Words to Live by for Women: Reflections and Insights on the Most Life-Changing and Thought-Provoking Words in the Bible

Words to Live by for Women: Reflections and Insights on the Most Life-Changing and Thought-Provoking Words in the Bible

by Baker Publishing Group


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The Words to Live By series identifies some of the most readily found "words" and themes in the Bible. Each book contains 60 readings that include a key Bible verse, dictionary-like definitions, a meditation and application, and additional quotations and historical facts relating to the Scripture passage. Words to Live By for Women offers unique insight into Scripture passages as they pertain to women.

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ISBN-13: 9780764229251
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Publication date: 10/01/2004
Series: Words to Live by Ser.
Edition description: Gift
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 7.40(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

1.Acceptance: The Key to Happiness14
2.Anger: Channeling a Red-Hot Passion18
3.Blessings: Showers of Manna22
4.Character: The Disciplines of Royalty26
5.Choice: A Most Excellent Freedom30
6.Commitment: A Voluntary Act34
7.Compromise: The Polite Kind of Love38
8.Contentment: A Learned Art42
9.Courage: Cheer for the Job Ahead46
10.Destiny: Becoming a Work of Art50
11.Encouragement: The Gift That Refreshes54
12.Enemies: The Certain Opponent58
13.Evil: A Question of Overcoming62
14.Faith: Bright Hope for Tomorrow66
15.Fear of the Lord: He Is High and Exalted70
16.Fellowship: A Beautiful Communion74
17.Forgiveness: A Healthy Pardon78
18.God's Word: A Chosen Communication82
19.Guilt: The Avoidable Burden86
20.Healing: The Search for Restoration90
21.Heart: The Secret Places94
22.Holiness: More Like Jesus98
23.Humble: The Quiet Strength102
24.Joy: A Glorious Gladness106
25.Justice: Getting Their Just Deserts110
26.Knowledge: His Rich Resources114
27.Liberty: Many More Choices118
28.Loyalty: A Close and Voluntary Bond122
29.Mercy: The Power of Compassion126
30.Money: A Gift With a Purpose130
31.Motives: Moods That Surround Your Moves134
32.Noble: Of Greatness and Grandeur138
33.Obey: Surrender Thoughtfully142
34.Patience: A Gentle Endurance146
35.Peace: The Fight for Calm150
36.Persistence: The Will to Keep Running154
37.Poor: Compassionate Giving158
38.Power: A Vigorous Strength162
39.Praise: Applause for Heaven166
40.Prayer: A Sober Calling170
41.Pride: High Esteem for Small Souls174
42.Reconciliation: No Longer an Enemy178
43.Rejection: A Rude Awakening182
44.Relationships: The One-Another Rules186
45.Repent: Sorrow-Based Action190
46.Reputation: Also Known As194
47.Responsibility: The Business of Taking Care198
48.Sacrifice: Precious Offering202
49.Salvation: God's Generous Grace206
50.Servant: Devotion to Duty210
51.Sin: Bent and Defective214
52.Submit: A Voluntary Surrender218
53.Success: Blessed Achievement222
54.Suffering: Purpose in the Pain226
55.Temptation: Tested and Proved230
56.Thankfulness: A Lifestyle Virtue234
57.Trust: In His Care238
58.Truth: Conforming to Facts242
59.Victory: A Supreme Triumph246
60.Worry: The Anxiety Factor250

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