Word 2000 Fast and Easy

Word 2000 Fast and Easy



Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780761514022
Publisher: Premier Press
Publication date: 05/28/1999
Series: Fast and Easy Series
Pages: 386
Product dimensions: 7.38(w) x 9.12(h) x 0.93(d)

Table of Contents

Part I: Creating Your First Document
Chapter 1: Getting Started with Word 2000
Starting Word
Discovering the Word Screen
Using Personalized Menus
Working with Dialog Boxes
Using Toolbars
Moving a Toolbar
Turning Off Toolbars
Entering Text
Moving Around the Screen
Using Click and Type
Using the Scroll Bars
Using the Go To Command
Chapter 2: Getting Help
Using the Office Assistant
Asking the Assistant for Help
Having Fun with Office Assistant
Choosing a Different Assistant
Hiding the Assistant
Turning Off the Assistant
Using Help Without the Assistant
Using Help Contents
Using the Help Index
Using What's This?
Searching the Web for Help
Chapter 3: Saving, Opening, Closing, and Printing
Saving Your Document
Saving a Document the First Time
Resaving a Document
Enabling AutoRecover
Creating a New Document
Creating a New Document Using the Toolbar
Creating a New Document Using the Menu
Closing a Document
Opening an Existing Document
Printing a Document
Using Print Preview
Printing with the Print Button
Printing from the Menu
Scaling Your Document for Printing
Exiting Word
Chapter 4: Working with Multiple Windows
Arranging Windows
Splitting a Window
Removing the Split
Moving Between Documents
Viewing Multiple Documents Together
Restoring a Window to Maximized Size
Chapter 5: Editing Text
Inserting, Selecting, and Deleting Text
Inserting Text
Selecting Text
Deleting Text
Changing Text Case
Using Undo and Redo
Undoing the Previous Step
Redoing the Previous Step
Undoing a Series of Actions
Moving and Copying Text
Moving Text
Copying Text
Using Drag and Drop
Using the Shortcut Menu
Using Collect and Paste
Displaying Nonprinting Symbols
Part I Review Questions
Part II: Making Your Document Look Good
Chapter 6: Working with Pages
Setting Margins
Setting Margins for the Entire Document
Adjusting Margins for Part of a Document
Changing Document Orientation
Setting the Paper Size
Working with Page Breaks
Inserting a Page Break
Deleting a Page Break
Viewing a Document
Viewing in Print Layout View
Viewing in Normal View
Using the Zoom Feature
Chapter 7: Arranging Text on a Page
Working with Tabs
Setting Tabs
Moving a Tab
Deleting a Tab
Changing Line Spacing
Aligning Text
Chapter 8: Using Fonts Effectively
Selecting a Font and Font Size
Choosing a Font
Choosing a Font Size
Applying Bold, Italic, or Underline
Applying Color
Highlighting Text
Using Special Effects and Animation
Applying a Font Special Effect
Adding Animation to Text
Copying Formatting to Another Selection
Changing the Default Font
Chapter 9: Inserting Special Characters
Using Drop Caps
Creating a Drop Cap
Removing a Drop Cap
Inserting Special Characters and Symbols
Chapter 10: Working with Lists
Using AutoFormat As You Type
Using AutoFormat to Create a List
Turning Off AutoFormat
Working with Bulleted or Numbered Lists
Switching between Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Changing a List Style
Customizing a Bulleted Style
Adding a Picture as a Bullet Style
Creating Multilevel Numbered Lists
Removing Bullet or Number Formatting
Part II Review Questions
Part III: Adding Visual Interest
Chapter 11: Communicating Your Ideas with Clip Art
Inserting Clip Art
Customizing Clip Art
Resizing Clip Art
Moving Clip Art
Adjusting the Brightness or Contrast
Cropping the Picture
Wrapping Text Around Clip Art
Deleting Clip Art
Creating a Watermark
Chapter 12: Creating WordArt
Adding WordArt
Making Adjustments to the WordArt
Moving Objects on a Page
Editing WordArt
Reshaping an Object
Rotating WordArt
Changing the Direction of WordArt Text
Changing WordArt Character Spacing
Chapter 13: Using the Drawing Toolbar
Displaying the Drawing Toolbar
Working with AutoShapes
Deleting an Object
Part III Review Questions
Part IV: Using Tables, Charts, and Columns
Chapter 14: Working with Tables
Creating a Simple Table
Entering Text
Moving Around in a Table
Adjusting Column Width
Formatting Cell Contents
Using AutoSum
Adding and Deleting Rows and Columns
Erasing Cell Partitions
Changing the Direction of Your Text
Modifying Table Cell Borders
Adding a Table Heading Row
Chapter 15: Creating Charts
Creating a Chart from a Table
Resizing a Chart
Editing a Chart
Editing Chart Data
Deleting a Chart
Creating a Chart from Scratch
Chapter 16: Using Newspaper Columns
Creating Newspaper Columns
Changing the Number of Columns
Changing Column Width
Creating Vertical Lines Between Columns
Removing Newspaper Columns
Part IV Review Questions
Part V: Using the Word Tools
Chapter 17: Discovering Tools for Speed
Working with AutoCorrect
Using AutoText
Using Find and Replace
Finding Document Statistics
Chapter 18: Discovering Tools for Quality
Correcting Spelling and Grammatical Errors
Finding that Elusive Word with the Thesaurus
Chapter 19: Using Mail Merge to Create Form Letters
Creating the Main Document
Specifying Data for Your Mail Merge
Merging the Letter with the Data Source
Previewing the Mail Merge
Performing the Merge
Chapter 20: Merging Envelopes and Labels
Creating Envelopes
Creating Merged Mailing Labels
Part V Review Questions
Part VI: Working with Long Documents
Chapter 21: Working with Paragraph Styles
Displaying the Style Area
Working with Word Styles
Creating New Styles
Creating a New Style from Scratch
Deleting a Style
Chapter 22: Discovering Templates
Saving a File as a Template
Creating a New Document Based on a Template
Applying a Template
Editing a Template
Deleting a Template
Chapter 23: Adding Headers and Footers
Inserting a Header or Footer
Adding Date, Time, or Page Number
Arranging Headers and Footers on Different Pages
Chapter 24: Working with Footnotes and Endnotes
Creating a Footnote or Endnote
Copying Notes
Moving Notes
Deleting a Footnote or Endnote
Converting a Footnote to an Endnote
Part VI Review Questions
Part VII: Taking Word to the Web
Chapter 25: Using a Wizard to Create Web Pages
Creating a Web Page
Editing a Web Page
Saving Your Web Page
Publishing Web Documents
Converting Word Documents to a Web Page
Part VII Review Questions
Part VIII: Appendixes
Appendix A: Office 2000 Installation
Installing the Software
Working with Maintenance Mode
Installing Content from Other Office CDs
Appendix B: Using Keyboard Shortcuts
Learning the Basic Shortcuts
Getting Help
Working with Text

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