The Women Of The American Revolution - Volume Iii

The Women Of The American Revolution - Volume Iii

by Elizabeth F. Ellet


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We have often studied the adventures and exploits of the men who participated in our country's War for Independence. However, as Abigail Adams reminded us in a letter she wrote to her husband John, we should "...remember the ladies". Their contributions were as vital, and in many cases comparable to that of their male counterparts during the struggle for Colonial autonomy. "The Women of the American Revolution - Volume III", published in 1850, is the last volume of the three part series penned by historian Elizabeth F. Ellet. In it she recounts the details of the lives and anecdotes of forty four American heroines who helped in the quest for American freedom. These women include Annis Stockton, Lucy Knox, Margaret Whetten, Mrs. Todd, Blandina Bruyn, Anne Fitzhugh, Katherine Steel, Mrs. Beard, Barbara McKenny, Nancy Green, Mrs. Motte, Esther Walker, Mrs. Gaston, Mary McClure, Jane Morrow, Isabella Ferguson, Mary Johnson, Jane Boyd, Mrs. Simpson, Jane Gaston, Mrs. Strong, Margaret Elliot, Mrs. Haynes, Sarah McCalla, Mary Adair, Mary Nixon, Mary Mills, Isabella Wylie, Rebecca Pickens, Sarah Buchanan, Nancy Van Alstine, Eleanor Wilson, Margaret Moncrieffe, Mary Murray, Mrs. Woodhull, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Rapalje, Mary Knight, Mrs. Osborn, Miss Susan Livingston, Lady Stirling, Experience Bozarth, Elizabeth Ferguson, Mercy Warren. The years before the American Revolution were times of changing loyalties and internecine rivalries, and the women's perspective provided a fresh view for interpretation of the times. Drawing from a wealth of sources - personal interviews, diaries, letters, and manuscripts - she probed the details of their personal triumphs and tragedies, and presented them in a popular and engaging style that can still be appreciated and enjoyed by contemporary readers. With her unique perspective, she gave new life to this period of Colonial history. She not only presented women at the hearth - she followed them to the battlefield and beyond. Read these anecdotes of personal bravery, clever escapes, and valiant stands - the efforts of true American women who were heroes in their time. These stories are not dry historical accounts, but are meant to be read, enjoyed, and recalled for generations to come. An instant bestseller in its time, we are proud to bring this rare volume back into print for all to enjoy. The stories and deeds in "The Women of the American Revolution - Volume III" provide inspiration for us all, and should be on the shelves of all American libraries.

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