Woodworking Simplified: Book 1: Your How-To Guide For Making Beautiful and Functional Projects

Woodworking Simplified: Book 1: Your How-To Guide For Making Beautiful and Functional Projects

by A William Benitez


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Woodworking Simplified: Book 1: Your How-To Guide For Making Beautiful and Functional Projects by A William Benitez

Woodworking Simplified Book 1: Your How-To Guide for Making Beautiful and Functional Projects" is the first book in a series written especially for novice or beginning woodworkers.

If you're a beginning woodworker struggling to learn techniques to build attractive and functional projects for your home, family, or friends, Woodworking Simplified is for you. Not only will you be able to build the projects in this book and the entire series but you can do it using inexpensive, consumer brand tools.

This is the book I wish I'd had 35 years ago. I don't mind telling you that when a couple hired me to design and build a custom bedroom - bed, side towers, light bridge, headboard with storage, dresser, entertainment center, everything - I was nervous. Even though I'd operated my woodworking business for a while, this job was much more ambitious then anything to date. There was nothing to do but plunge ahead and make it work. It was a challenging time. Happily they loved it and I learned a lot about designing, building, and the business. I also learned how to simplified my work but having this book would have made my job much easier, faster, and more profitable.

How is woodworking simplified and why should you use these methods? It's just about making the work easier, faster, and even safer without investing in expensive commercial equipment.

When I first started simplifying my work it was to increase my profits in the woodworking business. As the years went by it became clear that these methods would work well for beginning woodworkers. If you're a novice woodworker, this book is for you. I'll teach you everything I've learned in my 40 years as a custom woodworker (29 of them running my own business).

How valuable this book is to you depends on how you view woodworking. If your goal is to learn traditional techniques and complex joinery for working with solid hardwoods, there are many better books. I'm not knocking these methods. Over the years I've learned and used many of them for special jobs. It's simply a choice and each of us has to do what works best for us. It's not about right and wrong.

If your goal is get started as quickly as possible, with a limited investment, building attractive and functional projects for your home, office, family, or friends using the limited time you have, then Woodworking Simplified is the book for you.

This book is complete and has everything you need to build six projects but it is also the first of a series especially for the beginner and novice. It can also help pros to simplified their work and increase profit even though that's not the goal.

In these pages I'll show you how to customize my projects to make them YOUR projects. I've built every single project in this book for our home and they were all built in my small backyard shop using consumer brand power tools. I'll show you exactly how to do it and also how you can change it for your own needs and taste.

Learn my methods. Use them for your own designs. Don't want to build what I built? Good for you! This book has a section detailing my fast, simplified methods and one on power tools to help you do your own thing. Future books in this series will teach you to design your own projects with these same simplified methods.

Got Questions? Great! Email me a question at bill@woodworking-simplified.com. I'll be glad to help you and I always learn from these exchanges. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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ISBN-13: 9781944071004
Publisher: Positive Imaging, LLC
Publication date: 12/07/2015
Pages: 148
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.32(d)

About the Author

A. William (Bill) Benitez

I had various occupations starting at age twelve spenting summers and weekends working with my dad, a general contractor, building homes and buildings. I learned a lot from him and used the lessons to contract my first home by age nineteen.

I've operated one-person businesses for more than 30 years. Twelve years of my life were spent working for local government running federally-assisted housing programs starting as an inspector and moving to Director of Community Improvement with 78 employees when I resigned to do writing and consulting full-time.

Writing, Publishing and Consulting

My first publishing company was Rehab Notes Library and we published a monthly newsletter (Rehab Notes) with subscribers in all 50 states, Canada and England. I also did consulting and public speaking on housing related topics for agencies and organizations in cities across the country.

I wrote and published nine guidebooks on the subject of housing rehabilitation. After 1980 when most federal funding was pulled from housing activities, I took advantage of my construction and business experience and started a handyman and woodworking business.

Over Twenty-Five Years of Woodworking

For over twenty-five years, first in Tampa, Florida and then in Austin, Texas, I built hundreds of small and large cabinet and furniture projects for individuals, companies and government agencies. During these years I began writing books about my experiences and still write them today with my latest published in January of 2016.

Personal One-on-One Publishing

My company, Positive Imaging, LLC, does what I call positive publishing of my books and the books of others. I help authors to publish their books with one-on-one, personal assistance. To date I have published twenty print books in addition to the nine on housing, more than a half dozen ebooks, and presently have several books in various stages of completion.

Computer Experience

My computer experience dates back more than twenty years and began in response to poor technical support for my wife Barbara's computer. I used home study to acquire A+ and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Certifications and became the IT Manager for the Hyatt Regency in Austin, Texas where I just retired January 2016 after 20 years.

I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida and moved to Austin, Texas in 1986, where I now live with my wife, Barbara Frances.

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