Women's Guide to Health, The: Run Walk Run, Eat Right, and Feel Better

Women's Guide to Health, The: Run Walk Run, Eat Right, and Feel Better


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After more than 50 years of developing, practicing, evaluating, and teaching his Run Walk Run® method, Jeff Galloway is now partnering with two primary care physicians, Ruth M. Parker and Carmen Patrick Mohan, with over 50 years of clinical practice experience. Both physicians use Galloway’s Run Walk Run® method to achieve their own health goals and regularly prescribe it to patients with common chronic health conditions. The Women’s Guide to Health is an action guide that combines Galloway’s Run Walk Run® programs with the best available medical knowledge for using Run Walk Run® and the Mediterranean Diet as key treatment modalities for chronic medical conditions related to excess body weight. It provides sequential action steps for overweight women who would like to begin a graduated exercise program combined with quality meal planning for weight loss. We summarize the evidence that supports our recommendations to achieve health goals. Run Walk Run® is then prescribed like a medication with the core components of daily dosage, frequency, indication, and method for building up to the cumulative dosage of 150 minutes of Run Walk Run® per week. Diet and nutrition advice is offered in the form of food prescriptions. Throughout the text, the authors integrate best evidence for forming new lifelong habits, encourage journaling as a core weight loss strategy, and use self-reported health numbers to catalyze meaningful conversations with health care providers.

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ISBN-13: 9781782551232
Publisher: Cardinal Publishers Group
Publication date: 12/01/2017
Pages: 200
Sales rank: 809,691
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 3 Months to 18 Years

About the Author

Olympian Jeff Galloway has run for over 50 years and still runs a marathon about every month. He has coached over a million runners to their goals through his retreats (in several of these locations), clinics at events, individual consultations, running schools, and books.

Ruth M. Parker is a primary care physician trained in internal medicine and pediatrics. She is a lifelong athlete who began running marathons at age 52 after editing health content of books for Jeff Galloway. Ruth has completed 26 marathons using RunWalkRun®. She is nationally known for her work in health literacy, which focuses on making sure health information is understandable and useful for everyone.

Carmen Patrick Mohan is a primary care physician trained in internal medicine and public health. She serves on the Medical Review Board for the popular website sharecare.com. Carmen was a competitive Division I runner in college who suffered injury after injury until beginning RunWalkRun®.She regularly wins her age group in local races.

Table of Contents

Introduction 10

Chapter 1 Journal 14

Getting Started: How to Create Your Own Starting Line Using the Health Journal 15

Your First Week: How to Begin and Continue 22

Keep Going With Journaling for Healthy Weight 22

Know Where You're Going: How to Create a Finish Line 24

Chapter 2 Set Yourself Up for Success with Rx Run/Walk 30

Shoes 31

Clothing 33

Health Journal 34

Pedometer and Watch 35

Where to Run-Walk 35

Surface 35

Picking a Run-Walk Companion 35

Motivation to Get Out the Door 36

Outside Versus Inside 37

Enjoy a Cup of Joe and Maybe a Snack Before You Go 37

Care for Your Skin 38

Choose a Sports Bra 38

Rules of the Road 40

Women's Health Considerations During Run-Walk and Weight Loss 40

How to Deal With Your Menstrual Cycle Whether You Have It or Not 42

Menopause 42

Leaking Urine 43

Staying Safe From Motor Vehicles 44

Dog Safety 44

Human Threats 45

Bad Weather 46

Chapter 3 Find the Rx Run/Walk That's Right for You 48

Keep Track of Your Steps-You Have to Move 50

How Do I Start? Which Rx Run/Walk Is Right for Me? 50

Training Program for the Rx Run/Walk - Get Started 53

What Are Recovery Weeks? 55

What Are Maintenance Weeks? 55

What to Do During the Rest Break 57

Your First Week: How to Begin and Continue 58

A Caffeine Boost? 58

Your Three-Week Schedule 61

Where to Go From Here? 64

Training Program for Rx Run/Walk - Keep Going 71

Your First Week: How to Begin and Continue 76

Your Three-Week Schedule 79

Where to Go From Here? Gradually Removing Breaks 82

Training Program for Rx Run/Walk - Burn Fat 92

Your First Week: How to Begin and Continue 96

Your Three-Week Schedule 98

Where to Go From Here? Increasing the Pace and Gradually Introducing Runs 101

Chapter 4 You Gotta Eat-Find Your Rx Eat 108

Our Food Philosophy 108

Why We Like the Mediterranean Diet 108

Food Score 111

What Is Your Diet Quality and Why Does It Matter? 111

What Is the Food Score and How Do I Figure Mine Out? 113

How Do I Know If I Am Eating a High-Quality Diet? 123

What Should I Know About Diet Quality and Weight Loss 123

Don't I Have to Count Calories? 123

What Do I Need to Know About Animal Protein Versus Plant Protein? 124

What About Serving Sizes? 124

Are There Any Half Points (0.5 Point)? 125

What Is a Healthy Approach to Alcohol? 126

What About Eggs? 126

A Word About Red Meat 127

The Ancient Greeks Ate Full-Fat Dairy and You Should, Too 127

Healthy Fats 127

A Word About Diet Soda 128

What Should I Drink? 128

I'm Known for My Sweet Tooth-What Can I Do? 128

Rx Eat - Get Started 130

What Can I Expect From Rx Eat - Get Started? 132

What Can I Expect From Rx Eat - Keep Going? 133

What Can I Expect From Rx Eat - Burn Fat? 134

Chapter 5 Setting Yourself Up for Success With Rx Eat 136

Sleep Matters! Rx Sleep 136

Moving Matters! 139

Strategies, Tools, and Recipes 140

What If My Significant Other, Kids, or Other Members of My Family Don't Like the Food I Make? 148

What to Eat During Holidays and Special Occasions? 149

I've Done Everything You Recommend and I'm Still Not Losing Weight! 150

Perfect Score Meal Plans 152

Chapter 6 Achieve Health Goals With HER Prescriptions 158

What If My Health Goal Is to Lower My Blood Pressure? 160

What If My Health Goal Is to Improve My Heart Health and Circulation? 164

What If My Health Goal Is to Improve My Cholesterol? 168

What If My Health Goal Is to Breathe More Easily? 172

What If My Health Goal Is to Control My Blood Sugar? 176

What If My Health Goal Is to Restore My Bones, Joints, and Muscles? 179

What If My Health Goal Is to Improve My Mood, Mental Well-Being, and Coping? 185

Frequently Asked Questions 190

Conclusion 194

Content Sources 196

Appendix 200

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