Words of A Feather: The Mystic Musings of A Medical Man

Words of A Feather: The Mystic Musings of A Medical Man

by Dr. JFW Ndikum


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This four-part collection of poems chronicles a tumultuous and intense phase in my life. Dashed into the throes of life – its ecstasies and its agonies – and a close witness (in my work as a medical doctor) to the human condition, I found solace in expressing the restless inferno raging within my psyche.

The poems were written as they ‘arrived’, sometimes after ward-rounds and frequently on public transport. Occasionally, they would arrive in the shower, forcing me to leap out and rapidly pen whatever words did ‘flash upon that inward eye’, before they vanished into nothingness. I wrote on inspiration and the objects of my reflection always proved a most wonderful muse.

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ISBN-13: 9781490776132
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 08/31/2016
Pages: 234
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.53(d)

About the Author

John FW Ndikum is a medical doctor who composed his first published poem at the age of thirteen. He went on to win the Bedfordshire section of the Future Writers (Remus House) poetry competition at the age of seventeen, securing £2,000 for his sixth form in the process. An intense period of introspection in his early twenties plunged him into the depths of his psychological world, resulting in an unexpected phase of prolific creative output. He emerged from this inner journey with numerous poems as his prize and a greater clarity about his place and purpose in the world. It is his hope that those who shall find themselves in a similar position may find peace, comfort and inspiration in his words. John's continued dedication to improving the health of populations has led him to Yale School of Public Health, where he will commence his studies in July 2017. In the Spring of the same year, he will be getting married to his fiancée and love of his life, Sophie Wickham. He currently lives in Hertfordshire, England, where he continues his vocational work as a junior physician in Internal Medicine.​

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Words of a Feather

The Mystic Musings of a Medical Man

By JFW Ndikum

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2016 Dr. JFW Ndikum
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-7613-2



It begins as an effulgence of bliss; a showering of love that at first appears to come from without and is later recognised as emerging from within. The psyche - peeking through a new aperture - waltzes in the splendour of the 'divine-lit blaze'. Nothing can go wrong. Or so it seems. Although we do not yet realise it, this taste of the Light is our incentive to begin walking the ageless Inward Path.


    The Poet in me
    He dormant lay,
    Lost in the midst of Life's bleak play.
    Anon - His heart was stirred by a new Light
    And boldly, He re-emerged with fervent new


    What wondrous ferments do arise
    When poets from their skilled pens write
    Such splendid verses that ignite
    Young hearts and make young lovers wise.

    This talk of blessed divine oars
    And spirit transformation lore,
    Shall make meek youth so evermore
    Thirsty to boat to other shores.

    So enjoin now in fine array,
    Let eager pens to paper meet;
    Rejoice in moments ever sweet
    And in your pastured verses, rested, lay.


    It is
    Your inexplicable
    Supernal Light
    That sets Poets' hearts alight.
    A Natural beauty that leaves us in a daze,
    For it does
    Quite simply,


    When kindred souls together wind
    Through supple fingers intertwin'd;
    In sweet ambrosial currents lay
    And to each other softly pray.

    Do these young lovers rested near
    Have slightest inkling, even here
    That what does softly between them flow
    Is the essence by which all things grow:

    The seed of trees, and stars at night,
    The force that sets the sun alight
    And hailstorms falling, 'tis the hand
    That brings them fore, from distant land.

    The tune that does from fair lark play
    To bring light to e'en the darkest day;
    When all at once seemed ever bleak
    Lifts you to fairest cloud brushed peak!

    But man with his constricted mind
    Does even now, seek out to find
    A word that does this marvel explain,
    And make the Infinite seem plain.

    But how can we all reckon that
    The Lord, donned in a glory hat
    (Who does fine worlds with thinking sculpt
    And by His wish, mountains erupt)

    Should be so easy to conceive,
    When we can't even here receive
    His love into our feeble hearts -
    And our wars, still, we think are arts.

    When he but wishes we could surrender'd, stand
    And take cherished time to understand
    That He is Love, and Love is He
    And He resides, in all of thee.


    'Tis admiration's divinations
    That give rise to sublime inspirations -
    Give praise, I do now decree;
    This is the way, we Poets shall be set free.


    We live
    And breathe
    In an Ocean of Love -
    And still we know it not.

    Held aloft
    On this Earth-ephemeral-string,
    Where sure destruction seems our lot.

    But amidst the waves
    Merciless Tides
    Men known as poets, oft do glimpse
    Beyond the veil of the mortal shroud,
    And their bounty
    Share Selflessly.


    My soul sings songs of ecstasy
    And Nature echoes in glee;
    This rapture-laden spirit entranced
    In swoon - as if it'd never been free.

    And high-basked in Her crimson sunsets
    Whereupon my true-Mind doth rest.
    This soul sings songs of ecstasy
    'Til Nature echoes in glee!


    Must this short life be so prosaic,
    Nay! Let's make it all mosaic.
    For though life's trials so nefarious
    Seem, they seek only to prepare us

    For a life divine, where immortals dine
    On a fine ambrosial wine;
    Enjoying heaven's fruitful symphony,
    And its wondrous melody


    You did just warm my heart enough for it
    To melt the sun;
    Causing me to frolic and bask,
    In abstract,
    Poesic pun.


    When spiritual seekers' talents bloom
    And Samadhi transformation looms,
    Heaven gloss'd by sweetest Providence
    Brought to fore - radiant effervescence
    That does from waking third eye flow.
    A secret the learned have yet to know,
    Forever blinded in their high conceit,
    'Tis wretched fate they soon shall meet
    For denying Heaven's warnings
    And insisting on their leanings
    Towards materialistic doctrines' down here spate
    They shall bring down an awful fate.
    Knowing not man's bod' a Temple be
    And a glorious future it shall see;
    Earthly denizens shall soon jet
    To Eden, once by sacred serpent set.
    And 'Vakri', yes an unknown flow
    They too, shall soon be wont to know
    My words, high-horsed, yes they may seem
    Do not this all so harshly deem.

    For though to you it makes no sense,
    I do provide sweet evidence
    That kundalini transformation
    Be reality - and do dream of a Nation
    Where tended kin shall learn its teachings
    And treasures here, learn all its meanings.
    And though now fit victims for your scorn,
    These god-men the world shall soon adorn
    With beauties Earth has never seen
    And wonders that have never been;
    A human race, full grown - mature,
    Guided by kind Nature's azure.
    And now my work here has been done
    To show I am not the only one
    Who, when by secret fire gifted
    Can be to sweet Jove's Kingom lifted


    When those mystic petals by Light's flame unfold,
    He doth whisper under bated breath what should
    not be told;
    For all thoughts of virtue did nigh from him depart
    On a night that was truly, an Art.


    I felt it today:
    A love that never was, and shall never be,
    But always Is.
    Ecstatic streams of wisdom
    Did serenely drip onto the lips of my intuition
    As I contemplated this.
    You - the serenity of my being.
    And me,

    What can compare to a love Eternal
    That laughs - unabashedly -
    At time.
    And space.
    Can there exist anything more wondrous
    More bountiful
    More joyous
    More free.
    Even, perhaps, more precious.


    And I daren't make a mockery of this
    Cosmic emanation
    That is Love;
    Woe to such Blasphemy.
    And its treacherous ways.

    To deny Love -
    Would be to deny you
    Mon amour.
    Do you not see me lost in contemplation
    At a love that knows not
    Nor time.
    'Til swung into the throes of this Cosmic song,
    I hear Eternity declare:
    "She is the serenity of His being.
    And he
    Is, Forever -


    What untapped potential doth reside
    Beyond Man's intellectual pride?
    When I did that moment into your Psyche gaze,
    I knew You
    And all of your days.


    Just one soular gaze,
    And you knew me
    And I knew you.
    And that, my dear,
    Was It.


    Ah, ye fair maidens, how I adore you so!
    You feel as deeply, as any poet.
    Know that when from my heart, sweet-rhyme does
    flow -
    'Tis, you my dears, that've inspired such sonnets.


    Who does the poets' language speak
    Can, into his very Spirit, peek.


    The Black Poet in London's twilight
    Reveals now what he by day conceals;
    His Inner might,
    A true-essence
    Veiled from his compatriots' sight.
    All the while,
    By inner sensoria
    He revels in Dionysian


Excerpted from Words of a Feather by JFW Ndikum. Copyright © 2016 Dr. JFW Ndikum. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


1. Phoenix, 5,
2. Love's Shore, 6,
3. The Making of A Muse, 7,
4. Love, 8,
5. Divinations, 10,
6. Fishes, 11,
7. Songs of Ecstasy, 12,
8. Blessed Misfortune, 13,
9. Blush, 14,
10. Done, 15,
11. Anahata, 17,
12. You Are, 18,
13. Fathomless, 20,
14. The Day Two Psyches Kissed, 21,
15. A Mid-Morning Muse, 22,
16. Voyeur, 23,
17. Poet's Delight, 24,
18. Hearts' Spar, 25,
19. Stunner, 28,
20. Beauty-Sweet, 29,
21. The Composer, 30,
22. Oh, Beauty!, 31,
23. Insatiable, 32,
24. You, 33,
25. Poet of Arabia, 34,
26. Adoration Arising, 35,
27. You My Deliverer, 36,
28. No Return, 37,
29. Oh, To Dream of thee, 38,
30. Match, 39,
31. My Sweet Rose, 40,
32. Remembering Amy Winehouse, 41,
33. Gezellig, 42,
34. The Middle Way, 43,
35. The Essence of Writ, 44,
36. The Fifth Kingdom, 45,
37. Sacred Awe, 46,
38. Ménage à Deux, 47,
39. Oh, Intuition, 48,
40. He Composes Writ; or, an Ode to Cosmic Intelligence, 49,
41. Wisdom's Land, 51,
42. Dust of the Ancients, 52,
43. Egypt's Rise, 53,
44. The Royal Art, 55,
45. Kundalini Tidings, 56,
46. Serpent Power, 57,
47. Aurum Potabile, 58,
48. It Consumeth Me: an Ode to Alchemy, 59,
49. Oh, Alchemy, 61,
50. The Dragon, 63,
51. Mystic's Biology, 65,
52. Buddha the Neuroscientist, 66,
53. Altruism True, 67,
54. Oh Man!, 68,
55. The Venus Project, 69,
56. Lincoln's Lantern, 70,
57. The Fourth Commandment, 72,
58. Why Wait, 74,
59. Gnothi Seauton, 75,
60. Oh, Capitalist, 76,
61. Lost, 77,
62. The Slave, 78,
63. We Blind Men, 79,
• DESPAIR, 81,
64. Oh, Woman!, 85,
65. Habibti, 87,
66. Goodbye My Lover, 89,
67. Why Big Boys Never Tell, 92,
68. Tell Me Friend, 93,
69. When, 94,
70. Bipolar, 96,
71. Badass, 98,
72. On Missing You, 99,
73. Shades of Black, 100,
74. Her Sin, 102,
75. Retrospectoscope, 103,
76. Dreams, 104,
77. Divine Discontent, 105,
78. My Pilgrimage, 106,
79. Patient's Son, 108,
80. Guardian Angel, 110,
81. Oh, Hospital, 111,
82. Medicine and Philosophy, 112,
83. Senior Be Kind; or, a Junior Doctor Speaks, 113,
84. Patients' Ache, 115,
85. 4am, 117,
86. Teardrop, 118,
87. Ambition's Sin, 119,
88. Delusionals, 120,
89. My Song, 121,
90. Of Heaven Dream, 122,
91. Golgotha, 123,
92. A Young Poet's Lament, 124,
93. Human Nature; or, My Most Painful Lesson Yet, 125,
94. Me, 126,
95. Pensive, 127,
96. The Modern Poet, 128,
97. The Poets' Fate, 129,
98. All is Fair, 130,
99. Naivety's Child, 131,
100. Russian Roulette, 132,
101. What is Life?, 133,
102. Little John, 134,
103. Tired, 135,
104. Undreaming, 136,
105. Nude, 137,
106. A Poet Spent, 138,
107. The Second Birth, 139,
• HOPE!, 141,
108. My Atman, 145,
109. Spiritual Warrior, 146,
110. Where there's a Will, 147,
111. Beauty; Or, the Curse, 148,
112. Chrysalis, 150,
113. Illumination, 151,
114. Prodigal, 152,
115. Arena Terra, 153,
116. My Queen, 154,
117. Phoenix Rising, 155,
118. 4th Night, 156,
119. Follow Nature, 157,
120. Epiphany, 158,
121. Fortitudas, 159,
122. New Age, 160,
123. I Remember, 161,
124. Perseverantia1, 62,
125. He Visions this, 163,
126. Peg-Leg, 164,
127. The Duel, 165,
128. Sensei's Lesson, 166,
129. Recess À-La Ginsberg, 167,
130. Lothario, 168,
131. Inner Pain, 170,
132. Dreams, 171,
133. Think On these things, 172,
134. Neither Black Nor White, 173,
135. Freedom Won, 174,
136. That Lion-Force, 175,
137. An Ode to Maslow, 176,
138. Tat Tvam Asi, 177,
139. Beseeched, 179,
140. Dichotomy, 180,
141. The Day Heaven Spoke, 181,
142. An Ode to the Master Alchemist, 182,
143. That Girl, 183,
144. But a Dream, 184,
145. Sea of Diamonds, 186,
146. That Secret Strength, 187,
• LIGHT, 189,
147. Immortal Deeds, 193,
148. Lessons of Hades, 194,
149. Tomorrow's Man, 195,
150. Know this, 196,
151. Hyperspace; or, the Music of the Spheres, 197,
152. Ambrosia, 198,
153. Apprenticed to thee, 199,
154. Sacred Duty, 200,
155. The Poet's Clover, 201,
156. SMALL 'p' pHILOSOPHY, 202,
157. J'espère, 203,
158. Unrooted, 204,
159. An Epiphany, 205,
160. Sweet Freedom, Ring!, 206,
161. Self-Compassion, 207,
162. My Nirvanas, 208,
163. Subterfuge, 209,
164. An Ode to Nature, 210,
165. Poets Arise!, 211,
166. Sun-Tuition, 212,
167. On True Marriage, 213,
168. A Prayer, 214,
169. Our Harvest, 215,
170. The Alchemist; or, Autobiography of a Poet, 216,

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