Word 97 Annoyances

Word 97 Annoyances



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ISBN-13: 9781565923089
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/08/1997
Series: Nutshell Handbooks Series
Pages: 353
Product dimensions: 6.02(w) x 9.01(h) x 0.91(d)

About the Author

Lee Hudspeth is a co-founder of PRIME Consulting Group, Inc. (Hermosa Beach, CA), a Microsoft Solution Provider. His background is in operations research, financial analysis, and marketing analysis (formerly with Unocal Corp.). He has coauthored several books on Office, including The Underground Guide to Microsoft Office, OLE, and VBA and The Underground Guide to Excel 5.0 for Windows. He is co-editor-in-chief of the monthly newsletter Woody's Underground Office. He's a Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional), coauthor of the Microsoft course on application development using WordBasic, and a certified Microsoft trainer in Visual Basic and WordBasic. Along with other PRIME Consulting staff, Lee has developed innumerable lines of VB, VBA, and WordBasic code for the firm's numerous Office add-ins (PRIME for Excel and PRIME for Word), going way back to Word 2.0. Lee also writes and delivers Office usage and development custom courses to hordes of interested parties the world over.

T.J. Lee, a co-founder of PRIME Consulting Group, has a background as a certified public accountant and has done computer and management consulting for years. He has coauthored several books on Office, including The Underground Guide to Microsoft Excel 5 and The Underground Guide to Microsoft Office, OLE and VBA. T.J. is co-editor-in-chief of the monthly newsletter Woody's Underground Office and a certified Microsoft trainer. He has written countless courseware packages and manuals, coauthored the Microsoft Education Services course on Developing Applications in Word, and taught and lectured for thousands of developers and end users.

Woody Leonhard's books include Windows 3.1 Programming for Mere Mortals, The Underground Guide to Word for Windows, The Hacker's Guide to Word for Windows, The Mother of All PC Books, The Mother of All Windows 95 Books, and several others. He was series editor for Addison-Wesley's Underground Guides (11 books) and A-W's Hacker's Guides (4 books). Along with T.J. Lee and Lee Hudspeth he's editor-in-chief of PC Computing's Undocumented Office, a monthly hardcopy newsletter. He's a contributing editor at PC Computing (circulation 1,000,000+), and productivity editor for Office Computing (circulation 400,000), a new monthly magazine from the editors of PC Computing. He also publishes a free weekly electronic news bulletin on Microsoft Office called WOW (Woody's Office Watch), available by sending email to wow@wopr.com. Woody's software company makes WOPR (Woody's Office POWER Pack), the number-one enhancement to Microsoft Office. A self-described "grizzled computer hack, frustrated novelist and Office victim," by day he's a Tibetan human rights activist and co-founder of the Tibetan Children's Fund. Woody lives on top of a mountain in Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado.

Table of Contents

1.Initial Inanities1
Annoyances as a Way of Word Life1
On the Nature of Annoyances3
The Annoying Triumvirate5
Where the Bodies Are Buried10
2.Vital Changes12
Windows Changes12
Office Changes16
Word Prep24
Word Settings28
WordMail Changes61
3.Tales of the Toolbar66
On Beyond Standard68
Formatting Toolbar85
High Resolution Productivity88
Restoring Original Toolbars89
The End of the Easy Part90
4.Word as Workhorse91
Intro to VBA/Word92
The VBA/Word Editor96
Writing VBA Programs107
Controlling Word128
Running Built-in Word Dialogs151
The Object Browser153
Hooking in to Word155
VBA/Word Annoyances175
5.VBA Fights Word Annoyances181
Em Dash187
Seeking Closure193
Float Over Text195
6.How Word Works204
Drawing Layer223
Behind the Scenes224
Creating a Page232
Word Files236
7.Power Hacks241
Major Annoyances Solved242
Outstanding Annoyances272
8.The Viral Threat282
What Is a Virus?283
How Do I Get Infected?288
Doesn't Word 97 Protect Me?289
Sources of Word 97 Viruses290
What About WordProt?291
The Only Real Solution292
W97M/Wazzu.A Disinfection Routine292
9.Where and How to Get Help294
The Horse's Mouth294
Other Books295
A.The Built-In Word Dialogs297
B.The Built-In Word Commands311

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