Work Rage: Preventing Anger and Resolving Conflict on the Job

Work Rage: Preventing Anger and Resolving Conflict on the Job

by Ronald T. Potter


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Work Rage: Preventing Anger and Resolving Conflict on the Job by Ronald T. Potter

Do you go into work every day knowing that you're bound to have at least one disagreement with a coworker before lunch? Do you often find yourself the victim of someone else's work anger and frustrations? Do you feel that you spend countless hours trying to resolve conflict, only to come to no resolution?

If so, you're not alone. Many employees and employers alike dread going into work, certain that they are going to encounter much more than the usual job disagreements. According to Ronald T. Potter-Efron, M.S.W., Ph.D., it is possible to find satisfaction with your job and generate a healthy work environment. His handbook Work Rage aims to reduce workplace tension, increase cooperation, and boost employee morale.

Applying the three principles "prevent, reduce, and resolve," supervisors and employees alike can learn to manage the inevitable disputes that occur in any work environment. Potter-Efron explains how to prevent anger through positive feedback, how to handle damaging personality types such as "the Passive Aggressor" and " the Overly Suspicious Worker," and how to resolve disagreements quickly and effectively. Also included is a section on how to understand and control your own serious anger problem.

Conflict can be damaging to productivity and effectiveness in the workplace; what may be even more damaging is the effect this conflict can have on the mental health and morale of employees. By using the techniques found in Work Rage, you can begin to curb your rage at work and feel better about yourself and your work setting.

About the Author:
Ronald T. Potter-Efron, M.S.W., Ph.D., is Director of the Anger Management Center of First Things First Counseling and Consulting Center in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. His many publications include Letting Go of Anger, Secret Message of Shame, Being, Belonging, Doing, and Angry All the Time.

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Publication date: 08/16/2000
Pages: 166

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