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Women's Right to Vote: America's Suffrage Movement

Women's Right to Vote: America's Suffrage Movement

by Katie Marsico

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - David Adams
You are probably familiar with the household names of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, but do you also know Carrie Chapman Catt and Alice Paul? They are just two of the many other figures who were instrumental in the women's suffrage movement. This book solidly presents both suffrage figures and issues in this overview of events leading to the passage of the 19th amendment and its aftermath. The presentation of historical background long before the 1920 watershed year gives the reader a good sense of why such significant legislation was supported and opposed; thus, it gives a better appreciation of the significance of this date. Particularly important in the movement's progress were factional divisions; this phenomenon might well be called to the attention of students under the impression that such divisions are relatively new in politics. The possible irony—or appropriateness—of the Tennessee legislator's pro-suffrage decision that was influenced by his mother should not be lost on discerning readers. It could possibly be used as a springboard for further research and lively classroom discussion about contemporary gender roles. The book also provides some content addressing contemporary and historical voting rights around the world, a brief cross-cultural addition that is refreshing and somewhat unique. The only drawback of this book is part of the "Modern Perspectives on the 19th Amendment" chapter, which gives passe quotes in man-on-the-street fashion. That small drawback, however, does not overshadow a well-presented overview of an important event and history that should be understood by the contemporary student. Includes photos, sidebars, a timeline, notes, a bibliography, and an index. This book is part of the "Perspectives On..." series. Recommended for public libraries and school libraries. Reviewer: David Adams
School Library Journal
Gr 8�10—These well-written books begin with overviews and some historical background, and then proceed chronologically to the current decade. Given the ongoing debate surrounding the crux of the 1925 Scopes trial, Burgan presents both sides with respect and objectivity. Marsico engages readers especially well, particularly when recounting the tenuous hours before the 19th Amendment ratification vote in Tennessee. It is evident that both authors have done their research. Both books contain information that is perhaps less well-known to student researchers, including the preliminary events leading up to the Scopes trial and the treatment of imprisoned suffragists. Black-and-white and color photographs along with some period cartoons place readers in the time period, and sidebars interspersed throughout present issues that aren't easily covered within the main texts (in Scopes, for example, the portrayal of William Jennings Bryan in Inherit the Wind). There are other titles on these subjects, but these stand out for this age range.—Hilary Writt, Sullivan University, Lexington, KY

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