Wonder Leads: Remarkable lead generation for positive small businesses

Wonder Leads: Remarkable lead generation for positive small businesses

by Dave Holloway
Wonder Leads: Remarkable lead generation for positive small businesses

Wonder Leads: Remarkable lead generation for positive small businesses

by Dave Holloway


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Imagine if your outbound sales techniques were 20x more effective than they are now.

This book can make it happen...

Wonder Leads is an innovative new approach to remote business development. It centres on individually personalised sales videos delivered through LinkedIn, where it's proved to be almost 20x more effective than cold calling at generating warm leads.

In this Axiom award-winning sales book (previous winners include Seth Godin, Tony Robbins & Peter Drucker), entrepreneur and champion for positive communication Dave Holloway reveals a 6-step approach to effective social selling that anyone can follow.

You'll learn the secrets of successful connecting, storytelling, filming, editing, publishing and measuring. Skills that will help you quickly fill your sales funnel while simultaneously building meaningful relationships with the people that matter.

It doesn't matter if you're a virtual selling pro or a video marketing novice. A small businesses owner, solopreneur, start-up founder, freelancer or seasoned sales professional. If you need to grow your customer base, Wonder Leads is the proven way to generate leads without sacrificing your time, money or integrity.


In this book, you'll discover:
  • Why traditional outbound sales techniques like telemarketing, email marketing and direct mail do more harm than good.
  • How to sell yourself through an engaging LinkedIn profile that encourages customers to connect.
  • Which small details make big differences to social selling success.
  • The reason personalised video marketing is perfect for remote B2B selling, especially for a small business.
  • Why positivity makes or breaks social selling efforts.
  • How deeper sales video personalisation can increase B2B lead generation rates by 3x.
  • Why high-quality personalised video marketing leads to profitable sales conversations.
  • How to overcome the challenges of recording a personalised sales video on your own.
  • Why empathy is the most critical component of successful prospecting.
  • Why persistent sales follow-ups are suicide for your business development efforts.
  • How to measure results to prove ROI and accurately forecast B2B lead generation.

Buy Wonder Leads and start growing your B2B business today.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781838117511
Publisher: BML Creative Ltd
Publication date: 10/30/2020
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 254
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Dave Holloway is a graduate of the University of Wolverhampton, where he achieved a First Class Honours degree in Graphic Communication. Since 2007, together with his wife, Natalie, Dave has run the award-winning brand communications agency, BML Creative. He has worked with global B2B companies including Linde plc, Kantar Group and Croda International plc, as well as leading institutions such as the NHS, The Royal British Legion and the University of London. His expertise in brand strategy and design has helped numerous businesses to grow exponentially. Dave is a firm believer in social responsibility, and helped to set up Prints for Charity (printsforcharity.shop) - a website which has raised thousands of pounds for local charities through the sale of artwork created by the BML team.

Table of Contents



1 - The state of B2B lead generation

• What is a B2B lead?

• The problem with traditional business development


2 - How it all got started

• A series of fortunate events

• Early production

• Changing lanes

• Sailing the digital channels

• The missing link

3 - The First Wonder Leads

• Land ahoy

• Pressing the button

• Bingo!

• A friendly nudge

• On the record

• Hold that thought

4 - The Wonder Leads Framework


5 - Your LinkedIn Profile

• Building a positive profile

6 - Building Your Connections

• Identifying prospects

• Finding prospects

7 - Reaching Out to Prospects

• Your connection message

• Handling responses


8 - Why Storytelling Matters

• Preparing your story outline

9 - Building a Wonder Leads Script

• The eight golden rules of scriptwriting

• Constructing your script


10 - Introduction to Filming

• Essential equipment

• Optional equipment

• Location

• Backgrounds

11 - Preparation

• Take the basic preparatory steps

• Double-check your equipment

• Do a trial run

• Final touches

12 - Being On-camera

• Dealing with nerves

• Speaking

• Body language


13 - Introduction to Publishing

• Editing

14 - Landing Pages

• What makes a great landing page?

• Video thumbnail

• Hosting your landing pages

• Landing page URL

15 - Introduction to Messaging

• Initial sharing message

• Initial sharing message structure

• Timing the initial sharing message

16 - Follow-up Message

• The art of the follow-up

• The empathy gap

• A radical approach to follow-ups

• Nudge message structure

• Timing your nudges

17 - Insight Sharing Message

• Insight sharing message structure

• Timing an insight share


18 - Introduction to Measuring

• Recording activity

EpilogueBibliographyResourcesAcknowledgementsAbout the AuthorIndex
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