Workbook for Bailey's Working: Career Success for the 21st Century, 4th / Edition 4

Workbook for Bailey's Working: Career Success for the 21st Century, 4th / Edition 4

by Larry Bailey
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Cengage Learning


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Workbook for Bailey's Working: Career Success for the 21st Century, 4th / Edition 4

The Student Workbook contains two parts. Part 1 includes 128 activities, problems, questions, forms, and puzzles to interest and challenge students. Part 2 provides a "mini" Occupational Outlook Handbook for students to use in exploring occupational clusters and investigating specific occupations of interest.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780538444033
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 07/14/2006
Edition description: Workbook
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 8.52(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.54(d)

About the Author

Larry J. Bailey attended Ball State University on an academic scholarship and taught high school industrial arts prior to attending graduate school at the University of Illinois where he completed the Doctor of Education degree in Vocational Education at age 26. He held faculty research positions at the University of Illinois and the University of Iowa before joining Southern Illinois University in 1969. Dr. Bailey is the author of eight books and more than 100 other publications. During his tenure, he was appointed to the National Advisory Council on Career Education and the Illinois Advisory Council on Adult, Vocational, and Technical Education. He retired from his professorship at SIU in 2004 after 35 years of service.

Table of Contents

Part 1
Learning about Work     1
Why People Work     2
Occupations and Jobs, I     3
Occupations and Jobs, II     4
Training Agreement Responsibilities     5
Benefits of Work Experience Education     6
The Job Ahead     7
About Work Histories     8
Different Routes to a Stable Job     9
Controlling Your Career     10
Looking for a Job     11
Clarifying Job Goals     12
Application for a Social Security Number     13
Sources of Job Leads     14
Reading Help-wanted Ads     15
Following Through     16
Applying for a Job     17
Job Application Documents and Methods     18
Personal Data Sheet     19
Job Application Form (Private Employer)     21
Job Application Form (Government Employer)     23
Resume     25
Letter of Application     26
Pre-employment Tests     27
Interviewing for a Job     29
Interviewer's Questions, I     30
Interviewer's Questions, II     31
Background Research     32
Preparing for a JobInterview     33
Follow-up Letter     34
Beginning a New Job     35
Organizational Structure     36
Policies and Rules     37
Completing a Form W-4     38
Payroll Withholding     39
Employment Terminology     40
Expectations of Employers     41
Expectations of Employers     42
Cost of Lost Production     43
Rating Work Behavior     44
Worker Rights and Protections     45
Worker Rights and Protections     46
Equal Employment Opportunity     47
Labor-Management Relations     48
Human Relations at Work     49
Interpersonal Relations     50
Customer Relations     51
Working in Groups     53
Special Human Relations Skills     54
Earnings and Job Advancement     55
Your Paycheck     56
Figuring Compensation     57
Letter of Resignation     58
Appearance on the Job     59
Personal Hygiene     60
Hairstyling and Hair Care     61
Dressing for the Job     62
Career Decision Making      63
The Decision-making Process     64
Decision-making Styles     65
Influences on Decision Making     66
Information About Yourself     67
Learning About Yourself     68
Surveying Employees     69
Rating Interests     70
Rating Aptitudes     75
Rating Work Values     77
Career Information     79
Reading Tables and Charts     80
Exploring Occupational Groups     81
Using the Occupational Outlook Handbook     82
Conducting an Occupational Search     83
Communication Skills     85
Communication Skills     86
Effective Listening     87
Spelling and Grammar     88
Correcting a Business Form     89
Writing a Memo     90
Math and Measurement Skills     91
Math and Measurement Terminology     92
Basic Math     93
Basic Measurement     95
Safety Skills     97
Preventing Accidents     98
Safety Practices Self-rating     99
Auto Safety Check Sheet     101
Safety Organizations     103
Leadership Skills      105
Leadership Characteristics     106
Career and Technical Student Organizations     107
Parliamentary Terms and Procedures     108
Computer and Technology Skills     109
Computer Literacy     110
Occupations and Computers     111
Robots     112
Working with Spreadsheets, I     113
Working with Spreadsheets, II     114
Entrepreneurial Skills     115
Advantages and Disadvantages of a Small Business     116
Interviewing an Entrepreneur     117
Entrepreneur Rating Scale     119
Planning for a Small Business     120
Our Economic World     121
Economics Terminology     122
Circular Flow of Economic Activity     123
Economic Growth     124
The Consumer in the Marketplace     125
Comparison Shopping     126
Advertising Techniques     127
Sales Come-ons     128
Used Car Prices     129
Letter of Complaint     130
Banking and Credit     131
Managing a Checking Account     132
Balancing a Bank Statement     134
The Cost of Credit      135
Credit Application     136
Budgeting, Saving, and Investing Money     137
Setting Financial Goals     138
Record of Income and Expenditures     139
Preparing a Budget     141
Selecting a Savings Account     142
Managing a Savings Account     143
Return on Savings and Investments     144
Insuring Against Loss     145
Insurance Protection     146
Which Type of Insurance?     148
Renter's Insurance     149
Automobile Insurance     150
Taxes and Taxation     151
Tax Terminology     152
Tax Rules     153
Tax Rates     154
Filing a Tax Return     155
Social Security and IRAs     157
Social Security Coverage     158
Administration and Financing of Social Security     159
Individual Retirement Accounts     160
The Legal System     161
The Nature of Law     162
Types of Courts     163
Small Claims Court     164
Where to Live     165
Housing Needs and Wants     166
Rental Agreement      167
Tenant Relationships     169
Healthful Living     171
Calorie Counting     172
Calorie Expenditure     173
Learning to Relax     174
Healthstyle Self-rating     175
Fitness Tests     177
Responsible Citizenship     179
The Nature of Citizenship     180
Elections and Voting     181
Evaluating Propaganda     182
Education for Lifelong Learning     183
Evaluating Educational Alternatives     184
Seeking Educational Information     185
Apprenticeship Interview     186

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