Women's College Soccer Recruiting and Scholarship Guide: Including 1,120 Soccer School Profiles

Women's College Soccer Recruiting and Scholarship Guide: Including 1,120 Soccer School Profiles

by Cambridge Recruiting Review




This guide helps prospective student athletes and parents understand how recruiting works, differences and availability of academic vs. athletic financial aid and how to maximize exposure when trying to secure a slotted position in a college-level athletic program. We take the mystery out of NCAA and NAIA recruiting guidelines to help you see how college coaches and prospects communicate, what to expect in the process and ultimately how offers can result.

As the number of college choices can be overwhelming, we give you the data to help you qualify and shortlist the right schools to make your search more manageable. Among the many data points contained in the full profiles of each participating NCAA and NAIA College and University, where available, are data available detailing admission figures, average financial aid students are receiving, the real tuition amounts students are really paying, what you can expect to pay based on your income level and what actual ACT and SAT test score ranges are students needing to get into these schools.

This is your one reference guide for those who want to identify their college or university of choice and understand the availability and process of obtaining athletic and academic financial aid.

Excerpt from Typical Profiles for Participating Colleges and Universities

Northwestern University
Region: Lakes, Illinois

Sport Class: NCAA Division I
Conference: Big Ten Conference

Address: 633 Clark St; Evanston, IL 60208
Web Site: www.northwestern.edu

Control: Private Not-For-Profit
Size: Large Four-Year
Setting: City: Small

Total Head Count: 25,098
Undergraduate Head Count: 11,327
Dormitory Capacity: 4,724

% Enrolled Full Time Men: 50%
% Enrolled Full Time Women: 50%

In-State: $45,527
Out-of-State: $45,527
Room & Board: $13,862
Books & Supplies: $1,878

% Receiving Any Aid: 64%
% Receiving Loans or Grant Aid: 59%
% Receiving Grant Aid: 55%
Avg. Aid Amount: $29,961
Average Net Price $28,868

Average Net Price by Income (Federal Financial Aid)
From $0 to $30,000: $15,633
$30,001 to $48,000: $14,744
$48,001 to $75,000: $20,565
$75,001 to $110,000: $28,605
$110,001 and over: $41,986

Open Admission Policy: No
% Admitted: 15
Admissions Yield: 41

% Submitting ACT Scores:
25% Composite (ACT):
25% English (ACT): 32
25% Math (ACT): 30
25% Writing (ACT): 8
75% Composite (ACT): 34
75% English (ACT): 35
75% Math (ACT): 35
75% Writing (ACT): 10

% Submitting SAT Scores:
25% Reading (SAT): 690
25% Math (SAT): 700
25% Writing (SAT): 690
75% Reading (SAT): 760
75% Math (SAT): 790
75% Writing (SAT): 770

(1) Admissions Yield is % of students who choose to enroll after having been offered admission
(2) Test scores for 25% percentile indicate 25% of students scored at or below scores listed
(3) Test scores for 75% percentile indicate 25% of students scored above scores listed

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