: Observations on Characterization in the


Amy-Jill Levine--Sacrifice and Salvation: Otherness and Domestication in the Book of Judith

Mark Stephen Caponigro--Judith, Holding the Tale of Herodotus

Feminist Identities in Biblical Interpretation

Alice Bach--Rereading the Body Politic:

Women and Violence in Judges

Judith Plaskow--Transforming the Nature of Community: Toward a Feminist People of Israel

Alice Bach--With a Song in Her Heart: Listening to Scholars Listening to Miriam

Elly Elshour, facilitator--Roundtable Discussion: Women

with Disabilities-A Challenge to Feminist Theology

A Case History: Numbers 5:11-31

Introduction to A Case History

Tikva Frymer-Kensky--The Strange Case of the Suspected Sotah (Numbers V 11-31)

Jacob Milgrom--The Case of the Suspected Adulteress, Numbers

5:11-31:Redaction and Meaning

Jack Sasson--Numbers 5 and the "Waters of Judgement"

Michael Fishbane--Accusation of Adultery: A Study of Law and Scribal Practice in Numbers 5:11-31

Alice Bach--Good to the Last Drop: Viewing the Sotah (Numbers 5:11-31) as the

Glass is Half Empty and Wondering How to View It Half Full

of the art. I recommend it highly to all biblical scholars, and to general readers with an interest in some of the most important biblical criticism of our time (Alan Cooper, Jewish Theological Seminary of America)

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