Woodworking: 10 Awesome Things You Can Build With 2x4s

Woodworking: 10 Awesome Things You Can Build With 2x4s

by Lucas Reese


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10 Awesome Things You Can Build With 2x4s

Welcome to the D.I.Y. Woodworking: 10 Awesome Things You Can Build With 2x4s, a D.I.Y. book designed to show you how great 2x4s can be if you truly want to make use of them. This book covers a wide range of projects from the easy to the more complex. This book also tries to use only 2x4s and the necessary tools to make the projects while doing the best to not use other materials.

First we'll start with a couple of projects that really stretch what you can do with 2x4s:

  • How you can build a Stepping Stool so that you can get to that extra space above you
  • Take your food outside by building a Picnic Table
  • Completing the set with a nice universal Bookshelf

Then we'll cover how you can make some homemade weapons from the East and one from the West so that you can practice with them or someone you know would love them as a gift. We'll also cover some more helpful projects like making an old fashion cane that you can use as a base for carving something fantastic and a sturdy walker that you can provide some old fashion some old fashioned support.

The remainder of the book will cover:

  • How to make a wheelchair almost entirely from wood with some basic geometric shapes and lever design.
  • How to turn 2x4s into classic, old wood flooring that could look great in a furnished room.

These are 10 Woodworking projects that you can use to amaze anyone right off the bat most of the time and will serve an important function in someone's household. Some of these projects are extremely complicated while some others are really simple, but it's all a matter of working perspective, a woodworking perspective.

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