Women of the Last Millennium

Women of the Last Millennium

by Arther Trace


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This book consists of biographies of the most famous women who lived and died during the last millennium, beginning with the 11th century. It illustrates what women have already achieved in the major fields of endeavor and what they have yet to achieve.

Arther Trace is a retired professor of English and Russian literature. He has published several books on literature, education, and literary criticism as well as dozens of articles. His book What Ivan Knows That Johnny Doesn’t was a Book-of-the-Month-Club Alternate.

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Publication date: 08/28/2000
Pages: 288
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Table of Contents

11th Century
St. Margaret of Scotland1
Matilde of Canossa2
Tortula of Salerno3
12th Century
Anna Comnena4
Eleanor of Aquitaine5
Hildegarde von Bingen6
Marie de France7
13th Century
St. Clare of Assisi8
St. Elizabeth of Hungary9
14th Century
Saint Bridget of Sweden10
Saint Catherine of Siena11
Saint Elizabeth of Portugal12
Isabella of France13
Joan I of Naples14
Joan of Navarre15
Juliana of Norwich16
Margaret I, Queen of Denmark and Norway17
15th Century
Margaret Beaufort18
Catherine of Valois19
Christine de Pisan20
Isabella I (of Castile)21
Isabella of Bavaria22
Jacoba of Bavaria23
Joan of Arc24
Margaret of Anjou25
Margery Kempe26
Elizabeth Woodville27
16th Century
Isabella Andreine28
Elizabeth Barton29
Anne Boleyn30
Lucrezia Borgia31
Catherine of Aragon32
Catherine de Medicis33
Beatrice Cenci34
Elizabeth I of England35
Lady Jane Grey36
Mary, Queen of Scots37
Margaret of Navarre38
Mary Tudor of England39
Catherine Parr40
Countess of Pembroke41
Renee of France42
Teresa of Avila43
Marietta Robusti Tinteretto44
17th Century
Anne of Austria45
Aphra Behn46
Anne Bradstreet47
Queen Christina of Sweden48
Anne Dacier49
Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon50
Nell Gwyn51
Ann Hutchinson52
Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz53
Marie de Medicis54
Mary II Queen of England55
Saint Rose of Lima57
18th Century
Abigail Adams58
Marie Gaetana Agnesi59
Anna Ivanovana of Russia60
Queen Anne of Britain61
Fanny Burney62
Rosetta Carriera63
Catherine I of Russia64
Catherine The Great of Russia65
Elizabeth of Russia66
Isabella Farnese of Spain67
Josephine Bonaparte68
Dolly Madison69
Maria Carolina of Naples70
Maria Theresa71
Marie Antoninette72
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu73
Hanna More74
Molly Pitcher75
Anne Radcliffe76
Betsy Ross77
Sarah Siddons78
Martha Washington79
Mary Wollstonecraft80
19th Century
Louisa May Alcott81
Susan B. Anthony82
Jane Austen8
Clara Barton84
Saint Bernadette85
Sarah Bernhardt86
Helen Petrovna Blavatsky87
Lizzie Borden88
Fredrika Bremen89
Anne Bronte90
Charlotte Bronte91
Emily Bronte92
Elizabeth Barrett Browning93
Frances Mary Buss94
Mother Cabrini95
Calamity Jane96
Julia Margaret Cameron97
Mary Cassatt98
Marie Curie99
Emily Dickenson100
Dorothy Lyuda Dix101
Mary Mapes Dodge102
Mary Baker Eddy103
Marie Edgeworth104
George Eliot105
Elizabeth of Austria106
Alice Cunningham Fletcher107
Mary Wilkins Freeman108
Margaret Fuller109
Elizabeth Gaskell110
Caroline Herschel111
Julia Ward Howe112
Isabella II of Spain113
Mary Putnam Jacobi114
Fanny Kemble115
Selma Lagerlof116
Harriet Martineau117
Maria Mitchell118
Florence Nightingale119
Annie Oakley120
Ida Pfeiffer121
Lydia. E. Pinkham122
Ellen Swallow Richards123
Christina Rossetti124
George Sand126
Clara Schumann127
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton128
Mary Shelley129
Mary Fairfax Somerville130
Madame de Stael131
Elizabeth Stanton132
Belle Starr133
Harriet Beecher Stowe134
Saint Therese of Lisieux135
Alexandrine Tinne136
Frances Trollope137
Harriet Tubman138
Queen Victoria139
Frances Willard140
Victoria Woodhull141
Frances Wright142
20th Century
Jane Addams143
Anna Akhamatova144
Dame Judith Anderson145
Marian Anderson146
Hannah Arendt147
Josephine Baker148
Sarah Josephine Baker149
Ingrid Bergman150
Elizabeth Bishop151
Louise Bogan152
Margaret Bourke-White153
Elizabeth Bowen154
Pearl Buck155
Maria Callas156
Annie Jump Cannon157
Rachel Carson158
Willa Cather159
Agatha Christie160
Colette (Sidone-Gabrielle)161
Katherine Cornell162
Joan Crawford163
Marie Curie164
Bette Davis165
Dorothy Day166
Simone de Beauvoir167
Agnes de Mille168
Diana, Princess of Wales169
Marlene Dietrich170
Isak Dinesen171
Hilda Doolittle (H.D.)172
Daphne DuMaurier173
Isadore Duncan174
Amelia Earhart175
Dame Margot Fontaine176
Dian Fossey177
Anne Frank178
Indira Gandhi179
Greta Garbo180
Judy Garland181
Lillian Gish182
Ellen Glasgow183
Martha Graham184
Grandma Moses185
Lady Auguste Gregory186
Edith Hamilton187
Mata Hari188
Helen Hayes189
Audrey Hepburn190
Karen Horney191
Mahalia Jackson192
Barbara Jordan193
Helen Keller194
Grace Kelly195
Dame Kathleen Kenyon196
Susan K. Langer197
Gertrude Lawrence198
Mary Douglas Leakey199
Eva La Galliene200
Amy Lowell201
Clare Booth Luce202
Mary McCarthy203
Carson McCullers204
Amy Semple McPherson205
Katherine Mansfield206
Margaret Mead207
Golda Meir208
Margaret Mitchell209
Marilyn Monroe210
Maria Montessori211
Marianne Moore212
Julia Morgan213
Anais Nin214
Flannery O'Connor215
Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis216
Anna Pavolva217
Eva Peron218
Edith Piaf219
Sylvia Plath220
Katherine Ann Porter221
Eleanor Roosevelt222
V. Sackville-West223
Edith Sitwell224
Edith Stein225
Gertrude Stein226
Mother Theresa227
Dorothy Thompson228
Sigrid Undset229
Simone Weil230
Mae West231
Edith Wharton232
Virginia Woolf233
Babe Didrickson Zaharias234

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