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Prentice Hall
Word 2000 Essentials Intermediate / Edition 1

Word 2000 Essentials Intermediate / Edition 1

by Jerry Horazdovsky

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Word 2000 Essentials Intermediate / Edition 1

The Essentials series is conceived as a “learning system” that combines graphics, instructions, experience, reinforcement, and problem solving.

It consists of modular lessons that are built around a series of numbered, step-by-step procedures that are clear, concise, and easy to review. Explanatory material is interwoven before each lesson and between the steps.

For anyone interested in learning Microsoft Office 2000.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781580763066
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication date: 10/04/1999
Series: Essentials Series for Office 2000 Series
Edition description: BK&CD-ROM
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 9.00(w) x 10.10(h) x 0.83(d)

Table of Contents

Project 1Using Intermediate Formatting Techniques1
Lesson 1Setting Tabs3
Lesson 2Inserting Headers and Footers7
Lesson 3Inserting Section Breaks and Editing Headers and Footers10
Lesson 4Using Multiple Headers and Footers in a Document12
Lesson 5Finding and Replacing Text14
Lesson 6Finding and Replacing Formatting18
Lesson 7Browsing Through a Document21
Lesson 8Moving to Specific Document Locations22
Checking Concepts and Terms24
Skill Drill26
Discovery Zone30
Project 2Using Styles31
Lesson 1Using Word's Predefined Styles33
Lesson 2Applying Styles with Keyboard Shortcuts36
Lesson 3Creating a Paragraph Style37
Lesson 4Creating a Character Style39
Lesson 5Modifying a Style40
Lesson 6Deleting a Style42
Lesson 7Copying Styles to Other Documents43
Lesson 8Attaching a Word Template to a Document44
Checking Concepts and Terms47
Skill Drill48
Discovery Zone52
Project 3Automating Your Work53
Lesson 1Creating Auto Text Entries55
Lesson 2Inserting Auto Text Entries57
Lesson 3Using AutoComplete to Insert Auto Text Entries58
Lesson 4Editing and Deleting Auto Text Entries59
Lesson 5Inserting Fields into a Document60
Lesson 6Inserting Symbols into a Document62
Lesson 7Using Word Themes64
Lesson 8Using AutoFormat to Automatically Format a Document66
Lesson 9Using Word Wizards67
Checking Concepts and Terms70
Skill Drill72
Discovery Zone76
Project 4Enhancing a Table77
Lesson 1Moving Columns and Rows79
Lesson 2Sorting the Rows in a Table82
Lesson 3Merging Cells in a Table84
Lesson 4Aligning Cell Entries86
Lesson 5Inserting Formulas in Tables88
Lesson 6Using Predefined Table Formats91
Lesson 7Drawing a Table93
Lesson 8Converting Text to Tables and Tables to Text95
Checking Concepts and Terms97
Skill Drill98
Discovery Zone102
Project 5Creating and Using Columns105
Lesson 1Designating Columns Before Entering Text107
Lesson 2Typing in Columns108
Lesson 3Assigning Columns to Existing Text111
Lesson 4Adjusting Column Size and Gutter Space112
Lesson 5Viewing Column Contents115
Lesson 6Inserting Column Breaks and Section Breaks116
Lesson 7Changing Paper Size and Orientation119
Lesson 8Using Hyphenation121
Checking Concepts and Terms124
Skill Drill126
Discovery Zone129
Project 6Merging Files131
Lesson 1Creating a Main Document133
Lesson 2Creating a Data Source135
Lesson 3Entering Information into a Data Source138
Lesson 4Inserting Merge Fields into the Main Document140
Lesson 5Merging the Data Source into the Main Document143
Lesson 6Creating Mailing Labels145
Lesson 7Sorting a Data Source148
Checking Concepts and Terms149
Skill Drill151
Discovery Zone155
Project 7Customizing the Word Environment157
Lesson 1Working with Word's Toolbars159
Lesson 2Adding and Removing a Button on a Toolbar162
Lesson 3Creating a Custom Keyboard Shortcut165
Lesson 4Changing the Default Font and Font Size167
Lesson 5Viewing File Information169
Lesson 6Managing Files174
Lesson 7Identifying Favorite Storage Locations177
Lesson 8Finding Files178
Checking Concepts and Terms180
Skill Drill182
Discovery Zone186

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