Women Who Think Too Much

Women Who Think Too Much

by Jeanne Marie
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Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

This book is an intensely personal narrative about the insane dysfunctional thinking patterns and codependent relationships in the writer's own life. It is not just a for 'women' book. It is quite simply a for 'everyone' book and most of her first sales were to men."
From the editor, Deanne Kohler.
"This is the book you’ll want to buy for your teenagers, before they start dating.
With a unique approach to codependency, the author shares her expertise and gives practical tips for successfully becoming codependent. Dark humor fuels this fearsome narrative and the author avoids using the overdone self-help formula altogether. Easier than steps, her 12-Slip program allows you to navigate the dysfunctional maze, maneuvering through the volatile actions, obsessive thoughts and intense feelings that a codependent relationship arouses. An accountable victim, her writing is vulnerable with an awareness that is empowering. The result is not at all preachy, condescending, alarmist or worst of all sappy. You will find yourself laughing out loud regarding scenarios that should make you cry, like the circling ladies in Kmart, the perverted mailman, etc. Written from personal experience and presented in the mood of an honest chat with a trusted girlfriend, this unique perspective on love gone awry is as entertaining as it is enlightening. The author has a very sharp sense of humor and she lets it fly without losing the gravity of her subject. Terrifying examples shine a revealing light on the painful truths of codependency and after drawing you in to that world, the narrative smacks you with the reality meter, turning your preconceived notions of the author’s 12-Slip program upside down."

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BN ID: 2940044341630
Publisher: Jeanne Marie
Publication date: 02/20/2013
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Format: NOOK Book
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Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Women Who Think Too Much, A No Help At all Handbook Smashwords Edition, 2013. Women Who Think Too Much. Newsletter. 24 Issues. Publisher, Editor. 1998-2000 Drag Review Magazine, IHRA International Hot Rod Association, Norwalk, Ohio. Feature articles, Green Light Gang columnist, photographer. 2002-2007 Tulsa International Raceway Park Personal assistant to owner, press secretary, track photographer, promotions, Coordinator for racing events. 2000-2002. American Drag News Ashbury, Missouri Drag racing publication, monthly articles, columnist, photographer. 1998-2001. Business and Professional Women, Owasso, OK Chapter. Promotional Manager. Bi-monthly articles, photos, for BPW. 1997-98. The Owasso Reporter, Retherford Publications, Inc. Local news. Reports and promotional articles for Business and Professional Women. Owasso, OK. 1997-99. Cooweescoowee, Rogers University, Claremore, OK. College journal, poetry. 1996-1997. Tulsa Friends of the Library 24th Annual Creative Writing Contest, Honorable Mention, Published Essay, “Hand That Rocks The Cradle.” 2001. Tulsa Friends of the Library 23rd Annual Creative Writing Contest, First Place, Published Essay, “Remember When You Used To Call Me Grace?” 2000. Tulsa Friends of the Library 20th Annual Creative Writing Contest. First Place, Unpublished Essay, “Don’t Call Me Mama.” 1997. The Healing Woman, an International Publication. The Healing Woman Foundation. Featured article. 1997. Tulsa Woman, Trend Publication. Featured article, photos. 1996. Reflections, Wordshop Publications. Poetry. 1997. Modern Poetry Society. Poetry. 1995. World Treasury of Golden Poems. 1990 World of Poetry. Golden Poet Award. 1988, 1989-1991. Alcoholism & Addiction Magazine. Poetry, 1989. The New Jersey Tribune. Poetry. 1985. Moonchild. An anthology of women’s verse and prose. Poetry. 1976. True Confessions. Feature article.

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Women Who Think Too Much 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow. I don't know where to even start with this but I can tell you that although it is a tough read, it is a must. Women Who Think Too Much is raw and will punch you in the solar plexus. When I started reading it, no I hadn't read the blurb about it, I thought it was going to talk about how women are so hard on themselves. Which it did, sort of but it's really one woman's journey through co-dependency and abuse and her wish to wake up other women who might be living this kind of life or headed for it. Jeanne Marie shares her journey through co-dependency and abuse but she does it in a way, she calls it the 12 slip step to co-dependency, where she uses dark humor for a dark subject. I think that if she'd just shared her journey I would have felt awful for her but I don't think I'd have looked at my life quite so closely. It's interesting because she talks a lot about all the ways and things she did to avoid looking at her own life for a long time. I think it is brilliantly written. It's only about sixty pages but it is by no means a quick read. Try catching your breath after you've read it because you won't while you're reading it. It's the elephant in the room that no one talks about, no one shares. I guarantee this book will wake you up like none other. Or at least it should.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
For anyone who even thinks for one second that they are in a codependent relationship or are just trying to avoid ending up in one, please, I urge you to read this book. Dark humor reigns throughout, but so do vital lessons about what to expect in codependent relationships. The author takes us through her pain in order to help the next victim of a codependent life...And yes, I do mean the word VICTIM. The victim is never to blame for some jerk's destructive behavior. Coming from someone who has said "enough's enough," I know life and self-esteem are possible to have. I thank God Himself for His help. I really don't know what I could have done or who I'd still be right now without Him, and that's the truth.