Word 2007: Beyond the Manual / Edition 1

Word 2007: Beyond the Manual / Edition 1

by Connie Morrison
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Word 2007: Beyond the Manual / Edition 1

If you're an experienced Word user, and you want to learn to use Word 2007, this is the book for you. Because you're familiar with Word, you don't need to waste your time sifting through information about cut, copy, and paste, and saving files. Word 2007: Beyond the Manual is beyond the basics. It cuts right to the chase and focuses on what's new and different in Word 2007. It also reveals some legacy Word features that were buried in menus but are now much easier to access in Word 2007. Concise descriptions of features include examples of how to utilize the features. Several advanced topics are addressed so you can learn how to get the most out of Word 2007 and achieve a new level of productivity.

Step it up and get up to speed quickly so you can: Work more efficiently using the new interface. Increase your productivity using styles, themes, and building blocks. Design professional diagrams using the new SmartArt feature. Manage long documents using TOCs, tables of figures, and indexes. Quickly format citations and a bibliography for a research paper. Create macros to perform repetitive tasks. Share documents and collaborate with others. Use content controls to create forms for online use. Save time using helpful tips and shortcuts for common tasks.

About the Author:
Connie Morrison currently works as a consultant, providing staff training and professional development nationwide

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781590597996
Publisher: Apress
Publication date: 03/08/2007
Series: Beyond the Manual Series
Edition description: 1st ed.
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

About the Author     xvii
About the Technical Reviewer     xix
Acknowledgments     xxi
Introduction     xxiii
Word 2007 Overview     1
A Whole New Look     1
The Quick Access Toolbar     2
The Ribbon     2
Quick Formatting     4
The Mini Toolbar     4
Quick Styles     4
Live Preview     5
Templates     5
Themes     7
SmartArt Graphics     8
Building Blocks     8
Equation Builder     9
Reference Builder     11
Improved File Format     11
Document Protection     12
Compatibility     13
Collaboration     14
Getting Started with the New User Interface     15
The Ribbon     15
Tabs, Groups, and Commands     16
Using the Mouse to Navigate the Ribbon     17
Using the Keyboard to Navigate the Ribbon     18
Minimizing the Ribbon     19
Accessing Common Microsoft Word Features     19
Using the Quick Access Toolbar     20
Choosing from the Microsoft Office ButtonOptions     21
Creating a New Document     22
Opening a Document     22
Converting a Document     22
Saving a Document     23
Printing a Document     23
Preparing a Document for Distribution     23
Sending E-Mail     28
Publishing a Document     28
Accessing Recent Documents     28
Locating Word Settings     29
Using the New File Formats     30
Getting Help     30
Viewing Documents     33
Changing Views     33
Working in Full Screen Reading View     34
Working in Outline View     37
Creating Master Documents and Subdocuments     39
Working in Draft View     40
Displaying Helpful Tools     40
Showing and Hiding Nonprinting Characters     42
Showing and Hiding ScreenTips     42
Changing the Zoom     43
Arranging Documents in Windows     44
Viewing Macros     45
Using Print Preview     45
Hiding White Space     47
Formatting and Editing     49
Selecting Text and Objects     49
Selecting with Command Buttons     49
Selecting with the Click-Shift-Click Method     50
Selecting with the Keyboard     50
Using the Clipboard     51
Setting Options for the Clipboard Task Pane     51
Repositioning and Resizing the Clipboard Task Pane     52
Using the Format Painter     53
Formatting Fonts     55
Using the Mini Toolbar     55
Previewing Formats     56
Changing Case     57
Applying Subscript and Superscript Formats     58
Shrinking and Growing Fonts     58
Clearing Formats     58
Underlining Text     59
Formatting Strikethrough Marks     59
Adding Text Formats to the Quick Access Toolbar     59
Animating Text     60
Formatting Paragraphs     60
Adding Bullets and Numbering     60
Creating Multilevel Lists     61
Changing Line Spacing     62
Formatting with Styles     63
Using Quick Styles     63
Creating Your Own Styles     64
Formatting Styles Manually     65
Formatting Automatically As You Type     66
Saving Time Editing      67
Specifying the Spacing Between Sentences     67
Using the Repeat Command     67
Finding and Replacing Text     68
Working in Overtype Mode     69
Creating Documents More Efficiently     71
Working with Building Blocks     71
Inserting a Building Block     72
Adding a Building Block     72
Changing the Content of a Building Block     73
Changing the Properties of a Building Block     73
Sharing Building Blocks     73
Creating Cover Pages     74
Creating Tables     76
Using Quick Tables     76
Using the Table Grid     77
Drawing the Table Borders     78
Converting Text to a Table     79
Nesting Tables     80
Inserting an Excel Spreadsheet     80
Formatting Table Styles     81
Formatting Table Layouts     83
Adding and Deleting Rows and Columns     85
Merging and Splitting Cells and Tables     86
Changing the Cell Size     87
Aligning Text Within Cells     89
Wrapping Text Around a Table     91
Managing Table Data     92
Sorting Table Data      93
Repeating Header Rows     93
Converting a Table to Text     94
Using Formulas in Tables     95
Numbering Table Rows     96
Working with Illustrations     97
Inserting Pictures     97
Inserting Clip Art     100
Inserting Shapes     100
Inserting SmartArt     107
Inserting Charts     111
Using Links     113
Creating Hyperlinks     113
Inserting Bookmarks     114
Inserting Cross-References     115
Formatting Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers     116
Adding Building Blocks     117
Creating Different Headers and Footers in Each Section     117
Creating Different Headers and Footers for the First Page and Odd and Even Pages     118
Using Graphics to Enhance Text     119
Adding a Signature Line     121
Creating Equations     122
Saving Documents with Equations     126
Using Symbols     126
Designing Page Layouts     127
Using Themes     127
Applying a Theme     128
Modifying a Theme     129
Saving Customized Themes      132
Generating Filler Text     133
Changing Page Orientation and Paper Size     133
Setting Page Margins     134
Changing Margins for the Entire Document     135
Changing Default Margin Settings     136
Setting Margins for a Section in the Document     136
Setting Margins for a Portion of the Document     137
Adding a Gutter Setting     137
Formatting Mirror Margins     138
Formatting Margins for Printing Two Pages on One Sheet     140
Formatting Margins for a Booklet     140
Formatting Text in Columns     141
Automatically Hyphenating Text     141
Working with Document Sections     142
Creating a New Section     142
Editing a Section Break     142
Deleting a Section     143
Changing Vertical Text Alignment     143
Using Watermarks     144
Adding a Predesigned Watermark     144
Creating a Custom Watermark     145
Creating a Watermark with a Clipart Image     145
Assigning a Watermark to Specific Pages     146
Removing a Watermark     146
Adding Background Color to Pages     146
Adding Borders to Pages     147
Indenting Paragraphs     147
Formatting a First Line Indent     148
Formatting a Full-Paragraph Indent     148
Formatting a Hanging Indent     149
Formatting a Negative Indent     150
Setting Tabs     150
Setting Tabs Using the Ruler     150
Setting Tab Stops Precisely     151
Adjusting Paragraph and Line Spacing     152
Using Reference Features     155
Creating a Table of Contents     155
Creating a TOC Using Built-In Heading Styles     156
Adding More Entries to the TOC     159
Creating a TOC Using Custom Styles     159
Marking TOC Entries Manually     160
Displaying TOC Field Codes     161
Editing Field Codes     162
Updating a TOC     162
Removing a TOC     162
Creating Multiple TOCs in the Same Document     162
Using TC Fields to Create Multiple TOCs     163
Using Bookmarks to Create Multiple TOCs     163
Creating Footnotes and Endnotes     164
Inserting and Deleting a Footnote or an Endnote     164
Changing the Reference Mark Format     165
Restarting Reference Mark Numbering     165
Navigating Among Footnotes and Endnotes     165
Creating a Footnote or Endnote Continuation Notice     166
Converting Selected Notes to Footnotes or Endnotes     166
Converting All Notes to Footnotes or Endnotes     166
Creating Citations and Bibliographies     167
Choosing a Documentation Style     167
Inserting a Citation     167
Managing Sources     169
Generating a Bibliography     170
Displaying Bibliography Field Codes     171
Formatting Captions     171
Creating a Table of Figures     172
Formatting Cross-References     173
Creating a Cross-Reference     174
Displaying Cross-Reference Field Codes     175
Editing Cross-References     176
Creating an Index     176
Marking Text for an Index Entry     176
Marking an Index Entry for a Range of Pages     177
Generating an Index     177
Updating an Index     178
Creating a Table of Authorities     179
Marking Citations for a Table of Authorities     179
Generating a Table of Authorities     180
Updating a Table of Authorities      180
Creating Envelopes, Labels, and Merge Documents     181
Creating Envelopes and Labels     181
Printing an Address on an Envelope     182
Creating a Single Address Label     183
Creating a Full Page of the Same Label     185
Creating Mail Merge Documents     186
Starting the Mail Merge Process     187
Writing and Inserting Fields     188
Previewing Results     193
Completing the Merge     195
Merging to E-Mail     196
Working with Others     199
Proofing Documents     199
Checking Spelling and Grammar     200
Setting AutoFormat and AutoCorrect Options     200
Searching Local and Internet Services     201
Translating Text     203
Using Translation ScreenTips     206
Setting a Language for Proofing     206
Suppressing the Spelling and Grammar Check     207
Counting Words     207
Making Comments     208
Adding Comments     208
Editing and Deleting Comments     210
Tracking Changes     210
Displaying Tracked Changes and Comments     211
Displaying the Reviewing Pane     213
Printing Documents with Tracked Changes     214
Accepting and Rejecting Changes     214
Comparing and Merging Documents     215
Comparing Documents     215
Combining Documents     217
Protecting Documents     218
Restricting Access to Modify Documents     218
Restricting Formatting and Editing     219
Removing Protection     220
Restricting Access for Opening or E-Malling Documents     221
Sharing Documents     221
Removing Properties and Personal Information     222
Converting to PDF or XPS Format     222
Sending a PDF or XPS Attachment in an E-Mail     223
Creating and Using Macros     225
Displaying the Developer Tab     225
Creating Macros     226
Starting the Recording Process     227
Naming and Storing a Macro     227
Assigning a Shortcut to a Macro     228
Completing the Recording Process     229
Creating and Editing a Shortcut for an Existing Macro     230
Running a Macro     230
Editing a Macro     231
Renaming a Macro     232
Undoing a Macro      233
Deleting a Macro     233
Organizing Macros     233
Renaming a Macro Module     233
Copying a Macro Module     234
Deleting a Macro Module     235
Locking a Macro Project     235
Digitally Signing a Macro Project     236
Creating a Self-Signed Certificate     236
Signing a Macro Project     236
Obtaining a Digital Certificate     237
Setting Macro Security Options     237
Changing the Trust Center Settings     238
Adding Signatures to the Trusted Publishers List     238
Using Templates, Form Controls, and XML     241
Displaying the Developer Tab     241
Using Templates     242
Creating a New Document Based on a Template     242
Attaching a Template to a Document     242
Making a Template Global     243
Using a Document As a Template     244
Using Form Controls     244
Creating a Form with Content Controls     245
Inserting Content Controls     246
Setting the Properties for Content Controls     247
Adding Instructional Text     248
Grouping Content Controls      249
Using Legacy Tools     250
Converting Controls to Word 2007     250
Restricting Users from Editing the Document     251
Understanding XML     252
Using Schemes     253
Displaying XML Structure     254
Setting XML Options     257
Publishing Documents     259
Printing a Document     259
Using Duplex Printing     259
Printing a Booklet     260
Using Other Print Options     260
Preparing Documents for Electronic Distribution     263
Saving a Documents As a Template     263
Saving a Document in PDF or XPS Format     264
Saving a Document As a Web Page     265
Updating the Information in the Document Information Panel     266
Inspecting a Document     266
Encrypting a Document     267
Adding a Digital Signature to a Document     267
Marking a Document As Final     268
Running the Compatibility Checker     268
Publishing to a Blog     269
Publishing on a Document Management Server     271
Creating a Document Workspace     273
Creating a Web Page     274
Index      277

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