Words to Live By: A book of personal quotations

Words to Live By: A book of personal quotations

by Shoghig O. Fodoulian


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ISBN-13: 9781468577051
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/10/2012
Pages: 120
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.28(d)

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Words to Live By

A book of personal quotations
By Shoghig O. Fodoulian


Copyright © 2012 Shoghig O. Fodoulian
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-7705-1

Chapter One


To have a family means that you are in a group of many of the luckiest people in this world. Why? Think of people who have no one to talk to, to share a meal with, to go out with. If you have a family, never take them for granted.

When you have a family love each other, be there for each other, no matter what.

Although three people is a small family It's better than a family of one.

There's nothing like a mother's love towards her child. One has no idea of what she will go through, what sacrifices she endures in order to take care of her child. Again I say, there's nothing better than having a mom who loves her child unconditionally.

No two sisters are the same. One cares, the other forget s that she even has a sister.

Love your sister just like you love yourself.

Your family should be your number one priority.

Listen to your parents. They know more than you because they have lived longer than you. One more thing, and that is, they want the best for you.

Sisters should forgive each other. Hey should feel lucky that they have each other, and count on each other no matter how much they have disrespected each other.

Don't ever put down or gossip about your family to others.

Value your sisters.

No matter what you have or don't have does not matter because you will always have family for you.

Make sure you always put a sparkle in your mother's eyes. You know she deserves it.

Put others first, especially your family. Don't e selfish.

Your sister can be your savior. Mine is.

You don't know how valuable is your family until you become a loner.

Don't gossip about your family to strangers. After all, you only have one family.

Don't lie to others about your family.

Don't reveal your secrets to others anyone except your family.

You can have many friends but only one family.

Don't reveal your secrets to anyone except your family.

Sisters are each other's angels.

Make calling your mom your number one priority.

Call your mom, tell her you love her, tell her she's the greatest mom in the world. Last but not least, tell her that she's the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Having a family is a blessing fro m God.

Sisters always forgive each other. It's all part of being a sister.

Value your sister.

It's good to be needed especially by your child.

It's good to be needed especially by your mom.

What you want do most with your life is to spend time with your precious mom.

Sisters don't need to buy gifts for each other because they are already presents to one another.

You must forgive your relatives no matter what they have done to you. After all you carry the same blood.

Don't ever gossip about your family to strangers. After all, you have one family.

Don't ever misinterpret one of your family in front of others.

Don't reveal your secret to anyone but your family.

Make sure you don't forget to put a sparkle in your mother's eyes. She has, she is and will always deserve it.

You can have many friends but only one family.

Don't ever reveal your family secrets to others.

Sisters are each other's angels.

Your sisters love you for who you are, and not for what you do or don't do.

Make you mom your # 1 priority. For example, when you call her, tell her that you love her and that she's the greatest mom in this world. Thank her for being her daughter and make sure you love her and take care of her with all your heart.

Family is the precious thing that anyone can have. Learn to value it Because it's a true blessing.

Family means forgiving, loving. Sacrificing, helping, and a lot of other blessings.

Sisters forgive each other because they belong to the same tree. The tree of each other's parents.

Don't gossip about your family to others.

True sisters forgive no matter what they have done to each other.

Family blood is the basis for a family.

A mother loves her child no matter what.

A sister is someone who gives love, share love, shares life, gives you shelter in the rain. She is someone who's absolutely there for you. Be happy if you are a sister.

If you have a dad, or have lost one, although they're gone, the memories linger forever.

It's good to be needed, especially by your parents. After all they have sacrificed their lives for us children, It's our turn to help them now.

Moms are very precious, spend time with them as much as you can.

Sisters don't need to exchange gifts to each other. They already are gifts to each other.

You have to forgive your relatives, after all, they have the same blood as yours.

Don't ever gossip about your family. Respect them instead.

Don't reveal your secrets to anyone except your family.

It's nice to be needed especially by your family.

God blesses everyone by giving them a family.

You can have many friends but only one family.

You can have many friends but only one best friend and that is your mom.

Time with a sick parent is precious. Take time in enjoying it.


Nothing is impossible with God!!!!

Whether you feel good or not, you should thank God for both.

Never be afraid of tomorrow. God will pave the way to tomorrow.

The minute you pray to God, trust bin him completely. Let him do his job.

Although God punishes us, he is a forgiving God and he does what's best for us.

When you are a loner and lonely, remember that anything is possible with God. Remember, someone could pop up in your life and makes your loneliness disappear.

Jealousy, lies, selfishness, irony, hatred and laziness are all sins in the eyes of God.

Even though some wounds are deep, God will make them disappear.

Sometimes God doesn't answer our prayers immediately, it doesn't mean he hasn't heard them. Be patient.

God is with you twenty four hours a day. Tell me who can do the same for you?

God's timing is perfect.

The minute you wake up every morning alive, the first thing that you should tell God is:" Thank you God, I'm alive for one more day.

Whenever you believe in the impossible, You obviously believe I n miracles.

Believe and you shall receive.

Life is a gift, say "thank you" to God.

Thank God for the roof over your head, for the bed you sleep in, for the clothes you ear to keep you warm, for the food you eat for not being in jail or a mental institution, for the air you are breathing, for being healthy, for the friends you have, for your family. Last but not least say thank you anyway.

God is your light, may you never end up in darkness.

Pray to god for good times and pull yourself together in difficult times.

Faith is stronger than the wind.

When you have no one to talk to, talk to God.

Smile when you think of God. He will see it and be happy.

God is so close, open up the door to him and let him live in you.

There's yesterday, today and tomorrow and the next day and the next. What keeps us going, Faith in God.

To go to church enlightens one's heart. So what are you waiting for? Go, Go, Go!

It's funny how God works in our lives. People might pop up out of nowhere who make you smile, you might receive a phone call from a friend that you had an argument, or someone might visit you unexpectedly. Think, just think how much God loves you. Now go ahead, be happy!

Each and every one of us has a guardian angel or angels around us. All you have to do is welcome them.

God is listening. All you have to do is ask.

Just when you think that your problems are far from over, something happens which makes them all disappear. It's not magic, it's God.

God is not like people, he forgives.

There's nothing like the feeling of healing.

Live a life that's pleasing to God.

Finding God is like finding a treasure. A treasure that your heart longs for.

God rewards each and every one of us according to the work we do or don't do for him.

God is always with you. He will never leave you.

God makes the impossible possible. All you have to do is open your heart to him.

We must never question God's destiny for us.

We must never complain to God, but be thankful for you have presently have and leave the rest to him.

God will never ignore your feelings especially when you cry.

Don't be lazy especially when God opens the door to opportunities for you.

When you're troubled; don't turn to anyone, turn to God.

When someone hurts your feelings, forgive that person and leave the rest to God.

You can always find relief in God, always.

When you ask God for a miracle, It's impossible to imagine how far you can go with that miracle, it's limitless!!!!!!

When God answers your prayer. Leave everything and go to your room, get down on your knees and thank him!!!!!!!

Prayer is your only key to happiness.

Your faith in God should be infinite.

If God created the world and he made it perfect, how can some people doubt that God will make their lives anything but perfect.

Whenever you hear the humming of a bird, know that god is thinking about you.

God is with you every minute of the day. He knows what your needs are. He knows. everything about you.

He was with you when you came into this world, and he will be with you when you leave it. He cares about you more than anyone in this world. So thank him, thank him always.

It is faith that keeps us going. The one and only faith

God listens to everyone, the cruel and the nice.

Don't sin knowingly.

When you help, God rewards.

Don't fear anything, God is in control.

Don't give up. Learn to believe in the impossible through God.

Have faith in yourself.

Ask God for good health, nothing more.

Everyone is equal in the eyes of God. Be like God.

When you feel the presence of God, you can overcome anything.

God pushes you forward; the rest is up to you.

Listen to God, He wants you to.

There's always some kind of goodness in all of us. After all, we always come from God.

It's always good to have faith, all of us should have it.

When you don't have any friends, with no one to talk to, remember that you have a friend to treasure forever. He doesn't expect anything from you. He listens to you whenever you need him to. You might not know it, but he takes care of you, helps you, loves you unconditionally. Everyone can him as a friend, but some might not choose to. That infinite friend is God, the one and only.

When you have faith, you have love, you have life and you have peace of mind and finally, you can have happiness.

Your most important goal should be to live the way God wants you to.

Some of us are born with sin and die with it. The only way to their salvation is for them to pray. before the end.

God is very patient with us until we cross his zone, which is when he wants us to change, and he is always ready to forgive us.

God's love and compassion is there for all of us. All we need to do is to trust and believe.

God always points the right way to go.

Sometimes, God helps us by punishing us.

When you are sad, thank God, You know why because you are going to thank him for the happiness that he is going to give you. In other words, thank him in advance.

Remember that whatever you're going through you are in God's palm of hand. He will never forget you.

Be thankful that you're alive every single moment of your life. Go ahead and try, and see how much God will reward you.

There's some kind of goodness in all of us. After all we are all God's creations.

God is very caring, loving and patient but beware of his wrath upon you if you're going the wrong way.

God rewards each one of us according to the way we lead our lives.

Does god leave the birds hungry ?No. If he doesn't leave the birds hungry how can he leave human beings hungry?

God doesn't create a person hopeless, It's up to that person to change himself from hopeless to hopeful.

God gave you feelings. Use these feelings in a good way.

Live a life that you know is pleasing to God.

Finding God is like finding a treasure of everlasting love.

Everyday, be the best that you can be. Nothing else is acceptable to God.

You should ask God for peace of mind. It's the best gift he can give you.

God is not like people, he forgives.

Unlike people, God forgives.

When you have a circle of life, that means you have God in your life.

Faith is like a seed which slowly grows in you.

When your heart and soul belong to God, You should not be afraid of the enemy.

Appreciate whatever God gives you, whether big or small.

As much as you pray, as much as you receive.

Laziness is unhealthy, don't be lazy.

God is the solution to all of our problems.

God's timing is perfect.

All of us have the will, courage and capability to create miracles.

Don't give up, trust God.

Whenever you complain, things will get worse. Be thankful for whatever you have.

Have faith in not only God, but yourself as well.

Everyone is equal in the eyes of God.

If you believe, you will conquer.

Believe and you shall find what you're looking for.

Life is a gift from God. Learn to appreciate it.

You are a child of God. Obey him.

Faith is stronger than the wind.

Money is worth nothing, but God is worth everything.

If you believe in God, everything is possible.

Strengthen your faith., and God will strengthen you.

No one is a failure, God gives a talent to everyone.

Never plot revenge, Leave it to God.

No one knows the secret point of life except God.

We must never question God's purpose for us. He will lead the way.

We should not pray only in bad times, but we should thank God for the good times as well

Count your blessings and always be thankful to God.

You can achieve anything with God.

No matter what you're going through, don't be sad, have faith in yourself and God.

God might not answer your prayers right away. But he will eventually.

To have faith in God brings relief to your soul.

God gives everyone the courage to lead them towards a miracle.

Anything is possible when God leads the way.

Thank God that you have a roof over your head when there's a storm, thank him when you have food when your hungry, thank him that you have a bed to sleep in every night, and thank him that you have clothes to wear when it's cold outside, and above all, thank God for watching over you twenty-four hours a day.

Faith is stronger than the wind.

God gave you a brain, use it.

God forgives, Why can't we be like God?

God created the sun and moon to shine upon us How can we ever doubt that he will shine his light upon us?

When you pray, ask God to lead you towards wherever he wants you to go.

Don't pray to God for money but pray for an eternal life instead.

God is your only redeemer, stay close to him.

Live with joy. Always have laughter inside you.

God is the only one who makes the impossible possible.

Don't live in sin; turn to God instead.

Don't go backwards, but if you do, ask God to push you forward.

If you know that someone is gossiping about you, pray for that person, and don't follow his or her example.

When you pray, ask God for a pure heart, a tender and forgiving soul, and most of all, to love others no matter how they have behaved towards you.

You don't have to ask people to pray for you. God is there waiting for your prayers.

Don't be afraid of God. God loves you.

Don't depend upon anyone but God.

Talk to God whenever you feel the need. He's always listening.

Don't you want God to be happy with you? Don't gossip.

Always thank God for your health even if you don't have it.

I'm counting my blessings. So should you!!!!

God gives each one of us a gift especially made for us.

You either love God or money. You choose!!!!

Don't be lazy, god will not listen to your prayers if you're on your way into becoming one.

Ask god for forgiveness if you are doubting him.

Always trust God and ask him to grant you a solid faith.

Ask God to guide you in your daily battles. He will be happy to do it.

Don't be greedy. Live with whatever you have, be thankful to God for your daily bread, no mater how small it is.

Be gracious to God.

Don't only pray to God in rainy days, but thank him also on sunny days as well.

Wherever God leads you, believe that you're under his care and you will be.

Each one of us live and die with sin.

God is very patient with us until we cross the line so beware of his wrath.

God is greater than any evil.

When you believe in miracles, one wil happen to you.

When you believe in miracles, God will create one for you.

Believe in the power of prayer.

Having faith brings solutions to all our problems.

Faith is a gift from God.


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