Word 2000 Essentials Basic / Edition 1

Word 2000 Essentials Basic / Edition 1

by Keith Mulbery
Pub. Date:
Prentice Hall

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Word 2000 Essentials Basic / Edition 1

The Essentials series is conceived as a “learning system” that combines graphics, instructions, experience, reinforcement, and problem solving.

It consists of modular lessons that are built around a series of numbered, step-by-step procedures that are clear, concise, and easy to review. Explanatory material is interwoven before each lesson and between the steps.

For anyone interested in learning Microsoft Office 2000.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781580760928
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication date: 11/15/1999
Series: Essentials Series for Office 2000 Series
Edition description: BK&CD-ROM
Pages: 212
Product dimensions: 8.53(w) x 10.97(h) x 0.59(d)

Table of Contents

Project 1: Getting Started with Word 2000.

Lesson 1: Starting Word and Exploring the Word Screen. Lesson 2: Using Menu Bars and Toolbars. Lesson 3: Entering Text in a Document. Lesson 4: Saving a Document. Lesson 5: Printing a Document. Lesson 6: Getting Help. Lesson 7: Closing a Document and Exiting Word.

Project 2: Working with a Document.

Lesson 1: Opening an Existing Document. Lesson 2: Displaying Formatting Marks. Lesson 3: Scrolling in a Document. Lesson 4: Selecting Text. Lesson 5: Deleting and Changing Text. Lesson 6: Inserting Text. Lesson 7: Changing View Modes. Lesson 8: Creating an Envelope.

Project 3: Editing a Document.

Lesson 1: Enhancing Text. Lesson 2: Copying Formats with Format Painter. Lesson 3: Changing the Case of Text. Lesson 4: Moving and Copying Text. Lesson 5: Using the Undo Feature. Lesson 6: Using AutoCorrect. Lesson 7: Spell-Checking a Document. Lesson 8: Correcting Grammatical Errors. Lesson 9: Selecting Synonyms.

Project 4: Formatting Documents.

Lesson 1: Setting Margins. Lesson 2: Setting the Line Spacing. Lesson 3: Setting Alignment. Lesson 4: Indenting Text. Lesson 5: Changing the Font and Font Size. Lesson 6: Inserting a Bullet List. Lesson 7: Highlighting Text. Lesson 8: Adding a Border to Text.

Project 5: Formatting Longer Documents.

Lesson 1: Centering Text Vertically. Lesson 2: Inserting Page Numbers. Lesson 3: Inserting Page and Section Breaks. Lesson 4: Preventing Text from Separating BetweenPages. Lesson 5: Inserting a Nonbreaking Space. Lesson 6: Creating Footnotes. Lesson 7: Creating Headers and Footers. Lesson 8: Creating a Hanging Indent Paragraph.

Project 6: Using Tables.

Lesson 1: Creating a Table. Lesson 2: Entering Text into a Table. Lesson 3: Inserting Rows and Columns. Lesson 4: Deleting Rows and Columns. Lesson 5: Adjusting Column Widths & Row Height. Lesson 6: Formatting a Table. Lesson 7: Applying Shading and Borders. Lesson 8: Positioning a Table.

Project 7: Using Graphics.

Lesson 1: Inserting an Image. Lesson 2: Moving an Image. Lesson 3: Sizing an Image Lesson 4: Wrapping Text Around an Image. Lesson 5: Creating a Text Box. Lesson 6: Selecting a Fill and a Border. Lesson 7: Using WordArt.

Project 8: Integrating Info & Specialized Features.

Lesson 1: Saving an Image from the Web. Lesson 2: Inserting a File w/in the Current Document. Lesson 3: Inserting an Excel Spreadsheet. Lesson 4: Inserting an Excel Chart. Lesson 5: Creating an Organization Chart. Lesson 6: Selecting a Background. Lesson 7: Saving the Document as a Web Page. Lesson 8: Viewing the Document in Internet Explorer.


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