Wood Sculpture

Wood Sculpture

by Alfred Maskell


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ISBN-13: 9781406776874
Publisher: Koteliansky Press
Publication date: 03/28/2007
Pages: 592
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.32(d)

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LIST OF PLATES TO FACE PAGE Boxwood. German. Six- xxvin. Medallions. teenth century .... xxix. Miniature Altarpiece. Flemish German. Sixteenth century, . , xxx. Microscopic Wood Sculpture. Flemish or German. Sixteenth century, xxxi. Retable Of Seville Cathedral, xxxii. Polychromed Figures, i, 2. Spanish. Seventeenth century. 3. French. Fourteenth century xxxin. i. Bust. ' Mater dolorosa.' Spanish. 2. Predella. Spanish. Seventeenth century, xxxiv. Crucifix Figures. French. Twelfth century, ...... xxxv. Crucifix. By Brunelleschi, xxxvi. Madonnas. Romanesque, . xxxvii. Madonna. French. Fourteenth century, xxxviii. i. Madonna. French. Fourteenth century. 2. 'Anna selbdritt' group, . xxxix. i. Angel Gabriel Of An Annun- Ciation Group. Italian. Fifteenth century. 2. Madonna. Italian. Four- teenth century, ..... Xl. Madonna. By Jacopo della Quercia, . Xli. Annunciation Figures. Pisan school. Fourteenth century, Xlii. Annunciation Figures. Fourteenth century, Xliii. Annunciation Figures. Fourteenth century, Xliv. i. Angel Gabriel. Pisan school. Pisan school. 2. Angel 180 186 188 208 212 216 222 226 232 236 238 246 250 252 Michael. Italian. Fourteenth century, 254 TO FACE PAGE Xlv. Annunciation Figures. Florentine school. Fifteenth century, . . . 256 Xlvi. Angels. English. Fifteenth century, . 290 Xlvii. Chests, i. English or Flemish. Fourteenth century. 2. French. Fifteenth century. 3. French ? Fifteenth century, 296 Xlviii. Sepulchral Effigies. i. Italian. 2, 3. English, 304 Xlix. Figures Of Apostles, i. English. Fourteenth century. 2. By Riemen- schneider 308 L. Details Of Choir Work. Amiens Cathedral. Sixteenth century, . . 328 Li. Details Of Choir Work. Auch Cathedral. Sixteenth c...

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