WordPress Plugins Guide

WordPress Plugins Guide

by Holiday
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WordPress Plugins Guide by Holiday

Your guide to installing useful plugins for various benefits on your WordPress blog.

Wordpress is the most popular blogging software on the planet with an ever
increasing amount of Wordpress plugins available it makes sense to have a
resource to refer to when it comes to finding them.

Sure you could spend hours and hours finding these plugins on the Internet,
but how much is your time worth?

I have been using Wordpress blogs for about 3 years now and totally love it!
It has evolved into a powerful Content Management Solution as well as a
blogging platform which is enhanced by the number of plugins that make it
such a powerful web publishing platform.

I’ve used Wordpress in many different niches and markets and different
purposes, it doesn’t matter what you use Wordpress for, the plugins listed in
this guide will transform your blog into a powerhouse.

Some of the plugins are repeated as they are relevant for more than one
category. There are also some pretty awesome Premium plugins that you
have to pay for, which we’ve put at the end of each.....

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